I Jumped the Gun

The other day my girlfriend called and asked if I wanted to “run away” for the day…who can pass that up?!  Off we went to the Amish community south of my house.  She really wanted to hit the greenhouses.  I knew we shouldn’t go.  I knew I’d be tempted.  I knew it was too early to purchase plants….but we went anyway.

I was right.  I couldn’t resist….


I got home and showed my plants to my hubby….he then proceeded to tell me about the the WINTER WEATHER WATCH we are in.  Snow is coming…..UGH!  I guess my plants are going to be “planted” on my dining room table for a couple weeks.  I knew we shouldn’t have gone….I knew I couldn’t resist.

I think me going to a green house is a bit like me dieting….I have trouble resisting….

The weather came and went…we ended up with a few inches of snow and now it’s melted again.  Hopefully these plants can get off my dining room table and get planted soon.