Charity Quilts

A blog reader suggested these be called “love” quilts rather than charity quilts.  I agree but….no one will ever remember that it’s the term I’m using and I’ll have to write an explanation into each post.  So charity quilts it is.

Ronda was busy….and so were her friends from the blog.

Ronda writes:

“I have a couple more charity quilts to share.  The first one is from Cindy E. in Ohio.  She sent a queen sized top and extra wide backing to go along with it.  I am a 99% scrappy quilt lover, and this quilt is made from only two different fabrics ~ and I LOVE it! “

“I never would have thought to use just two fabrics.  This is very stunning in person.”

“The darker fabric has little reddish and gold flowers in it that matches the gold backing and binding.  I will donate this for a fundraiser as I am sure it will do well.”

“The second quilt is from Diane O. in Michigan….”
“She made the top and also included fabric for the binding and sent the pattern along with it.  I’m guessing this was a kit as the fabrics she used are exactly what is pictured in the pattern.”

The binding called for was gray, however, I made an executive decision to use the same fabric for binding as I used for backing.  The backing fabric came from Sandra in Texas.

I will save this one for the Annual Humane Society Quilt Auction.  This one is lap sized at about 51 X 64.”

Here is the pattern for anyone interested.  It’s a fun pattern.

Oh my….I really love both of these quilts.  I especially love the first one.  I too, like Ronda, am completely a scrappy girl but I love this as a two color quilt.  LOVE!!  Does anyone know the pattern?  I’m sure others are going to want to know too.

Thanks to all who had a part in these charity quilts.  I think they are both stunning and will do well at an auction.  Great work ladies!!