Friday Finish: Stars Over Shallotte

WOW!!  I can’t believe I finished this already.  I started out this UFO as only being cut out just a couple weeks ago when my friend Nell said she was going to try to get her UFO Fair and Square finished before Bonnie Hunter’s new mystery quilt started.  I thought she had a wonderful idea so I jumped in and tried to finish a UFO too.  Well one thing led to another and that’s when we challenged all of you to join us.


Honestly, I didn’t think I had a prayer of finishing this up but having a goal made me try harder to squeeze in sewing time.  I told myself I had to sew a minimum on 15 minutes a day on it.  Then luckily last Saturday I had an entire day to work on it.


Before the blocks were entirely finished I had a little talk with myself that I couldn’t wimp out and stall over making a setting triangle fabric choice. (yes-I do have to talk to myself to make me decide)  I went to the fabric store and just bought it.  I didn’t even bring the blocks in with me or fret about it.  I didn’t even ask for help from the store owner.  I did it all on my own (that’s an accomplishment for me!)

The thread on top is Maxi Lock Charcoal.  The back is a Maxi Lock red of some sort.

I think Ruby is having a sniff-fest smelling the upcycled shirt fabric as it doesn’t “smell like our house”.


I really like the backing.  In the spirit of using upcycled shirts, I upcycled a 100% cotton sheet too!!  It was in wonderful shape and I wish I had 10 more just like it.  The sheet is perfect for this quilt.  It wasn’t quite big enough thus the added fabric.


I am thinking about giving this one to Kalissa’s boyfriend.  I’ve been told giving quilts to a boyfriend is a kiss of death to the relationship though.  What do you think??


I used some sort of swirl with a flame for the quilting in an all over design.  It’s nothing fancy but worked out just fine.

This quilt is one of those that you might be tempted to skip the pieced border…Don’t do that though.  The pieced border makes the quilt!!

Since I have been working on Stars Over Shallotte (From Scraps & Shirttails II: Continuing the Art of Quilting Green), many people have commented that this quilt is on their bucket list.  If Stars Over Shallotte  and Hand Me Downs (From Scraps & Shirttails: Reuse, Re-pupose, Recycle! The Art of “Quilting Green” shown below) are both are your bucket list of quilts to make here’s a hint to make it all go quicker.


Make the Hand Me Downs quilt first.  Save your bonus triangles and use them for Stars Over Shallotte.  That’s what I did and it made getting the quilt put together much quicker-once I took them off the UFO pile.

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Each day leading to Thanksgiving I’ve added something I am thankful for.

Today I am thankful for the excess I have in my life.  I have more fabric than I need-more crafting supplies-more food-more everything than what I need to sustain life.  Today I was reminded of that when I bought a second set of sheets for my bed.  For years and years I have always wanted a second set so that when I take the first set off I can immediately put the new set on.  We’ve spent years of me with good intentions grabbing the sheets off the bed to wash and then not getting them back on the bed at bedtime.  It’s so annoying to be  tired and get upstairs and have to get into the bed before you crawl in.  So today, I am thankful for the excess in my life.