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Mystery and More

I’ve had quite a bit of sewing time.  Karl’s been home so we hang in the quilting room quite a bit in the evenings and I’ve had some days off from childcare too.  It’s been so nice.  My thoughts are: the world would be a happier place if we all could somehow only work four days a week vs five.  I love my job but boy-oh-boy do I ever love some free time.

The weather was expected to be a little iffy around here on Friday.  I had a regular routine physical and mammogram scheduled and Kalissa needed someone to take care of Carver as she worked the overnight and needed to sleep.  Auntie Kelli and Uncle Karl to the rescue.

While they held down the fort here I was off….

Routine physical first.  Blood draw next and then MAMMOGRAM.  Ladies…Please get a mammogram done.  It’s important.  It’s necessary.  You need to do what you can to take care of your of you are no help to anyone!!

My niece is struggling with a metastasized breast cancer right now.  It’s so important to catch it early.  Please…make the appointment.

After that it was thrift stores, some take out food and I headed home.  These two, and Carver wanted me home.

We ate…put Carver down for a nap and then snuck off to sew.  Karl and Kelli were ready to play.

Yep…that’s baby Hanken starting to show.  Kelli is due with what will be our 5th grandbaby in March.  She’s slowly feeling a little better and finally has gained a couple pounds back from the 20 or so she lost because she was so sick.

Kelli was trimming her scrap vortex blocks.  I am sure she already has enough for TWO LARGE quilts.

Karl is sewing these.  YES they are tiny.  Less than an inch finished.  He started out making them this small without asking me first.  I’d have advised bigger as it’s his second sewing project.  I sent the picture to Connie and she said, “I can tell he’s been in your scraps….it’s all red and polka dot”. two favorites!!

While they were doing that….I was doing this…. Continue reading

Mystery and More

A little business first:
If you are a quilter who likes working with 100% cotton men’s shirts, with the help of my girls, I was able to get through my shirts and am offering them for sale on the blog HERE.  Auction ends at NOON time CENTRAL TIME TODAY.

I’ve been a busy quilter.

I’ve been able to plug through the mystery clues fairly quickly.  I’ve had enough time on Friday to finish most of them.  I keep wondering if the ball will drop and we’ll get nailed with a big clue.

Those of you who made Easy Street might remember that we went along nicely with easy clues and then WHAMMO!!  We got a whole bunch and I was suddenly way behind.  On top of that, I made TWO of the mystery quilts at the same time.  NEVER will I do that again.

So last week while I was waiting for the next clue to come out I finished up the units for Hunter’s Star….then I set up Julie (my Singer 15-91) for string piecing.  I have three machines set up at all time to sew on.  It’s wonderful if I have a couple projects going on at the same time.

If you haven’t read my story on how I got this beauty with cabinet and chair for $15, it’s a fun story and you can find it here.

Anyway…I often set this machine up with a string project.  I can leave the mess at the machine and hop over to a different machine if I need/want to sew something else.

These are the strings for Hunter’s Star.  I have all of them sewn now.  Papers aren’t removed yet but that’s okay.  My childcare kiddos often pull papers for me…or I’ll do it during a car ride.

As I was working on these I started wondering how big the quilt was.  I never looked.  Well it’s an okay size but if I make 6 more blocks, it would be an awesome size…so six more blocks.

It might not sound like much but that mean 96 more half square triangles plus other units.  It’s okay though.  I’d rather have a quilt the size I’m going to love and use than on too small.

…so even though I thought I was done with neutral string blocks…I have 24 more to do.  It’s a good thing I still have more fabric!  Bahahaha!!

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String Challenge: Tip Toeing Through the Tulips

Everyone always asks “How do you get so much done?”.  I thought I’d show you how my sewing week goes so you could see.  I’m only concentrating on Tulip Fields this week.  Typically I do a little bit of this and that, but the urge is strong now to get this one done.  I want to have all of the quilts from Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book done before her release of the new book and I’m going to have to hustle to make that happen.

I was working on my Tulip Fields quilt….

In the morning I sewed for 40 minutes or so.  I started sewing the string triangles to the half square triangle piece.  I got a few done…not many.  I spent part of the time tidying up.

Monday after supper Hubby had a meeting so wasn’t home.  They weren’t done in the field yet but it was raining.

I finished what I started in the morning.  I wanted to quit several times but didn’t…I could see other projects in the room that looked more fun but I reminded myself that I want to get this DONE!

After those were done, I looked at the clock.  Hmmm.  About 15 minutes before bed time.  I started sewing blocks together.

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