Charity Quilt Finish

A new person volunteered to bind quilts.  Aw, that makes my heart happy.  It’s so fun to know the quilts are going to willing hands.

This was bound by Beth in Franklin, IL.  She was super quick too.

charity70 (2)

..not that anyone needs to these quickly.  A good portion of these tops have been languishing in closets for some time waiting for their opportunity to shine so it’s okay if the binding takes a bit of time too.

Beth writes:

“Jo,  I really enjoyed working on the two quilts you sent……nice work by you and the piecers.  And I tried a smaller binding than usual-2-1/4″- after reading a Bonnie Hunter post about smaller, full-er  bindings.  I donated this to a fundraising effort for a young girl, Payton, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer.  Our schools and area churches are organizing a fundraising event set for Feb.11.  I hope this choice meets with your approval.”

WOW.  Perfect.  That is great place for this quilt to go.

Here’s the backing. (this picture taken when the quilt was still at my house) Long ago at the thrift store I bought a homemade pair of curtains that were lined.  One side had Disney princesses on it…the other blue fabric.  It was good fabric and only $2.50 for a pair.  I ended up opening up the seam, piecing the fabric together and that’s what made the backing for this one.  I think some little girl is going to like it.

I think some little girl will love it.  I’m glad this quilt with the princesses on the back is going to benefit for a little gal battling cancer.

Beth also bound another quilt.  This one…

Charity81 (2)

Didn’t this turn out fun?!  I am sure it’s going to be well loved and used.

About this quilt Beth writes, “I delivered the second smaller quilt today to our local Pregnancy Resource Center, a source of support and training for new mothers who need both support and child care skills.  IT is my understanding that moms-to-be attend classes to learn childcare and parenting skills, earning credits that can be used to “purchase” items like this small quilt.  I make flannel receiving blankets with matching burp cloths….I have several matching sets to this group today along with the quilt.”

Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful place for this quilt to go!  Beth has volunteered to bind more so should some more baby quilts come, I’ll try to get some more of them to her.  I love supporting places that are helping others.

Thanks so much for you work Beth…and a HUGE shout out to Cindy for piecing the top.  You are a fabulous piecer.  It was a pleasure to work on your quilt.