Framing…with a cheapskate

A month or so ago I thought I would cut out a project that I could do while watching television.  I thought I would start with something small so I pulled out this.


I have real issues with instructions saying mirror image and right side and wrong side so I ended up making mine inverted.  It’s all stitched and ready for framing so I started looking for frames.  I am a cheapskate so I wasn’t going to the framing shop.  I bought this frame for fifty cents at the thrift store….


I had plans to paint it black and frame the wool piece in the frame.   I got side tracked and a couple days past.  I was at the thrift store again and found this frame for fifty cents.


I couldn’t pass it up.  I love this chunky frame.  I painted it black and wa-la.  This is how it turned out!  At first I thought the frame might be too big but I like it.


There are a couple dings in the frame but I am hoping that it looks okay.  Maybe I’ll call it a primitive look.

I did the framing using a Lapel Stick.  It worked WONDERFULLY!!  It was quick and easy and I didn’t burn my finger on a glue gun.  I have been finding lots of good uses for those Lapel Sticks.  If you haven’t used them, they are glue sticks designed to use with fabric.

The pattern came from Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting Magazine Nov/Dec 2006.  I got a copy of the magazine at our thrift store a year ago and pulled the instructions and threw away the magazine.

I had a fun time stitching this.  Enough fun that I think I am going to pull out another stitching project.  Goodness knows I have more projects waiting for attention.

What was old, is new again…

Over the weekend we did a little cleaning and sorting, finding things that we could donate to the upcoming church garage sale.  I had the kids pull an old cupboard out of the basement.  As I was making supper I peeked out the window my son hosed it off and clean it.  The more I got looking, the more I started thinking I couldn’t part with it.
I got this cupboard shortly after we were married.  We didn’t have anything as far as furniture goes so I stripped the ugly gray paint off and tried my best to clean it up.  When we moved to the farm where we live now, there just didn’t seem to be a place to put it.  But…as it was sitting outside, ready to be loaded on the truck, I decided to try it in the house before I gave it away and the verdict….I am keeping it.

My daughter Kayla is home from college for a few days so I think we are going on a run to a couple antique stores and look for a couple crocks to go under the cupboard.  I have a stain on the floor and I need to find something to cover it.  I think I am going to hunt for another picnic basket to go on top of the one I already have.  I don’t have a place for my dish towels and the picnic basket just might work.  Check back tomorrow and see what we come up with…

My Antique Rug

Over the weekend, hubby put down this beautiful antique carpet in our bedroom that I found at a garage sale….
I am in LOVE.  It looks awesome with our antique walnut victorian furniture.  The rug is so big that it actually ends up going wall to wall.  It’s such a treat….all for $70. 

I asked hubby what he thought…he said fine but if he lived here himself, he wouldn’t have bothered.  (MEN!)

Now I can see my next project in spucing up our bedroom needs to be some pillows and/or pillow shams…one step at a time.

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