Buster Finds a Home….

This last week has been a real whirl wind around here.  I’ve had lots of my kids in and out of the house…in fact, it’s felt like a revolving door.  It’s okay but I just need a day so I can stop and take a breath…and clean house…and get caught up around here.

I’ll tell you in the next week about the happenings.  One of the biggest in and out events was that Buster found his home.  He was my fastest turn around to date.  We got Buster on Thursday morning and he went home Friday evening.

He was a hand full and my most challenging foster pup yet….all in a good way and complete puppy behavior but challenging none the less.  Thankfully I had Kelli around to help.  We both agreed…Buster was a 100% all the time.  Either he was 100% active and rambunctious or 100% sleeping.  There was no real in between with Buster.

Kelli was trying to peel some contact paper off of a shelf Kalissa had bought and was hoping to chalk paint.  He’s Buster’s antics while Kelli was on the floor with him…mind you, I clicked these pictures all in row.





All in about 1 minute, he did all of this.

With the other pups I’ve fostered, they’ve managed life here with one gate…not Buster.  He needed a stair gate too.  He could fly up and down the stairs and would.  Trust me..we had an awesome time with him.  He just gave us a work out.

Kelli was glad to to just sit for a few minutes.


Friday evening we met his new family in Waterloo.

Buster has a new family complete with another dog Carly who is a beagle/king charles cavalier cross.  The dogs have a great fenced in back yard that Buster is sure to love.  He’s lucky too as members of his family work first and second shift so he’ll not have much alone time.

I just love happy endings and Buster is definitely going to have one.

Buster the Foster Pup

Last night I got a message that there was a pup that needed fostering.  Ruby is feeling better and back to her normal self so I volunteered.

This is Buster.  He’s a beagle-collie mix.


He is 8 1/2 weeks old and is a little cutie.


He is unique in that he has one blue eye and one brown eye.

I think it’s going to be more on the collie side of things.  The coloring is collie…He’s bigger too.

He is socializing wonderfully with the other dogs.  Ruby likes him even.


Kelli is completely distracted with the puppy around….

Well if I’m honest, I’m distracted too.

Our daughter Kalissa thought about adopting him but she wants a beagle…or at least one that looks more like a beagle.

If anyone is interested, you can fill out an application for him at the Northeast Iowa Humane Society.

Book Review: Lovely Knitted Lace

From Kayla:

I recently reviewed Nordic Knits from Sterling Publishers. Another gem in the shipment was this book, Lovely Knitted Lace.

What a beautiful book that lives up to its title! Not only does the book offer 16 different designs to knit, but it includes extensive instruction for designing projects.

The book begins with 20 pages of general instructions. Although I splurged on some Madeline Tosh some time ago I have never gotten up the guts to try lace knitting. The instructions are very encouraging. They include troubleshooting information- like how to pick up dropped stitches- that I’m sure I will need.

Each of the designs are organized by shape: Triangles, rectangles, circles, and squares.  The photo on the cover is beautiful, but I cannot see myself actually wearing a shawl. Fear not! This book is full of beautiful designs that I would definitely make and wear like caplets, boleros, and flowy jackets. I love the poinsettia sweater but bought only one skein of my Madeline Tosh lace yarn. Luckily the book has instructions for a scarf and tam that would make beautiful gifts.

Lovely Knitted Lace retails at $19.95, which is a bargain for all of the wearable designs in the book. It makes lace knitting less intimidating and wearing shawls trendy! I love the math and calculations and background information to build confidence on this challenging technique.

Thanks so much to Sterling Publishing for the opportunity to review this book! The lacy poinsettia sweater will be a lovely lightweight summer project.

Pump Organ Topper

We were really busy around here last week.  I had extra kids home.  I’m still chasing some deadline projects.  Kalissa is moving.  The lawn needs attention but all that stopped when I saw this on an auction sale list.  Some people might not know what this is…but I did.  It’s the top to a pump organ. (Note–I forgot to take a picture of the one at the auction, but here’s a similar one of the bottome organ and decorative top.)

I have a pump organ.  Here’s the picture of it.  I told you about it in a previous blog post that you can read here.

I have always wished that it was the fancy kind with the decorative top but, alas..mine doesn’t have one.

When I saw it on the auction sale bill-I’ll be honest-I freaked and REALLY wanted it…so off I went to Saturday on a quest to get it.

On the way, I realized that I didn’t measure our pump organ.  Hubby might still be in the house so I called and he measured.  The poles where a top would mount were 39″ apart and the top was 43″ across.  Along the way I stopped and picked up my daughter Kalissa.  Her boyfriend happened to be outside so I asked if he had a tape measure.  He did so I was set to get the pump organ top piece.

We got to the auction.  I went for a bidding number and she went to find the piece.

I ow-ed and ah-ed.  It was amazing.  I really wanted it.  Then I pulled out the tape measure.  Crap.  It was 49″ across.  Crap-crap-crap.

I ended up hanging around the auction until it sold.  The auctioneer didn’t know what it was and whoever the  person that bought it was only paid $75 for it.  UGH!!  I would have bought it in a heart beat had it been the right size.

Oh well…my hunt for the illusive pump organ topper continues.

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