Friday Morning @ the Hospital

Well I was hoping to report to you that we would be going home today.  Well that’s not what is happening.  Overnight Kramer tanked and the pain got out of control again.  No fun at all.

We are pretty much back to square one trying to figure out how to get the pain under control so we can go home.  It is so hard to watch him be in pain..nothing I can do but advocate.  All morning appointments with physical therapy and occupational therapy have been cancelled.  The hope is to get the pain under enough control that he can get to radiation today.  We need to get that if at all possible.  They are super great over there and if Kramer’s not well enough for the noon appointment, hopefully they can move the appointment to afternoon.

As for me…
I’m off to do my blood test.  Then the scan to see if my thyroid cancer has flared back enough so it’s detectable.

I have a doctor appointment at 12:30 and I’ll know the results then.  At this point, it’s really hard to even care about myself.  I have no worry or concern about it at all.  Whatever it will be it will be.  I never imagined I could have so much “other” going on in my life that I could get to the point that I don’t even care if I have cancer again or not.   All of my thoughts and worries are with Kramer.

Our daughter Kayla is here with me today.  As we were walking over from the hotel we were talking about how we see life so different now.  Last fall I was bothered thinking the purse I bought should probably be changed out over winter as it was a more spring time floral purse.  Now I laugh.  Life got so crazy for us the purse never did get changed out and guess what?  Life went on.  I had the purse out all winter long and never changed it out.

Sometimes the big things in life happen and put the whole world into prospective.  My unshaven legs (because I didn’t get a razor packed with) really don’t really matter anymore.

I’ll get an update to you tonight to let you know the scan results…

As always, thanks so much for the prayers, cards, thoughts and gifts you’ve sent our way.  You guys are the best.