Help Please?!

Sometimes the strangest things happen.  Let me explain.

In the middle of the day last week the home phone rang.  I hate answering it.  Telemarketers, survey takers and the like are, for the most part, the only people who call on the land line.  We’ve kept the land line so far because we get it for free with the internet.  The only person who calls it regularly is Hubby’s sister.

I was busy with the childcare kids and almost didn’t answer the phone.

The person on the line paused a second and then asked for Jo Kramer….Well that was me.  I was ready to hang up thinking it was a telemarketer.  Then she started in on her story….Her grandson is an Iowa State Fan.  His mom saw this quilt and wanted to know if she could make it.  Well, she likely could but she needs a pattern.

The called wanted to know if I knew the pattern.  Hmmm…no.  I don’t.  I couldn’t even remember the quilt.  She said that the quilt was shown in a blog post entitled “Quilts for the Iowa State Fair-second edition”.

Well I don’t like to be on the phone during childcare time so I asked that she send an email and I’d try to look into it.  Well she did send the email and I tried to look into it.  I found the blog post from when I talked about it.  It’s here if you want to see it.  I found the quilt too…


It’s a nice quilt for an Iowa State fan…in fact pretty cool.  I can see why I snapped the picture.

The problem…I don’t have a clue about the pattern…not a single clue.  Even if I did know, I’m sure I would have forgotten.  The post was from 2010…6 years ago.

I offered to write a blog post about it and see if any of you might know of the pattern.  I have lots of blog followers from Iowa so maybe, just maybe, one of you might know.  Being the quilt was shown at the fair, I am wondering if it might have been an original pattern…who knows.

If you do know, please help Cathy out by leaving a comment in the comment section telling her the name or the pattern and where she might be able to locate it at.  THANKS!!

When Hubby got home I told him the story…He was surprised someone could track down my phone number so easily.  I told him that I regularly write that I’m from Waucoma and there is the internet to find a phone number.