Finishing Up Fieldwork

Over the weekend the last big push to finish up field work happened.  The combining was finished…the round bales have been made.  The tillage has not been finished.

Hubby took his turn in trying to get it finished up over the weekend.

All of the days, Hubby packs a lunch and is super faithful about it.  He doesn’t miss a day ever unless it was planned.  He’s a real creature of habit.  For some reason, on Saturday he forgot his sandwiches.  He makes them the night before and puts them in his lunch box in the morning.  For some reason, that morning he forgot.  He knew I was home and knew he’s be working until past dark so called and asked if I’d bring them to him.

The farm in only 3 miles from our house so it was no big deal.

Here he is coming to meet me.


As long as I was there, I thought I’d ride a couple rounds with him.  This is the view out the front window.  To the right is the unfinished field.  The field was originally a corn field.  The corn has been harvested and round bales have been made and cleared from the field.  To the right, he has already ran the sub soiler over that part of the field.


Out the back window, it looks like this.Sorry it’s not a clearer picture.  The windows reflect the sun which makes it hard to get a clear picture.

The sub soiler that he is pulling behind has very deep knives that go about 17″ into the ground.  They knife through the soil, pulling it up and loosening it breaking up compaction.


We made our way to one end of the field turned around and then came back.  Now heading to the farm.  We used to live on the farm…  Some days, I miss it but that’s always fleeting.  I love living in town.


Here’s a closer look at the field after Hubby has worked it up.  As we’d drive along there would be a “thunk” sound.  That’s rocks getting pulled up and moved towards the surface.  That’s not a happy sound as next spring, some of those rocks will be exposed and have to be picked up.


I do have to tell this…as I was riding in the tractor with him I was asking all these questions so that when I came back to write this blog post I’d make sure I have the proper terminology.  I took my phone out to record these words, “sub soiler tillage to break up compaction”…I turned on the voice to text and said it.  My phone recorded “Sub soy lady pillage to break up compassion”.  Hubby and I laughed and laughed.  Apparently, the phone doesn’t record farm speech very well.

..and with that, I climbed back towards the truck and headed home.  He headed back down the field.  There was LOTS of back and forth to before he was done.  After this field he was moving on to anther 50 acre field.


I’ll be so happy when he’s done.  I think the older I get, being a farm widow gets harder and harder.