Fun Ideas from Moline: Doorstops and Clothespins

When I was in Moline with the Mississippi Valley quilters I met June.

As June was setting up her machine, I noticed that she had doorstops wedged under the machine making it slant.  Can you see them in the photo?  I asked her about it and she said she can more easily see what she is working on if the machine sits at a slant.

Well I went to Lowes that night and bought two door stops for $2.24.  I loved them!

The whole time Kelli thought I was weird having the door stops under my machine.  Then on the last day she sheepishly said, “Mom, can I try the doorstops?”  She did and she loved them too.  I asked her if we needed to stop at Lowes on the way home…that’s when Debbie overheard us and said that she uses a clothespin with the spring taken out to do the same thing.  That idea is cheaper yet!

Thanks for the great tips gals…I’ll be sewing on a slant from now on!  It truly does help me see better.