Day at the Auction

On Saturday Kalissa and I made plans to go to Fredericksburg and Sumner.  We heard there was garages sales and an estate sale.  This little guy was coming along with us.  Carver is sporting a new car seat.  He’s big enough that they don’t need the kind for carrying anymore.


We went to a couple garage sales then I told Kalissa we needed to get to Sumner as the estate sale was starting at nine.  The signs for the estate sale were terrible.  Really terrible.  We ended up driving through town and instead saw an auction sign.  We couldn’t pass that up at all….and I ended up staying.  Kalissa went home and got warmer clothes and umbrellas.  It looked promising for rain.

There was hardly anyone for the auction….I don’t think I’ve seen such a poorly attended auction.  After I got home I looked up the auction company on the internet and saw this comment on their Facebook Page, “Well it’s rumored u r having an auction aug 26&27 in sumner iowa this week! The reason it’s rumoured ? THERE’S NO SALE BILL!!!! Why tell potential CUSTOMERS to check your web sight, when it’s obvious you don’t?”

We hadn’t seen a sale bill for this and we LOOK for sale bills.  Curious.  Anyway…for me that meant good news.


Before long, Kalissa was back with Carver.  I was a little nervous how he’d do at an auction.  It’s load and there’s lot of people.  Silly me though.  He was EXCELLENT.  He drank a couple bottles….


He played with the BIG box of blocks Grandma bought bought for the childcare kiddos.


He guarded Grandma’s stash of goodies….


The auction was over and I bought A LOT OF STUFF.  LOTS.  We needed more vehicles to haul it all.  We ended up calling Hubby who got off work and came…and Craig.  We had a Suburban and a pick up FULL.  While we were waiting for the guys to come we started hauling the stuff to the street.  I had bought an old red wooden wheelbarrow.  We would fill it almost full, throw Carver in on the side and wheel it to the street to unload.  He loved it.  This is the cutest picture ever….He had so much fun.


Kalissa bought this table saw for Craig.


I bought this treadle.  I don’t need another treadle.  I wanted the cabinet.  Hubby has been wanting to take a cabinet and make it into an bathroom vanity for us.  We’ve seen some on Pinterest and have been keeping our eyes open looking for one.  This one I don’t feel bad about doing that with.  The machine seems like it would work but the decals aren’t the best.


The cabinet is nice.  The drawers have nice details…the top is in great shape.


I ended up paying $110 for it.  That is more than I would typically pay but we had been looking for one and this one I felt was a good choice.

Kalissa got a box of old tin bandaide containers.  Carver hung out and played with them for quite awhile.  He was SO GOOD!!  We had a wonderful time with him.


Craig brought the truck to save us…Then left with the load.

Shortly after that Kalissa realized Craig had the keys to her vehicle so we couldn’t go.  Thank goodness for cell phones.  He was only a mile or so down the road.


What a day and WHAT AN AUCTION.  I wish I could go to ones like that all the time!!  I did look up the auctioneer but sadly I don’t see that they have more auctions….I’m going to keep checking though.