Mock Zucchini Apple Pie

So a bit ago I came across a recipe for Mock Zucchini Apple Pie.  Here’s a link to the recipe I saw on line.  I didn’t know if I dared to give it a try….but with the counter covered in zucchini, I figured “what the heck”.

Mock-Zucchini-Apple-pie-1 look at that sweet innocent pie.  Who would ever suspect that it wasn’t apple?  Hubby that’s who.  I asked him how he suspected it.  He said that I was lamenting on how to use up all the zucchini.

I asked him how it tastes….his response, it doesn’t taste like apple.  But, I think he was teasing because Kalissa and I both had a piece and neither of us could taste the difference.  Here’s how it looked cut…


I think I’ll actually make it again.  I’m trying it out for an upcoming picnic.  I’m not telling when or for who though…I don’t want anyone to be suspicious before they give it a try.

Hubby grumbled a bit about me trying to trick him. He says he doesn’t understand why I planted so many zucchini as once they are ripe, all I do is fret about what to do with them all.  He’s right.  I do.  If anyone has any good ideas to do with zucchini, feel free to pass them along to me.

..oh and here’s a link to the recipe just in case you too are fretting about what to do with all of your zucchinis.  Make sure that if you try it you drop me a note and let me know if you were able to sneak it past some unknowing pie eaters.