You might remember that sometime in the last month or so that I wrote a blog post asking if any of you had ever made every quilt in a quilt book.  The idea has stuck with me and that’s exactly what I’m going to attempt.  I’m even giving myself a goal….that means I am serious.  If you missed that post it’s here.

Here’s my plan.  I am taking Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book and am making EVERY quilt in the book.  Here’s where I was at the last tally.
There are 13 quilts in the book.
I have 8 completely finished.
I have the 2 Zuckerwatte quilts done now
I have Pineapple Crazy pretty far along.
I have three not started.

That has since changed.  The two Zuckerwatte quilts are almost finished….and the other three formerly not started quilts have some progress….not a lot but some.  Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about my experience with the quilt Daylilies from the book.  The quilt has had me a little intimidated….correction.  A lot intimidated.

I decided one block…if I hate it, I can have a pass on this quilt.


I like quilting for ease.  I don’t pick quilts with in-set seams.  I don’t pick quilts with applique.  I decided that I would make one block.  If I hated it, I wouldn’t make it but I had to give one block a fair try….here’s what happened.

I cut out one block and sewed it when Connie, Jody and Kelli came for a quilting day.  I figured I might need a little moral support…It turns out I didn’t have a problem sewing the inset seams at all…BUT I did have another problem that I overcame.   I was using batiks so it’s harder to orient the blocks the right way as with batiks there is no right or wrong side.  I had to rip once but got the pieces turned the right way.  Then I ended up with a different problem.

There is an incorrect measurement listed in the directions.  The corner block with the flowers needs to be cut at 2 1/2″ not the 2″  I tried and tried but there is no way the 2″ piece works in the corner of the flower block.  You might want to make that correction in your book.

Once I got that figured out I was in business and working on the block making the other matching flower blocks needed to make the large flower block.  I felt really comfortable with the inset seams and was not longer worried about that part of the block at all.  I set that all aside happy that I might be about to tackle this quilt.

Next up on a day in the future I planned to tackle the applique.  That day came the next day during nap time.  I had dug around, sure that I had some applique bars that would help me make the stems.  I had bought them YEARS ago and didn’t remember using them.


I figured out that I wanted the strips to be 3/8″ wide.  That left me cutting bias strips 1 1/4″ wide.


I put the rod in and manipulated the fabric so the seam was in the back.


I pressed and then pulled the rod out and pressed again.

Now it was time to figure out how to place the applique pieces on the fabric.  I ironed my fabric on the diagonal.  That left me with a guide of where to place the main stem.



I ended up making a dot 5 1/2″ up from the bottom corner.  That left me with a place to start the curved stem at.

Then I checked…I and measured 2 1/4″ down from the upper corner.  This is necessary so that I can have the stem in the right place when it meets up the the flower part of the block.


In the end I pinned the pieces in place like this.


From there I made a master block so that if in case I want to make this whole quilt of these blocks, I’ll have a guide.


The next day over nap time…I stitched it all in place.  Then that night, I got brave and sewed it all together!!  Here’s how my block looks. [Read more...]

What I’m Working On….


When I was cleaning my sewing room I discovered something….  I somehow forgot to make a baby quilt that I was suppose to make.  I know that sound bad but it’s the truth.  In August I had wanted to sew it and now here it’s months later.   Originally I had planned on doing a baby quilt with fire truck fabric and then found a fabric I liked better.  I fussy cut the blocks and then…hmm..ummm..I honestly forgot about it.

Once I discovered that I had, I pulled what I needed and got serious about getting it done.

You can see the emergency community helper fabric.  That’s all cut and I started framing them.


I like this method of quilting….random and how it lands. [Read more...]

What I’m Working On….


I thought I would take a snap shot of my sewing room so you could see what I’m working on….

In the foreground at the bottom left is a quilt you can barely see.  It has a little burgundy in it.  That is something we’re putting together and will soon be submitting with the hope a magazine will pick it up.  There is a pink Bonnie Hunter Zuckerwatte quilt near the white Phaff machine.  That just got off the quilting frame and there’s another exactly like it on the ironing board that is going on next.  I want these done for Christmas so I need to keep going.

In the machine is my Cheddar Bowties quilt…You can also see the pieces to that across the room near the window.  On the ironing board is Charlotte’s Baskets.  In a clear tote on the right of the machine is another quilt waiting to be sewn.  On the ice box is a quilt for the fireman’s benefit.  It is waiting to get a pieced backing.  Also on the ice box is Fair and Square.  I pieced a backing but it needs to be ironed.  I’ll do that one evening when one of the kids call.  I save things like that for that very reason.


YEP.  I work like this ALL OF THE TIME!  I love it.  I do what the mood strikes me to do or what works into my life.

Here’s a close up of the Zuckerwatte quilt.


This is what I decided for Charlotte’s baskets.  It’s all cut out.  I know many of you will be sad that I didn’t pick the sunflower fabric.  LouAnn encouraged me to “go out of my box”.  The green is out of my box.  I rarely use green as a main color.  I hope I end up liking it.  Like many of you suggested, there wasn’t a wrong color combo in the mix I let you choose from.


I forgot to tell you but this was on the cutting table waiting to get it’s turn at the machine. [Read more...]

What I’m Working On….


I have LOTS of sewing time last week.  LOTS and LOTS.  Hubby is in the field with harvest.  I’ve had sick sleepy kids at childcare giving me time to trim or de-paper string block over nap time.  So I’ve been SEWING and SEWING!

You might remember last week I told you that I was working on Charlotte’s Baskets from Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book.  Would you believe that I have the blocks FINISHED!!  I am putting mine in a 5 x 6 setting so I only need 30 blocks so it isn’t such an amazing feat.  Now I’m at the point that I am auditioning sashing and borders…Want to help?

Choice #1


Choice #2- this one I don’t really like.


Choice #3


Choice #4choices-4

Choice #5choices-5

Choice #6..I like that green….choices-6

Choice #7…but is the green better with no pink?


Choice #8…or is this border better?


Choice #9  but maybe a light sashing would be better???  What do you think? [Read more...]