Double Wedding Ring Instructions Broken into Steps

I had a request to put all of the Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along directions in one spot.  This is it.

Early in 2014 I made this Double Wedding Ring quilt for our daughter Kelli and her husband Jason as a wedding present.


In 2018 American Patchwork and Quilting published it in their June 2018 issue four years after I made it!  You can find back issues of the magazine here if you want one.

Intro to the Quilt Along

Cutting Time

Making the Wedges

Putting the First Wedge on the Melons

Adding the Square to the Wedge

Putting the Other Wedge on the Melons

Connecting the Melons

Adding Melons to Background

Adding the Connected Melon

Adding the Third Melon

Making Inner Rows

Making Outer Row

Connecting Rows

Check In

Check In Again

I have yet to completely finish my Double Wedding Ring quilt.  It is on my to-do list and I’ll get to it.  Sadly, when I had hoped to do a big reveal, my husband got lung cancer and passed away.  I’m sorry I didn’t meet the deadline I had hoped to meet.  Soon though…promise.

This is the second Double Wedding quilt I made.  I made this one in 2012 for our son when he got married.


I love making them even though they are an intense project.  I have another planned and will update this page once I get it done!