Charity Quilt #3

I did it..I did it!  Charity #3 quilt is finished.  This one is again courtesy of Pam.

The colors on this are wonderful and totally something I sure would like.  Pam was so thoughtful and sent binding along for most of the quilts she sent but this one I dug through my stash to find something and it worked out perfectly.


I used the Pajama Quilter’s awesome floral stipple.  I love it and is by far the most used design that is used on my machine.

Stop back tomorrow and see if I can do it again…I have two more to charity quilts to finish up.


4 thoughts on “Charity Quilt #3

  1. Ramona

    You go, girl! You are an inspiration to get some quilts made for charity. I really like this quilt, too. Good luck for the rest of the week!

  2. pdudgeon

    Thanks, Jo! your quilting just makes everything look sooo great! I’m so glad to play a small part in helping to bring comfort and warmth to those who need it most!

  3. Carol

    Beautiful, Jo, as usual! What is the name of this quilt? I am a fledgling quilter and this pattern interests me.

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