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What I’m Watching…

When I had the flu and was on the coach for a day and half, I got in some TV time.   By the afternoon of the first day, my headache had lessened and TV watching wasn’t too bad.

I finished up The Victim.  I had started the series over Christmas break but only got through one episode.  I had planned to get back to it eventually but hadn’t.

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I finished it while I was sick.  It was only 4 episodes.

Here’s the overview:
On the night of Halloween, father and husband Craig Myers is brutally attacked, leading him to discover that an online post has accused him of being the notorious child killer previously known as Eddie J. Turner. An investigation into the attack and the post casts suspicion on Anna Dean, whose son was murdered 15 years prior. She is accused of conspiring to have Craig murdered. The emotionally charged court case that follows gives a glimpse into Scotland’s unique legal system and calls into question the traditional labels of victim and accused.”

At the start of the show, I believed Craig to be the victim….by the end of the show I was having trouble not seeing everyone as a victim and I think that is the premise of the show..but WOW.  It was amazing to see how one crime could ripple out and drastically change the lives of so many people.  I watched this on Britbox.

I didn’t want to start another series…instead I switched over to Amazon Prime and watched two movies that have been on my list that I wanted to watch.  I actually had to rent them both.  The first was…. Continue reading

What I’ve Been Watching

I’ve been in the living room a little more as of late.  With Rosie here I haven’t done much in the sewing room.  I moved my Featherweight to the main floor and have been sewing from there.  I’ve also been doing a little more snuggling and that means time on the couch…and that means more TV time.

I finished the recent season of The Crown on Netflix.

Image result for the crown season 3Oh my…I loved it.  I need to remind myself not to speed through a season and savor it.

Olivia Colman is now playing the part of the queen.

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I watched her in Broadchurch and loved that series.  She does an amazing job in this series.  Check out this real picture of the queen compared to the actress.

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I have to say that I previously didn’t think much of Prince Charles.  He seemed so plain.  I hated that he married Princess Diana and then didn’t make a marriage of it.  (I know she didn’t either) Somehow watching this and seeing some behind the scenes things, I have a lot more respect for him….I’m hoping the show is accurate as to what happened.

If you’ve not watched The Crown, I highly recommend it.  The show has had me Googling for more information on the monarchy…it’s a good enough show that it makes me want to know more.  I would sincerely like to scream at the writers, “SLOW DOWN- You are telling the story too fast.  I want many more seasons of this and if you keep telling the stories so quickly, there won’t be many more seasons”.  The show has fast forwarded through 25 years in 2 seasons.  Ahhh..It makes me a little sad.

I’ve watched a few things on BritBox. 15 Days came up as a recommended show.  I gave it a try.  Here’s what I thought of it…. Continue reading

What I’ve Been Watching…

While I was on my diet for testing I got into a habit of making my supper and then taking it to the living room and eating in front of the television.  Normally when Karl is home and I’m not on the diet we always eat at the table.  By going in the living room, I don’t have to see the YUMMY food he is eating and the stuff I’m eating.  Seriously, BD (before diet) I never realized how much cheese, yogurt and sour cream I consumed.  Mexican food, for me, NEEDS sour cream.  But..I’m done with the diet now so enough ramblings and onto today’s post.

Being I was in the living room so much, I got in a lot more television time than normal.

I finished up Shetland.  Oh my.  I love that show….really love that show.  I highly recommend it.  I got the last two seasons on Britbox.

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I’ve mentioned the show before and I’ll mention it again.  If it has another season, I’ll be sure to watch it too.  Seriously…one of my favorites for sure.

It’s a cop show set in the Shetland Island.  The scenery is amazing.  I love seeing the differences in Shetland homes compared to American homes.  Really the plot lines, characters and scenery all have me wanting more.

Once I finished that I moved on to … Continue reading