Get it Done Challenge

Judy over at Patchwork Times is hosting a “Get it Done Challenge for 2013“.  Well that’s a challenge I need to be a part of.

Here are the four things I am hoping to accomplish…

Nine in the Middle quilt.  It’s on the quilting machine so I think this can happen.

One of my Easy Street quilts I am hoping to completely finish.

I would like to finish the Crumb Star baby quilt.

I would also like to get the rest of the block finished for my Criss Cross Applesauce quilt.

That’s an ambitious list but, it’s things I would really like to accomplish.


5 thoughts on “Get it Done Challenge

  1. Cathy

    Jo, love the Nine in the Middle quilt. Is that a Bonnie pattern?? If so, do you mind telling me which book? If not, then is is a pattern that is still available out there for purchase? I really like your quilt. Just something about a 9-patch that always gets me. Happy New Year… Cathy in TN

  2. Cheryl in Iowa

    I love the star baby quilt…I see one of these in my future. My strings are in a jumble, but I will be pulling the kids prints. Is that a 10 inch block? I enjoy looking at your blog posts.

  3. Susan

    It is ambitious, but if you have time and discipline, I bet you’ll see it all finished – if nothing comes along to disrupt your plan!

  4. Lois

    Love your nine in the middle. Totally outstanding. I wish I did better with big quilts. I just give up!!

    Nice to meet you!

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