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Whatever Wednesday

Yahoo…My Bricks in the Barnyard center is complete.  I’m so happy.

After I got it together I did a little head scratching.  Hmm…it looked different.  I knew I made mine larger but I didn’t think that would change it.  Hmm.  I pulled out my book.  This is what the original looked like…. Continue reading

Whatever Wednesday

I’ve been working super hard to try to get caught up around here.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a spring where I was so far behind.  (what am I talking about…we fast forwarded into summer)  I told you earlier that I don’t have more than the tomatoes and the lettuce in the garden…that’s still true.  Now we’ve been getting rain off and on…high humidity and not a lot of sun.  I don’t want to complain but in those conditions, it’s not good to spray the weeds and we really have to spray the weeds before we can till the garden again to plant it.  UGH.  See all that growth that isn’t rhubarb, tomatoes or lettuce…it’s solid weeds.  Embarrassing.

I did manage a few things though…I’m trying to feel better about the little things and not get overwhelmed by the rest.  I cleaned out the hostas….

I cleaned and transplanted a few things around this fence.

I’ve been wanting to get fern leaf peony and found one on a garage sale for a 25 cents.  There was a regular peony in there and a sedum too so it was a good deal all for the grand total of 25 cents…if I didn’t kill them before they got planted.  Well they are planted now!!

At the back of the house I’ve had two trellis’ and have been growing morning glories on them.  I adore morning glories.  Really adore them!!  I typically buy a couple plants from the nursery every year.  Last fall I didn’t get the plants cleaned off until late…and look what happened.

They reseeded!!!  Imagine my surprise when I saw this at the base of my trellis.

But then there was this….ugh.  The other trellis broke.  I think Hubby can put it together again.  It’s just always something though.

I convinced him to not mow up the ones that were in the grass telling him I’d replant some….and I did.  Some here….

…and some here.

Now being there are still a ton of them left, I have an idea to have hubby spray a small patch of grass along the front porch here.  Then I’d plant them all along here, put some string up and let them grow.  I have seen old houses that do that and have loved it.  Hmm..  I wonder if it would work or if I can talk him into it.

I also got the front window boxes planted.

I have the iris’ to clip back, the rest of the garden to plant and the rest of the landscape around our big rock to clean out.  I started cleaning out around the rock but then my shoulder decided it didn’t want to pull any more weeds.  I know I need to keep at that one as the ground is wet and the weeds pull so much easier when it’s wet.

I’m hoping we’ll do a big push this weekend and finish it all up….dare I hope for a little help?

Whatever Wednesday

I finished this piece in time for the  Market at White Barns that was last weekend but only now am getting to show this to you.

I bought the dresser at the thrift store.  The dresser was painted WHITE.  You can’t tell from the picture but it was a bright white.  I think lots of people want to try a new look with old pieces but then paint them only to find they don’t like the look.

I think they want the “look” but don’t know there are more steps to getting that look than just a coat of paint….other things happen like dripped paint that dried.  Things like dripped paint are no big deal at all of you’re chalk painting…simple sand out the drips…and that exactly what it did.

Here is all sanded.  I try really hard to accentuate the lines and details of the piece.  When other simply paint with the white paint only, the beautiful details of the piece get lost.  I want them to shine and be noticed…and how do I do that?  SAND with a sander.  

and then wax.

I clear wax fist and then do a dark wax.  Clear wax goes on absolutely everything…Dark wax I only use in places that I to accentuate….

…Like the cool legs…See?

Drawer pulls.  I love these!!

Any lines or curves of the piece I like to wax.

Once dry…(typically 48 hours is what I wait) then I sand again with SUPER fine sandpaper, 600 paper.

I priced this one low as I hate dragging around furniture…besides, I like to give people a good deal too.

I don’t know what I’ll be working on next week. Now that the sale has ended I don’t know if I’ll be in the garage…or back to the sewing room.