Hospital Update

We have had lots of visitors and that’s been great.  It really eases all the seriousness that has been happening.  My high school/college best friend stopped by yesterday and it was great.  We haven’t seen her in at least five years…maybe longer.  What is it about old friends, no matter how long you’ve been apart, you can hook right up again.  I love it.  She was a quick breath of fresh air that I really needed.  It was fun to catch up on her siblings and mom and her girls.  There is nothing like talking to an old friend.

As for Kramer…the hope is that we can go home either tomorrow or Saturday if he keeps progressing like he is.  We need to get okays from physical therapy and occupational therapy.  It might be such a thing that he needs to go to skilled care for a day or two to teach us the ins and outs of this new way of life.

His oncology doctor came by.  It was wonderful to see her.  We have loved her so much!!  She said we’re on a bit of a new plan now.  The radiation dose on Kramer’s neck is much higher so they cannot do chemo during radiation.  He has radiation all of next week so no chemo during that time.  They are however doing a a PET scan again.  They want to see if there is more cancer somewhere else.

Our family has been frustrated that a PET scan or MRI hasn’t been done.  We learned today that insurance won’t pay for in hospital PET scans.  When in hospital, people are supposed to be doing things that get them better to get them out of the hospital, not diagnostic procedures like a PET scan….so PET scan on Monday when he’s an out patient here for radiation.

About me…Today is my day off from everything medically related to me.  It is really hard to be on the diet I have to be on while I am here.  The first couple days here I had peanut butter so I ate peanut butter and apples to get some protein in.  I only had enough for a couple days so yesterday I ran out.  I could tell that apples and oranges weren’t cutting it.  So I decided to head out to WalMart last night.  UGH.   No peanut or nut butter that didn’t have salt in it!!  So no protein for me.

Then I tried to think of something else to eat….I thought I would check it that had a thinly sliced chicken breast – Could I microwave it?  Hmmm.  That doesn’t sound good at all.

That’s when the thought hit me.  I have always wanted another Instant Pot.  I have a 6 quart one.  They have 8 quart ones and I have felt like I could totally justify one.  I wanted the bigger one for when the kids are home…or to put a whole chicken in.  Hmmm.  Should I buy one now?  Did they have one at WalMart?  So off to the kitchen wares section I went.  After eating only cold food for 4 days I wanted something hot and something with protein so bad.  I did a huge debate back and forth.  Buy one.  Don’t buy one.  Buy one.  Don’t buy one.  I seriously use the one I have EVERY day and often twice a day.  Having another isn’t unrealistic.  So this happened….

I ended up buying a knife, some meat, an onion, and a pepper.  I took it all back to the hotel.

It didn’t take long and I had this….

It doesn’t look fantastic but it sure was great to have some hot food and something with protein.

I’m heading back to WalMart tonight….more meat…and meat that’s hot is just what I need.  I gotta keep me going in order to keep up with Kramer.