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What I’m Working On…

I have been on a HUGE roll at getting things done.  I ended up finishing the longarming on this.  The binding got cut and put together.

From there I bound the quilt.  I have the pictures of this taken and hope to get a blog post about it together for Saturday publication.

Do you remember the little meeting I had with myself last week about my UFO projects?  If you missed it, you can read about it HERE.

Well, that was just the chat that I needed because I ended up pulling out one of the projects and I worked on it…

and did some math…

and worked on it some more…

and worked on it even more.

I put a couple of sewing sessions into it.

Look what I have to show for my hard work… Continue reading

What I’m Working On…

I had a bit of time off during the week…Since I quit doing regular childcare, I’ve not really had a week that the star aligned and I had more than one extra day off.  This week, I had a couple of days off.  It was a treat.

I showed this picture on a previous “What I’m Working On” post and a blog reader commented that I need and deserve a new cutting mat.  It’s not the first time I heard that.  Blog readers often tell me that.  I’m super frugal about some things and cutting mats is one of them.  This one still works perfectly.  I’d rather spend my money on cross stitch charts or quilt books.

I think we all prioritize what is important for us to spend our crafty money on and some, like me, but cutting mats lower on the list of priorities.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I use this one for another year.

I don’t feel deprived or like I can’t afford one.  I just have chosen not to buy one.  To be frankly honest, I didn’t even notice it looked bad until a blog reader mentioned it to me.  I just use it.

The funny thing is that the one upstairs in the sewing room looks equally as bad.  I didn’t notice that one until someone said something about that one either.

It’s just my nature…

Now onto what I was sewing.

After everyone left last Sunday, I went to the sewing room and decided to squeeze in some sewing time.  I had this already loaded on the quilting frame and decided to finish it.

I bound it right away.  I already showed it to you on the Saturday post.  Find it HERE.  There’s a FREE tutorial for the block there too.

Mine is only decorative size but someday, I’d love to make a large bed-sized version.

From there I put together another row on my Garlic Knots quilt.  Then Monday morning was a no school day.  I had my two school-aged girls here but they didn’t come until later.  That gave me time to get another row of the quilt finished.

I swear, assembling this quilt isn’t for the faint of heart.  It’s not hard but SUPER time-consuming.  There is a lot of getting up, grabbing a few pieces, sitting down, sewing a few pieces, and then back up again.  It’s okay but definitely not my favorite way to put a quilt top together.  In the end, I think it was worth it though.  Here is the center of the top altogether.  Continue reading

What I’m Working On…

I had a busy week with family but still managed to get in a lot of sewing time…why you might ask?  Well, one night this week I woke in the night with the flu.  That left me taking the next day off.  I felt okay no fever or anything, just a rotten stomach.  As long as I didn’t do a lot, I was okay…so sitting at a sewing machine was the perfect thing I could do.

The quilt you see in the photo below was WAY overdue to be finished…WAY!  I had finished doing the longarming on it late Sunday night so I got it bound on my sick day.  I need to take pictures and write a post to show you the finished quilt.  I ended up really liking it.

I had some fabric leftovers a blog reader gifted to me and I used it for the binding.  I just love polka dots!!

Being the blue and green quilt came off the frame I made a backing and loaded this quilt…This is the one I made with… Continue reading