Disappearing Nine Patch Tutorial

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Long ago I made a quilt that was a Disappearing Nine Patch.  People told me again and again that no, I was wrong and that it wasn’t a Disappearing Nine Patch.  I have done a couple blog posts about this before  but I still get questions…I am hoping this will answer the questions.

Here’s the quilt.  It’s self sashing.

To make this version that is 49 1/2″ x 49 1/2″ you will need….

64 colored 5″ squares
64 neutral 5 ” squares
16  5 ” squares for cornerstones

1/2 yd for binding cut into 5 ~ 2 1/2″ strips.

Sew the blocks into nine patches as shown.

Cut those nine patches as shown.

Turn the pieces…

Sew them together.

There you have it….It really is a Disappearing Nine Patch!

After the rows were assembled, we went back and removed the right brown and cream sashing row by ripping it off with the seam ripper.  Then we added cream borders to the outside.

Here are other quilts we made using the same technique:  Tranquility Quilt  and Iowa Hawkeyes Version.

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