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What I’m Working On…

I had a very busy week last week.  The weekend I already told you involved very little sewing.  Then early in the week I had grandkids a couple of evening and even an overnight.  That left me cooking and hanging with the kids…no time to sew.

I did get a little further on my hourglass quilt.  Here’s the story on it.  I thought I had cut enough neutral or white blocks.  I was attaching the last border to find out I was three blocks short.

So I cut more and sewed more…

…and got to this point.

Ruby saw the quilt come out and demanded to sit on it.  Here’s a picture without Ruby on it…. Continue reading

What I’m Working On…

I’ve spent most of my free time in the sewing room as of late.  With some of my projects wrapping up, I’m eager to clean things up as much as possible.

I figured out I had 7 blocks left over from my Crooked Courthouse Steps quilt.  I must have counted wrong.  Late night sewing will do that.  So rather than pack them up, I decided to keep them out a make more blocks.

Here’s where I am with that….

This is all sewn together except for the last block.

I’m so excited.  Once a new baby is born I will make a wonky ABC letter of their first initial, then add pieces onto to make it look like a Courthouse Step block.  Then I’ll sew the block in and add the borders to have a finished baby quilt.  I’m so impressed with myself for thinking of doing this.  I cut all the border already and even pieced a backing.  YAHOO!!

Now I’d love to make a girl version and do the same thing.

I also sewed this up…. Continue reading

What I’m Working On…

It might seem like all my time has gone into sewing…but it hasn’t.  I’ve been cross stitching some too.

I finished up the October Sheep Virtue….

It’s so cute.

“Gratitude” is the next one I’ll be working on.  You can see that I don’t stitch the whole outer border at once.  I do a section of it, going all the way around, to make sure it will meet up right.  That way, I have less to rip out it I messed up the count.

I’m thrilled to be finishing these up but also a bit of nervousness is setting in.  I’ll have to fully finish all of these soon.  Happily I have a couple other things I don’t care about as much to tackle first as “practice”.  I don’t know for positive how I’m finishing them but I know they won’t be pillows.

As for quilting…I think you already saw that I finished this quilt top… Continue reading

What I’m Working On….

My Crooked Courthouse Steps blocks have taken over my life.   Oh I love making them.  I love the “something from nothing” style of quilting.  I love the carefree cutting.  You can see from the back of my block that it’s okay that the white fabric in the front overhangs a bit.  No matter.  It’s no big deal at all.  Ah…I love it.

I would like to suggest only making 10 or less blocks at a time.  See that green strip that is leftover?  That can be trimmed off and used in the next new block I make.  This way ALL of the piece gets used up.

You can see I made of a stack of these “leftovers” and they are ready for the next blocks.

I’m doing so good…I resist squaring them up upstairs in my sewing room.  Instead I bring them downstairs and set up a station at the kitchen island for trimming.  This way I can do it over naptime when the kiddos are sleeping.  It’s my perk of being an inhome childcare provider.  Every job needs a fringe benefit doesn’t it?

True happiness…a pile of slivers ready for the garbage.

A friend asked why I had to trim the blocks.  These blocks are wonky.  There is not predetermined size for any of the strips that I’m sewing together.  My strips are varying from 3/4″ to 2″.  That means that sometimes the block ends up being 9″ when finished.  Sometimes it ends up being 8 /12″  That means the blocks have to be squared up in the end.  It’s all part of the

Another person asked why some blocks don’t look complete.  Some have four sides.  Note the block below.

The top side has 4 strips.  I had to add the 4th strips as the block wasn’t wide enough yet.  It’s not big deal.  In fact I kind of like it.  Here’s why… Continue reading