Charity Quilt: Ronda Strikes Again!

I always smile when I check my inbox and Ronda’s name…yep, Ronda has been at it again.  This time with some intense piecing!  Check this out.


Ronda writes:  “The fabric for this quilt came to me from you with no name attached.  It was all cut into little 2″ X 3 1/2″ rectangles and placed in neatly stacked piles in a baggie.  Some of those rectangles were made up of two and even three different pieces of fabric!  It just goes to show that every scrap of fabric is usable! There was a hand drawn sketch for the block that the person intended for the fabric to be made into.  I added a bit more to make the quilt lap sized.  This will go to the Women and Children’s Shelter.  I used it as a leader/ender project while I worked on other quilts.”

Here’s a picture of the diagram for anyone wanting to understand the construction better.

..and here’s a picture of the full quilt.


Wow…how fun and what a great scrap buster!!

As always, I’m impressed with your hard work and dedication Ronda.  Thanks so much to the anonymous blog reader who sent the goodies to Ronda so she could finish the quilt and in turn help another.  I bet this quilt would be so fun to look at and examine closely…I love seeing all the variety of prints.  Great work ladies.  You’re the best.