Ila Strikes Again….

I got a notice in my email that Ila was sending me a box.  I get a little gitty when I see one of those email notices especially when she doesn’t send me an email with it to tell me what it is!!  I always wonder….fabric, a treasured something, a box of fruit.  I never know what it will be when it comes from Ila!!

This box came and it was something she’s never sent before.  A three ring binder full of quilting templates!

Drunkard’s Path….

an anvil….
This one made my heart go pitty pat.  I’ve LONG wanted to make Glorified Nine Patch.

This one is also a Glorified Nine Patch only this one is a little fancier.
..oh, a Kaleidoscope!  Another I’ve thought about doing one day.

I haven’t seen this one before either…

or this this…This one I really liked.

I tried a Winding Ways in my pre-double wedding ring days and did TERRIBLE with it.  I can try again!!

Of course no box from Ila is complete without fabric included!!

Lots of scraps in the small bag and look POLKA DOTS.  Ila does love me!!  There’s quite a bit of the shirting fabric.  That’s awesome.  Kelli has been looking for some.

I’ve been thinking of all of the templates.  Obviously I can’t use them all at once.  If there is one that someone would like to borrow…I’d be fine with that.  We can do a lending library if anyone is interested.

Thanks so much Ila.  I’ve been wanting to challenge myself and make a few more difficult quilts.  These templates will really help me meet that goal!!