Family News

Sometimes family news trumps all other news!  I have two things on the family front to tell you about.

This guy is headed off to student teach….

…in Texas.

It wasn’t my pick of places for him to go.  He’s a big boy and can make his own decisions..and this is the decision he made.   I know it’s a little bit selfish but I’ll be honest, I don’t want him to move that far away.  Of course I want him to peruse his dreams and do all the things he’s ever wanted to do….but I want him to want to be here.


These two are the closest buddies.  Kalissa and Karl have always been the best of friends.


The thing we’ll all miss the most is Karl hugs.  Karl is the very best hugger of the family.


News #2
One kid leave us…a new baby will be joining us.Buck and his girlfriend Lora are expecting a new little one in December.  My birthday is on the 14th and new little baby Kramer is due around then.  Buck and Lora both and not into social media and don’t like their business out there and I totally want to respect that.  I’ve been begging and begging him to just let me put a little blurb on the blog and let you know how excited we are about being grandparents again…finally he relented.

This is Lora and Buck and Lora’s guy Scottie.  He’s two and so fun.


It’s nice that Buck is already jumping in and being a role model for Scottie.  The whole family has LOVED seeing the snap chats and videos Buck sends of Scottie.


It was kind of funny…we had all gotten together (except for Kayla-she’s in New York) to send Karl off.  We were at a local restaurant.  As Roger and I were walking out we were stopped and people were asking about the family.  They said “Aw you guys have a really nice family”.  I sure think so too.

I’m now looking really forward to December….my baby, Karl, will hopefully come home from Texas and Buck and Lora’s new baby will be here.