Moda Bake Shop Day: Candy Wishes with Giveaway


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I love Moda Bake Shop Days and today is one of them.  Our latest quilt, Candy Wishes, is being featured on Moda Bake Shop today.  Keep reading for more info on the giveaway from Fat Quarter Shop.

Moda comes up with lots of challenges for us Chefs and the challenge for the month of January was to come up with projects that used the mine charm packs called Moda Candy.  Well I hadn’t played much with the new pack so I thought I would give it try.  I figured most of the other chefs would be making small projects so I decided to think big and make a quilt.

This uses two charm packs and is very easy.  I sat down and sewed the entire top in an afternoon/evening setting.  Another fun fact-there are no seams to match so if you are teaching a beginner to sew or if you yourself are a beginner, this is a great quilt to start with.


Who’s holding that quilt…Peek a boo…it’s my son Karl!!  I love having this guy home from college!!


…but I digress.  Back to the quilt.  How it got made is quite a saga.  I sent the design in for approval a week or so before Thanksgiving.  I expected the fabric after Thanksgiving and had time scheduled to sew.   Between mix ups and miss communication I didn’t get the fabric until the 19th.  Well by then the holidays had kicked in around here.  I’ve been scrambling to get time to get it finished by my December 31st publishing date…good news is, I made the deadline!!  (odd news-scheduling got screwed up and it wasn’t posted until today!)

For quilting I used a off white thread on the front and back.  I did a wave with a swirl across the whole quilt.  I loaded it into the machine width-wise so I could travel the length of the quilt.


On the red border and on the squares I peddled it with small circles.  I had honestly intended on doing some fancier quilting but time was not my friend and I settled with this.

The backing fabric is WONDERFUL.  I wish I had yards of it to back other quilts too.


This quilt doesn’t have a home as of yet.  I think it is going to go with the next batch of charity quilts that gets sent out.

Quilting Fabric at the Fat Quarter Shop

Okay, about the giveaway….Fat Quarter Shop is giving away two mini charms of the fabric line Wrens Friends.  That’s the same line our latest Quilty Magazine quilt was made from.  It’s so cute!!  If you’d like a chance to win, just leave a comment here telling if you have purchased a mini charm pack before.  We’ll pick a winner next week.

If you like giveaways we have another one going on here.

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199 thoughts on “Moda Bake Shop Day: Candy Wishes with Giveaway

  1. Maryellen

    Cute, fast and fun! The quilting looks good, too. I have NOT purchased a mini charm pack yet. I’ve seen them online, but haven’t seen them in my LQS yet. Guess I’ll have to visit a different LQS if I don’t win. Loved Karl’s face and the backing, too. Fun!

  2. Catholic Bibliophagist

    No, I’ve never bought a mini charm pack before. I’m not even sure what size they are! So if I won it would be very educational for me.


  3. Heather

    I LOVE buying mini charms! They are so fun to make small units with for use in scrappy quilt blocks! Precut squares to feed through the machine as leaders and enders….what could be better???

  4. Jeanne

    I have purchased the mini charms but not sure what to do with them. After seeing your quilt it has given me a pattern to use them in. Look forward to sewing with them.

  5. Mary Ann Harpe

    I am not a charm buyer. I have been quilting so long and have so big a stash, that when I need a charm pack or layer cake for a class, I cut it out of stash!

  6. Nina

    I haven’t purchased a mini charm pack but would love the chance to try one out! Your pattern is great. I might have to give it a try.

  7. Amy (NW WI)

    There is something about crisp, clean, WHITE quilts with a splash of color :)
    Excellent design!
    I haven’t purchased a mini charm pack, but I was gifted one since my family knows how I love to scrap quilt. Gosh, that lil’ pack is SO CUTE to hold and finger-sift through.
    Lovely giveaway.

  8. KT

    I have not purchased a mini charm pack yet. Love how you used it in this quilt! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Ginny Crewz

    I have never bought a mini charm pack but after seeing your quilt and with a new grand baby on the way I would love to make this quilt! Thank you to you and your family for letting us in to your home every day!

  10. Nancy

    What a nice quilt you made with the mini charms! Whoever receives it should be extremely happy. I don’t normally purchased mini charms. A friend gifted with some and I love them. I am hoping you will be sharing your pattern with us. Can’t wait to see how the other chefs used their mini charms.

  11. LoriL

    No, I have never purchased a mini charm pack. In fact, this is the first time I have heard of it. I will have to do some research as to the size of them. I too love that backing, and the front is not too shabby either. Thanks for all the knowledge you share.

  12. Susan

    Yes, I found a sale on some Moda candies and bought several. I enjoyed using them to make zippy bags for several gifts this year. I’d love to win some from this line. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!!

  13. Libby Smith

    Perfect choice for the quilting, didn’t need any more than that. I’ve never purchased (or won, or been gifted) a mini charm pack. I use the regular size charms in London Roads, my go-to for a quick and easy giveaway quilt. I’d like the challenge of finding a similar go-to for the minis.

  14. Kerry

    No, I’ve never bought a mini charm pack before- never even heard of them. Thanks for designing your quilt so I will have one to make if i should win.

  15. SandyG

    No, I’ve never bought a mini charm pack before. I’ve used regular size charm packs though! Love the quilt!

  16. Ann

    I’ve never bought a mini charm pack, they all look so charming, but I’ve been leery of trying to work with anything so small. New Year, new challenges, so maybe this is my time.

  17. Sharon Judkins

    I have never bought a mini charm pack but I have bought several regular charm packs. I haven’t used them much but plan to make some baby quilts in 2014 and use some of them.

  18. Janell

    Love the quilt. You are a fast quilter! No,I have never bought a candy charm pack, but, would like to win one.

  19. Lorraine

    Congratulations, Jo, on another great Moda Bake Shop quilt! Yes, I have two Kansas Troubles candy packs and one patriotic pack. Happy New Year and Happy Quilting!

  20. Beth

    The quilt looks fabulous! Always great when you have someone that is willing to be in your pics too! I have purchased jelly rolls and made a quilt from 2 of those rolls, but I have yet to try a charm pack or layer cake. This might have to be one of my projects in the future!

    Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing more of your designs to help inspire me with mine!

  21. Sue K

    I’ve never bought a mini charm pack before. Would love the chance to work with one. Thanks for the opportunity. Good luck with the wedding plans!

  22. Ellen

    I have purchased a few Boo Crew ones to make a mini quilt from Moda’s Bake Shop, but haven’t gotten to them yet. They’re just so cute I’m nervous to start cutting them!

  23. Chris Mevissen

    I love mini charms, they work great for “hmmm, I just want to sew up something little and cute” projects!

  24. Leslie Fay

    Your quilts are beautiful!! As a beginning quilter, I have not yet bought any of the charm or mini charm packs. Thanks for all the information you share!!!

  25. Linda Sandusky

    yay…this will be a great quilt for my first one of the new year!! :)) I haven’t bought any mini charm packs (but I’ve cut TONS of charm packs to that size)!! thanks for a great pattern & giveaway :)

  26. Bobbie Bentneedle

    I have an Aunt Gracie mini-charm pack that a secret pal sent me years ago that I never knew what to do with – I think I need to cut some more charms to go with it, and make this. What a perfect pattern to let these little gems of fabric shine!

  27. Melissa Foster

    Love the quilt and would like to make it. However, as I was looking over the recipe, I couldn’t find the amount of inner border fabric needed in the supplies list.

    Mel :o)

  28. Deb

    I love the simplicity of this design! It allows the mini charm to be the focal point which reinforces the truth that even the smallest things can have a big impact. I have purchased mini charms but the only project I have used them in so far is a Mondo bag. This is the first quilt pattern I have seen that would be worthy of using them. Thank you for sharing!

  29. Jen (PunkiePie)

    What a terrific way to use the minis!! I have a ton of them but haven’t used them yet because I just couldn’t envision how. Now I’m going to bust open a couple real soon and make me a super simple but very cute lap quilt!

    thank you!!

  30. Chris Matsche

    I have purchased two mini charms but did not use them yet. I do love the charm packs and mini charms. Would love to win them

  31. diane

    well it would go with the one I won on pink chalk fabrics! what do you do with one mini squares? now a couple of them would fare better. I don’t think I would knowingly buy one as the cost for the amount of fabric is crazy and I can spend my $$ more wisely! thanks for the opportunity to speak my mind!

  32. Lori Michel

    Hi, I have never used a mini charm pack before, but this quilt has interested me in making one for myself…. I love the simplie lines and pops of color……..I would like to make mine more yellow with the binding and backing fabric. Now I need to start shopping……

  33. Deb G. in VA

    I have purchased 3 charm packs, but haven’t figured out what to do with them yet. I think I may make a tiny apple core charm quilt.

  34. Toni Anne

    Yes I have bought a few, of lines that I just had to hav a little of. I haven’t done anything with them, because I’m not sure what to do with them. The only thing I can think of is pin cushions. Your quilt came out great, I’d love more ideas. Thanks! Pet Ruby for me. ;-> Toni Anne

  35. Katharine

    I love the mini charm packs. I used them to make pocketed placemats. You get a lot of bang for your buck. You can include the whole fabric line in a very small area. I’d love to win and I love this quilt. Thanks for both the chance to win and the beautiful tutorial.

  36. patti krueger

    I have purchased a mini charm and made a pillow out of it. This quilt is a cute way to use one also! Thanks, pinned it.

  37. Melanie C

    I have not purchased a mini charm pack…but do have one that I received as a gift :) This would be a perfect pattern!

  38. Jeanne

    I have bought the mini charms before but not sure how to use them. Now I have a great pattern to use them on.

  39. Sharron

    This is a great quilt. I think I know what i’m going to do now with the ones I have. I agree this would make a great charity quilt. The backing is wonderful and really suits the quilt. Keep these patterns coming, I love them!

  40. Elaine Satterfield

    I think this quilt is adorable and the perfect way to use the mini charms! Put me in the hat!

  41. Kymberly

    I was one of the chefs for the mini charm theme in December, but they didn’t have mini charms in the fabric line I picked so I had to cut my own from a layer cake. I love this quilt and it would be so fun to play with mini charms I didn’t have to cut myself.

  42. kathy

    The quilt is very cute. I have purchased the mini charm packs. I like them instead of cutting 2 1/2 inch squares when I can. Currently I’m using a mini charm pack to make a baby quilt.

  43. Anne D.

    I purchased a couple of mini charm packs when my daughter was trying to decide what I should use for a quilt for her. Taking her to the LQS to choose something was too overwhelming, I thought, so I brought home the packs and let her choose from those. I’ve purchased the larger cuts of fabric needed and have 2 months to get it done (her birthday is March 10).

  44. Patricia

    I love the simplicity of the quilt. It would be a good day project for the top. I haven’t purchased any mini charm packs yet but I have seen them at quilt shows. They would good for baby quilts.

  45. Malini

    I am addicted to mini charm packs! I have collected a lot of them over the past year or so.

    This is such a cute and quick project. Love it!

  46. Martha Pouliot

    So cute. Going to adapt it and use it as my new quick baby quilt pattern. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  47. Joyce Barham

    I have not purchased a mini charm pack. They always look so cute! But, there is so much eye candy in a quilt shop….where do you look first and what yells, “buy me, buy me!”. I loved the quilt you made. It is so clean and crisp.

  48. Deb

    I do buy mini charm packs, sometimes just to see if it a fabric I have to have! Aspen was the latest one and made a table topper, then had no desire to have more. BUT when I bought the Icicle Kisses… started as a whisper and then the credit card started smokin’, could not get enough!
    I could be your charity for the quilt. Wink, wink. I love it and am going to make one. Thanks!

  49. Barb in MI

    I have bought 2 mini charms in the past and got gifted a few. Love your “Go big with minis” quilt approach and may just put this on my quilt bucket list. It sounds like a great & fast charity quilt, too (even if you are using JR leftovers cut into 2 1/2 inch squares).
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. Susie at ProsperityStuff

    Gorgeous! I’ve decided I LOVE quilts where little squares “float” on white background. Beautiful work! I’ve never bought a mini charm pack … such a useful size, though! Thanks for the chance at another fun giveaway.

  51. Sandi

    Hi Jo, Love your quilt! I have never purchased a mini charm and didn’t even know they exist. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  52. Bonnie

    I have purchased mini charm packs before but so far, I have just collected them – not sure what to use them for, but they are SO cute!

  53. Marie

    Thank you for the recipe of you easy quilt on Moda Bake shop and thank you for you blog, every morning when I wake up I open my computer and find your posts. It is an appointment I never miss.

  54. Melody

    I’ve never purchased mini charms before. I usually make my quilts with yardage or scraps from my stash. Your Candy Wishes quilt is adorable! I’ve got some flannels that I’d love to use on something like that.
    I headed over to the Fat Quarter Shop to check out the Wrens & Friends line — soooooooo very cute! There are a couple girly quilts I need to make for new babies that could use some of those fabrics…
    Thank you for the entry into your giveaway!

  55. Jenelle Boxberger

    Nice quilt. Looks like it would be fun to make. Several years ago I bought one mini charm pack and I still have them. Too cute to use. LOL Thanks for the chance to win.

  56. Nancy

    I have purchased mini charm packs, but have not used them yet….. this is a great quilt.

  57. lorene

    I haven’t bought any, but was gifted at Christmas with a set! this is a perfect quilt to try it out on. thanks for the chance!!!!

  58. Beth

    Hi Jo! I have no yet purchased a charm pack. Currently trying to complete some quilts for my nieces on a sewing borrowed malfunctioning machine. Maybe a charm pack will be in my future endeavors! Beautiful quilt, and it’s always nice to have someone that is willing to help take pics of the beautiful work! Thanks for all the tips and keep them coming.

  59. Janet

    I love this quilt! Fast and easy! I have several candy packs- they are rather addicting to purchase. I bought some of the reproduction ones. They would be darling in this. Adding this to my “Want to Make” list! Thank you!

  60. Gail Cartter

    Hi! I haven’t purchased a mini charm pack – yet! But who knows where the quilting “bug” will lead me! I *love* your quilt! It has a light, airy look to it. I have a granddaughter who would love that pattern!!

  61. Sandy A in St. Louis

    I bought two Mid-Winter Reds mini charm packs but haven’t made anything with them yet. I like the looks of this quilt, but think I would use my stash of squares instead! More variety that way!

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