Charity Quilt from Ronda

Before I get to today’s post:
My Doctor called back.  It is believed that the “lymph node” that they wanted to biopsy truly isn’t a “lymph node” and is instead scar tissue.  Everything is good and now we know.  Thanks for you notes, comments, thoughts, and prayers.  I appreciate it.

Now to today’s post:
You might remember that about a month ago Carolyn in Texas sent me all of these goodies.  Well I knew there was no way I could sew it all so I packaged part of it up and sent it on to Ronda, our trusty charity quilter.  Well Ronda didn’t let the fabric sit for even a minute.


Can you believe she sent me pictures of finished quilt already???

Ronda writes:
 Hi Jo,
Remember the quilt kit you sent me with the horse panel?  It was meant to be a large lap quilt, but I decided to make it into three separate kids quilts to be donated to Quilts for Kids.  They have a certain size requirement, so they couldn’t be too big.  There was enough backing ~ that all-over horse print ~ and binding for all three quilts.  They are all similar, but not identical.  I pretty much followed the pattern included in the kit, but put my own spin on the borders in order to keep within the size limit.  I free motion quilted them all the same, with a swirly design as some of the fabrics have a swirly print to them.  I have a hard time coming up with some boy quilts and I thought this fabric was better used for little boys.  With these three quilts, that makes nine quilts that I have for the Quilts for Kids representative to pick up.  She is coming next week.  Thank YOU for sharing so that I can keep sharing!

So ready to see the quilts?  Here they are:First a blue version….


Then a tan version…..


Then a little bit different blue version with nine patches in the corners.


The backs all had this fabulous horse fabric…I loved that fabric.


I am so impressed with the talent that Ronda has for taking a project and modifying it to make projects that meet the needs of the charities she is supporting.  Impressive.  It takes a lot of planning and ingenuity to do that.

I am sure that Carolyn will be happy to see that this awesome fabric was put to use to help others in such a great way.  This fabric is far better being used and enjoyed by the children who will receive these quilts than sitting on a shelf collecting dust.   I applaud Carolyn and Ronda both for being such generous givers!!

…and that readers is another success story for the charity quilting project!!