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We were at a graduation party about a month ago when the people we were visiting with asked the question that EVERYONE asks now days, “How is the house in town coming along?”  Honestly, at this point I try not to talk to people anymore because that is the question I always hear and honestly, it just gets me depressed.  The truth is-Nothing much at all has happened lately.  I am to the point that I’ve given up hope on anything ever happening as far as that goes.

I was polite and said we had been going on trips hunting for wood work.  They mentioned that their mother’s old farm house was going to be torn down.  We had been in the house and knew that the wood work was painted  and not anything that would match what we needed for the house in town so we didn’t think much of it.  The conversation continued on to our kitchen cupboards and how we had found a cupboard and were redoing it for the kitchen.

They mentioned that there was a cupboard upstairs in their mother’s house and maybe we’d want to take a look at it.  They said their nephew owned the house now and we’d have to talk to him.  Well we didn’t know that we needed another cupboard…but thanked them for the information.

A few weeks later we were at a friends house who is on the fire department with my husband.  He had been to the house as the owner was offering the house to the fire department so they could burn it down and use it as a fire training scene.  The friend happened to have taken a picture of the cupboard and had it on his phone.


Well I needled Hubby and we ended up going and looking at it…and bought it.

It’s a light lemon yellow color.  The doors have wall paper in the insets.  Then motifs from the wall paper were cut out and adhered to the dresser as a decoration.

Getting it out of the farm house was a big task.  The guys ended up taking the banister off the stair rail-then it was lowered down the hole of the staircase.  Hubby “caught it” as it was coming down.  Of course I was panicking that someone was going to get hurt and Hubby was telling me to calm down…typical of us.

I am not sure what we are going to do with it.  It isn’t a high quality wood and the drawers aren’t dove tailed.  The drawers do have bead board bottoms though.


I love that the inside isn’t painted and is all original.


I’m thinking it will get some chalk paint…but what color??  I could keep it and use it in the sewing room at the house in town…or in the basement for toy storage…or I could sell it.  Part of me doesn’t want to sell it as now the piece has a good story…and we know the lady whose house it was.  If I sell it, the person will likely not care about the story or the person or what it looked like when we bought it.

We’re debating on what to do with the top.  The trim pieces don’t have mitered corners.

The left side has no trim piece at all…Hubby really wanted to leave it there…me, I wanted it.  For $50 it was a deal regardless of what I do with it.

For now it’s sitting in the garage with the our other collected furniture.  What would you do with it??  Keep it…sell it??

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A Meet and Greet with Gladys


Some time ago on a visit to the local thrift store, I found this.


I debated and debated about whether I should purchase it or not.  I have another machine exactly like that I love that I named Mildred.  You can read the story about that machine here.  I just couldn’t determine how many machines I actually need.  I am sure you’ve asked yourself where is the line between need, want, collecting and hoarding.

I continued to do my other shopping in the store.  I decided if the machine was still there after I did all my shopping I’d seriously consider it.  I shopped and looked and looked and shopped and 20 minutes later no one had bought it.

Well it was time for me to seriously consider it.  The machine was in MUCH better shape than mine.  It had the book and accessories to go with it.  The cabinet was in mint shape.  The machine was very clean.  All in all for $25, it was an amazing deal..but now how do I justify it to Hubby.

Seriously Hubby doesn’t give a hoot of how I spend $25…for some reason I just felt like I had to have a plan for it….Hmmmm.

That’s when it hit me.   I have been wanting and wanting to get back to sewing my Pineapple Crazy quilt.  The problem with that, I have dead line projects that need to get done and paper piecing those blocks is so messy.  My plan is to keep this machine separate away from the regular machine I sew on.  This one can have all the tiny bits and pieces all spread out like a bomb.  I don’t have to worry about moving things..I don’t have to worry about it being a mess.  When I know I’m going to have more than two us sewing at the new house, this machine will be the third person’s machine.

I didn’t think I had room to set the machine up at this house so the machine has sat in the garage waiting to be moved to the new house.  Then I saw that everyone was setting cups and mail and pop cans on the machine so I decided when I cleaned the upstairs that I need to try to find room for it here at this house so it wouldn’t get wrecked while it was here.

I did find room but sadly, I haven’t found time to piece any Pineapple Crazy blocks…but that’s okay, when I do find time, I will and it’s all set up and ready to go.

For the record, this machine is named Gladys.  The name because she was Mildred’s (the name of my identical matching machine’s) sister.

Today I am hooking up with Colorado Lady’s Vintage Thingy Thursday.

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