Charity Quilt Project Helps QOV

Sometime ago I got a donation quilt in from M. Smith of  Clinton, IL.  The quilt was awesome and in red, white and blue.  I was thinking it needed to go to the Quilt of Valor project.  Well one of my blog readers, Doreen, is the coordinator of QOV in the neighboring county.  I contacted her and asked if she would be interested in the quilt….of course, she was.

Doreen explained that presentation day for the quilts was a ways away and wondered if it was okay if the quilt waited that long to be donated.  I didn’t have a problem with that at all.

Presentation day came just a bit ago.


Doreen sent me this note.  It read,Today I had the presentation of the quilt you gave me for Quilt of Valor to a resident of an assisted living facility in Fairbank. The great picture I took of the Veteran did not get saved on my phone. I don’t know what happened so I am sending you the one I do have. I was given permission for you to use on your blog if you want. The Veteran is reading the names on the label of those who made his quilt. The quilt was donated to you by M. Smith of  Clinton, IL.

The Veteran was in WW2 and is extremely proud of the quilt. His family from MN came down to see him receive the quilt as well. They are so impressed and thankful that people make such beautiful quilts to donate to various causes. Thank you so much for thinking of our group.

I asked Doreen if it was okay if I told people that her QOV group needed more quilts.  Doreen responded by writing, “Jo, it would be wonderful if you did mention our need. What we do with quilt tops donated, we finish them up and award them to Veterans outside of our county as I keep getting request from QOV to award quilts in other areas. Right now I have at least 7 waiting for quilts. We received a small grant to make quilts for Veterans in Chickasaw county so I am limited with that money, but, we do have a few who try to help with the other counties needs.  To see the Veterans get tears in their eyes when they receive a quilt and say they thought people forgot about them is so humbling. All most of them only wanted was to have someone thank them for the time they spent protecting our country. Thanks for your help.”

If anyone else has quilt tops that they are no longer wanting and wants to see a veteran honored in this way, Doreen and I will work together to see that you top gets finished and given to a deserving veteran.  If you have a quilt top that you would like to donate please contact me and I will help get your quilt top where it is needed.

It makes me so happy to see this.  Thanks to Doreen and to M. Smith.  Your work is surely appreciated.

Don’t you just love reading blog posts that make your heart happy.  I sure love writing them!!