Kalissa’s First Vintage Market

On Saturday Kalissa had her first Vintage Market.

It was not the best day in terms of weather.  It threatened to rain but never really did..a few sprinkles though but not enough for an umbrella.  It was cold and there was a pretty good wind too.  She bought a tent that she’ll be using when she does shows.  All of her things can’t fit under the tent but there is at least a shelter and wind/sun block if needed.

Karl went with her in the early morning and set up.  Kayla came at opening and helped Kalissa handle customers.  Craig was home with Carver…

Kalissa did really well.  Her pillows that she made sold!  She thinks she’ll likely make more….We all think we should make more!  They sold quickly….and for $18 each!  I’m a quilter and know how easy it is to whip up a couple pillows.  I think $18 is a lot but they were sold early in the sale.

The window frames sold well.

Kalissa has a mixture of bought goodies and vintage things she’s bought via auctions or thrifted.

Carver had been up the night before and in the ER.  His allergies kicked in again and gave him a good dose of croup.  Kalissa got very little sleep the night before so didn’t get time to arrange the booth like she had hoped-all cutesy like.  It still worked out well.  Sales were great!

Kelli had a baby shower in the morning and I was sent on a mission to go garage sale-ing with the intention of finding Carver summer clothes AND picking up more pieces to sell.  I did pretty good on both accounts.  We had to snap a picture to remember the day!

Here we are lounging for the last 10 minutes of the show.  You can see from how bundled we are that it was chilly.

The Market was awesome.  Kalissa about sold out!  That’s a great problem to have…right?

From there the girls and I decided to grab some food in town.  They were insistent that we have sushi.  I have not had sushi and didn’t expect to like it but with Kayla being a vegetarian, there often aren’t many choices on the menu.  The sushi place gave her more options so I gave in and said okay.

So here we are with proof that I went to the sushi restaurant.

So what did I think of it…Good.  I’ll go again if the girls want to go.  I don’t know that I’d actively request to go especially with Hubby.  He won’t like it…too much rice and not enough meat!

While we ate we chatted with Kalissa about plans for another show.  She says…YES!!  It will be White Barns near Hawkeye, Iowa the first weekend in June.  Hubby and I will have things there too. Kalissa’s got a bigger space so needs help to fill it.  Also it’s a two day show so she could use some help manning the booth too.  I’m sure it will be another fun day.  Hopefully the weather will be good.

It was a great day.  I did find clothes for Carver, went garage sale-ing, to an auction (the sale bill claimed over 40 quilt tops) and the thrift stores too…but that’s all stories for another day.