Kelli’s Cross Stitch Update

A post from Kelli–

A while back, you may remember I showed you a picture of a large cross stitch sampler I have been working on for what seems like a long time.  If not, you can read about it here–

The main project that I’m working on is this Quaker Diamonds Cross stitch sampler.  As you can see, I’ve been working on it quite a bit and it has definitely gotten much bigger.

For the longest time, I would just look at it and was nervous to move on to the next big design.  One day I realized that the reason that I was stalling was because I didn’t want to get the stitches off when moving over such a large space.  After some reasoning, I decided that I’d count twice and go with it.  If there is a large space between two areas and I happened to be even 3 threads off, who cares!!?!  I also realized that if I did smaller bits between like the letters, I would likely end up a little closer to the correct count.  I want my project to look nice, but to me, stressing about 3 threads wasn’t making it fun and I wasn’t going to finish it if it wasn’t fun to work on.

The thing that I need to work on now is going back and finishing up the flower petal that is three sistches, or the stem that needs two leaves.  I’m contemplating waiting til the end and then taking one color and doing all the little work that needs to be done.  I think this will let me concentrate on the big stuff for a while to get everything positioned and then will also be less needle changing too!

In the mean time though, I had started another project.

This is a little Lizze Kate pattern.  It says “Spread the love of God through your life.  Use words when necessary.”  I really like that saying because I think that a person’s actions often say more than their words.  By using your life as an example, words may be needed occasionally, but leading by setting a good example seems to me like a good way to go about things.

Now that I’ve got my road block moved on my first project, I’ve been powering through that one.  I think I want to try and have it done by the end of the year.  I’ll need to be more diligent about working on it regularly, but if I substitute a bit of cross stitch time for facebook/instagram/social media junk time, it sounds like it might actually be possible.

Who knows?!?!  Guess we’ll have to see how the cookie crumbles!