Cross Stitching

When I had doctor appointments in November, I picked up my cross stitching again.  I don’t seem to cross stitch much over the summer.  There are so many other things to do.

I was working on this….  It’s a Lizzie Kate design.  Oh I love her things.

Over the few weeks I continued working on it on and off.  Then I found a Lizzie Kate Facebook group.  Then I started following the hashtag Lizzie Kate on Instagram.  Then I started reading the cross stitch blog Priscillas.  Her blog is fun but she decorates WAY MORE THAN I EVER WOULD…but she has inspiring ideas for finishing cross stitch projects.

Well that lead to me watching her Floss Tube on Youtube.  That’s when I found out something that might be the death of me….Cross stitchers have UFOs.  I never knew that.  I never knew that was something a cross stitcher could have.  I thought that was exclusively for quilters.  OH NO!!  I felt like I should cover my ears and say “blah-blah-blah”.  I don’t think it is something I should have ever found out.  Seriously.  I can’t have cross stitch UFOs and quilt UFOs…can I????

You can see the rabbit trail this all took me on.

I found out the cross stitch UFO thing about the same time I screwed up the count on my project.  Well if that doesn’t make a person want to start a new project I don’t know what does….

So, I started this….

This happened in 5-10 minute increments over nap time.  I have one little boy that won’t lay still and go to sleep so if I sit by him for a few minutes…really only 5 or 10, he’ll go to sleep.  So for a few days I’ve taken this and stitched a letter or two waiting for him to go to sleep.  (reason #568 why I like my job.  I have a reason to cross stitch on the job ;)  )

I slowed down on this here as I don’t want to make the leaves the the bright colors they are so need to pick new colors.  (I also learned people do that really…I had no idea)  How freeing….and how dangerous.  (I’m still more of a newbie cross stitcher-obviously)

Well I started feeling guilty about having a UFO.  Really.  Do I want two projects going on?  Not really.  I don’t want to start that habit with cross stitch.  It’s enough having the problem with quilting….so, I went back to the first project.

What I did isn’t terrible but I’m off too much to completely correct it.  I’m off in spacing a bit.  It happened when I was stitching in the car I think.  If I didn’t tell you, or if you didn’t stitch it yourself, I don’t think you’d notice but it took me a bit to figure out how to do a few things to make it right….

So…with that finished, do you think I went back and did the “Grateful, thankful, blessed” one…Nope.  I started this one.  The companion project to the one above.

I am only a few stitches in….

…but, OH NO!!!!!!!!

As I am now sitting at the computer writing this I just discovered that I really am NOT DONE with the first project.  There is suppose to be a stitched basket at the end of the top row of words.  AHHHHHH!!!  How can this be?  I now have THREE projects going.

This will not do.  I have to go finish that basket.  I can live with two projects going at the same as long as one doesn’t become a true UFO but I really can’t have three projects going on at once…or can I?  I do it with quilting all the time….Hmmm.

To be continued….

Remember my dilemma about cross stitching lights.  Well Janet B sent me one…and me not knowing bought one (two actually).  I’ve been testing them out but there’s been no one awake to take a picture when I’m stitching in the evening so I haven’t written a post yet…soon I hope.  Thanks Janet for thinking of me.