Enjoying Sweet Moments with Marie Callender’s Pie

I’ve been a mom now for over 28 years.  You would think I would know I should be prepared for anything. Not too long ago our daughter, Kalissa, called and said that she and Craig were coming over.  WHAT?!! I thought.  It’s Craig’s birthday.  Why are you coming here at supper time?  I didn’t have supper.  I didn’t have a cake.  I was almost to the point of panic when I started in on damage control. Okay…supper was fajitas.  I was making steak fajitas.  I could quick thaw out some chicken and make two meat fajitas.  Okay….good.  I added a few other things and before I knew it I had supper figured out.  But what about a cake?  I didn’t have time for a cake….UGH.  I didn’t want to seem unprepared but why did she spring this on me? That’s when I remembered I had a Marie Callender’s homemade pie in the refrigerator un-thawing.  PERFECT!  I would just add candles to the pie and we’d be all set. Marie-Callenders-pie We ate.  I brought out the pie and everyone was impressed that I had dessert on such short notice.  We lit candles… and yes, Craig is older than three but that’s how many we lit, then sang.  We cut into the pie and I was impressed! Quality ingredients, signature special touches…Coconut Creme… Hmmmmm.  Creamy coconut custard, real toasted coconut over the top… What’s not to love? The pie really made me look good….and more importantly, tasted good too. Looking back, the whole supper turned out really well just as it was, even with the short notice.  Had I gotten more of a notice I would have been in a panic knowing I’d have to squeeze in some baking and cooking a fancier supper.  With the Marie Callender’s Coconut Creme Pie I didn’t end up fretting.  I didn’t end up spending the day in the kitchen. The day I bought this pie I also picked up a Chocolate Satin Pie.  Hubby’s been eating that one.  He loves all things chocolate so the rich chocolate filling, made-from-scratch crust along with the real chocolate curls left him asking if I’d buy another pie. Lucky for him I did…but it was the Dutch Apple Pie.  I’m off to cut that one up and package a piece (or two) for his lunch.  He’s still working long hours and appreciates something special in his lunch box…yep, the pies were wonderful…awesome for a “birthday pie”, awesome for a lunch box, awesome for any time.

What other moments would a pie be perfect for? 

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189 thoughts on “Enjoying Sweet Moments with Marie Callender’s Pie”

  1. Sounds like you were surprised when daughter and hubby came on short notice. When my mother in law was able we would come by her house from work and of course she would make us eat what she had as she liked to say “such as it is”. That pie looks as good as you described and I want to try the chocolate one!

  2. Pie is good at anytime, any day, but would be especially good on my birthday so I can have something special without having to make it. I have had these pies, and they are delicious. Chocolate is the best!!

  3. Unflappable Jo! Somehow, I don’t see you anywhere near as panicked as you’d have us believe. Pie sounds real good, though.

  4. Sandy A in St. Louis

    Thanks for the review! I have seen these in the store and wondered what they were like. I just remember the frozen pies we got when I was a kid and how they were not always in the best shape when you opened the box. Will look at these next time I need a quick dessert.

  5. A Pie is a perfect time to have when I am having a night at home with my husband alone! We love eating pie and watching movies!

  6. Pie is great anytime, but especially when the grown kids and grandkids come over. We live in the same metro area, but busy schedules mean we are rarely all together in one place. And my husband loves the Marie Callender chicken pot pies, too. He and our son lived on them while I was getting my master’s degree!

  7. Pie would be good to celebrate the finish of any project….To celebrate that it is Friday…To celebrate that the Christmas Tree is finally up……to celebrate the fab MN has been having……On and on…..I love pie.

  8. Wow, that pie looks great! I always have children and grandchildren coming, and never know what to have to eat for them. I know they would all love that pie! And it wouldn’t take up any of my sewing time to make it!!! Would be nice to have several of the pies in the freezer to be ready for any occasion.

  9. I use very few ready made products. I’m just a cook from scratch person but I do like just about anything Marie Callender. It’s one brand I will buy and I love the pies. ALso I like the pot pies for a quick meal on a busy day. dnalsc@att.net

  10. I think pie is as versatile as cake so using it for any celebration is wonderful. Great thing to have on hand especially during the holiday season when unexpected company arrives.

  11. We often have pie for our sons birthday. He’s not a fan of frosting but loves Apple pies. Add some candles and Voila! Birthday pie!

  12. I live in Utah, where Marie Callendar’s started (I believe, or I was told I should say!). We used to have the restaurants, but most of them have closed I think. At least the one in our town closed. Too bad too, because it was great. At least we still have the frozen pies and entrees. Try the Chicken Pot pie. It’s delish!!

  13. I love pie anytime, but especially a little piece before bed. I have had the Marie Callender’s peach pie & it was especially good. Pie is what I pick for birthdays instead of cake.

  14. I love Marie Callender’s pies! It’s always good to keep one in the freezer. I usually opt for one that can be thawed and cut for those surprise visits from family or friends that turn into an afternoon and you just need something. Pie makes a regular visit something special!

  15. My Mom and I live about 700 air miles apart and she loves pie! I know I can count on having it with her at her home! Such a delight! When I’m at my home and am missing her I pick up a Marie Callender’s berry pie…

  16. My dad’s brother-in-law ate pie 3 times a day, before his meal.
    Aunt Sadie would have loved to have a special Marie’s pie in
    the freezer in the 1950;s

  17. It would be good when friends that you haven’t seen in a while show up and you need something to go with the coffee.

  18. Another moment that a pie would be perfect for is my mom’s birthday she loves Marie Callender’s Dutch apple pies.

  19. Love Marie Callendar. so many good products. haven’t tried that pie but it looks really good. Thanks for the chance to win a gift care. Helen G. hrglover at hotmail dot com

  20. Pie is perfect anytime in my book. Always good to have when unexpected company comes. Thanks for the giveaway. Helen G.
    hrglover at hotmail dot com

  21. My favorite MC’s pie is the lemon one with the graham cracker crust. I think you have to get it at a Mare Callendar’s restaurant. Fortunately we still have a few left in southern CA. I have friends who remember going to the real Marie C’s back door of her house and getting the pies.

  22. I like both the coconut and the chocolate you mention. Fortuantely for me, they come in mini sizes. They’re still decadent, but with one serving it’s hard to get in too much trouble when you are the only one at your house that likes that flavor. And what a great ‘Mom’ trick you pulled off getting dinner and dessert ready for the birthday boy on such short notice.

  23. Marie Callendar’ s has saved me several times with unexpected company. Have you eaten their pot pies? Toss a salad and you’re set. When I am cooked out on other things for a family visit I’ve often served their pies. They’re good and no complaints. My problem would have been that didn’t have any bd candles in the house.

  24. I have heard great things about the MC Apple Pie and how good it is, but you sold me on Coconut Cream. I have always enjoyed MC pies at their restaurants, now I will find them at the market.

  25. Jo, you are such a creative, and productive, lady!!!!! I love Marie Callendar pies and plan on one being on our Christmas Day menu this year! That will be a real treat!

  26. Pie is great anytime! I grew up on a farm and we always had at least one pie or more, since there were 9 family members. I still love pie and eat it when ever I can. I guess maybe the best time right now is when I can sit down with a cup of hot tea and watch a Hallmark Christmas show and enjoy my slice of goodness :)

  27. Paula Krolikoski

    Quilting and Marie, how good can life be. I “met” Marie when we moved to CA the first time. Visiting her restaurant and seeing all the pies in real lufe made choosing so very difficult. Love, love, love her pies! Sincerely, Paula K.

  28. #sweepstakes. I had my first Marie Callendars pie (pumpkin) at Thanksgiving. I’m part of a group of friends that get together for a potluck meal every major holiday. So that’s my perfect time to have pie – sharing it with friends.

  29. My Dad loves pie so I baked a big apple pie to take when we visited him for Christmas. Then I left it at home! We were 45 minutes from home when I remembered, and my husband offered to turn around but I figured we’d be okay without it. So now my husband and I are enjoying pie and coffee in the evenings. Poor Dad — but we’re thinking of him!

  30. Pie would be perfect for those moments when I visit my mom. We could enjoy catching up with coffee and a piece of a lovely Marie Callender Pie. #sweepstakes :)

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