Hospital Update

We didn’t have the best day yesterday.  Kramer is a mystery and continues to be.

When we came to the ER on Tuesday we were assessed and quickly moved on to Lacrosse.  We started with a different team of doctors but then on Thursday we got out old team back.  We can’t say enough good things about Doctor Leuer.  He’s got the best bedside manor.  He talks to both of us and is VERY thorough with explanations.  I love him.

The initial thought on this was to do a broncoscopy and see what was in the lungs.  There has been such a problem deciphering what on the chest CT scan in cancer and what is pneumonia.  Doing a “bronc” would help determine that.  Well the powers that be can’t just “decide” that.  Pulmonary and Oncology have to weigh in all of that.

Pulmonary said “sure”….Oncology said “ok”…our doctors said wait. How would recovery be for him after the broncosocopy? uGH.  Well being Kramer is on oxygen, that complicates things.  He’d likely need to be on a respirator for a couple days if they do that.  UGH. UGH.  UGH.

So the plan changed a little.  The question now became “Did Kramer swallow something the ‘wrong’ way and that caused the pneumonia?”  That brought in the speech pathologist to check Kramer’s swallowing.  Then that brought this….
because the testing was inconclusive.

I had not heard of this test…a videofluoroscopy.  Apparently Kramer goes to x-ray and they have him swallow some “bips”.  Then they x-ray him to see how the swallowing went.

The thought is if he is swallowing “wrong” bit of food are getting to his lungs and causing an infection.

If they figure out that this is what happened they can prevent it from happening again…AND they will assume that this is what is causing the problems he is currently having and treat him with a different antibiotic.

All of the “what ifs” and “maybes” got me down a little today. I’ll admit it wasn’t the best day.  I happened to be in the cafeteria for lunch and ended up seeing Mary Jo, the blog reader that works here in the library.  She was so sweet and listened to me whine.  She was the person I needed to see.

In the afternoon my brother Jule and his wife Wendy came for a visit.  What a pick me up!  Family is so great.  Talking about the this and thats of our kids and forgetting about the cancer was great for Roger and I both.  We so appreciate the visit.

Then later in the day I was back in the cafeteria for supper.  Who do I see?  Mary Jo again.  She had been upstairs visiting Kramer.  Then she came to the cafeteria to find me.  It was perfect….just the pick me up I needed.  Mary Jo had been to Starbucks and got me a drink and brought me a book.

That all truly put a smile on my face.  I’ve said many times before on the blog that I always feel bad that I don’t know all of you like you know the happenings of my life.  I love that I got to see a little piece of Mary Jo.  I learned that she’s lived in many cities throughout her life.  I learned that she came from a big family.  We laughed over what was “ok” as we were kids and isn’t okay nowadays.  It was the break I needed from today.

I can’t thank people enough for being the pick me up when I’m down.  For how annoying the day started out, it sure ended up being a good day.  More tomorrow….