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Never a Dull Moment

This post has icky pictures in it…read at your own caution.

I got a call from Kalissa early this morning.  She said, “Did you see the picture I just sent you?”  I said no..and then I looked.  ewww!!!

She said Carver had come downstairs that morning before she did..and then next thing she heard was Carver screaming.  She hustled downstairs to see a very bleeding Carver and this…he had bit his tongue.  The thought is that he jumped down the last couple steps of the staircase and fell, biting his tongue.

After a call to his doctor, they decided that he’d need to go in and be seen.  She brought Gannon to my house and brought Carver in to show me his tongue before she took him in.

It was icky.  His tongue flopped rather then stuck out.  I figured they would need to do stitches.

A short while later she messaged me and said, “Yes stitches.  They tried in the office but he wouldn’t hold still so he would need to be put out to get it done.”

The doctor had a booked morning and being it wasn’t an “emergency”, they were to go and kill time and come back at 11:30am when his schedule let up.

Kelli happened to be town for a nurses meeting so I messaged her and told her to go help entertain Carver.  A short while later I got this picture of Kelli and Carver at the park…. Continue reading

My Weekend

I had Scotty and Lucy for the weekend!!  They are our son Buck’s  and Lora’s kiddos.  Scotty is soon to be four and Lucy is 1 1/2 years old.

In the picture below it’s Carver to the left, then Lucy, then Scotty.  15 months are between Carver and Scotty and then 15 months between Carver and Lucy.  I loved having them!

Scotty and Lucy came on Friday afternoon.  Kayla picked them up and brought them.  Buck and Lora are building a house in Lisbon.   Buck is a carpenter by trade and is trying to do as much as he can to but costs on the house.  This weekend was a big push to get the flooring in.

Lora was busy too.  They are trying to get her house ready to put on the market.  The hope is that they will move the beginning of September if not sooner so they want Lora’s house to sell as soon as it can so they aren’t making payments on two houses.

I haven’t seen the new house yet.  I’m hoping maybe next weekend.  It’s Scotty’s birthday and I’m hoping to make a trip that way for that.

We didn’t go anything super fun or unusual when they were at my house.  Carver came over for a cousin day on Saturday.

Uncle Karl made his famous chocolate cake.  (Recipe HERE)  Here’s Lucy eating hers….
Continue reading

The Little Helper

Right now in childcare I have three cribs.  All of them are on the main floor of my house.  It’s a lot.  I’ve made a bit of a vow not to have more than three cribs here ever.  More than three in cribs is too much work.

Well…imagine my surprise when I realized that I needed to buy yet another crib.  This one wasn’t for the main floor.  It was for upstairs.

It’s gotten so I have grandkids staying overnight really regularly.  With me doing childcare for Kelli and her working back to back 12 hour shifts she stays overnight here one or two times a week.  On top of that, Lucy needs a crib when she stays overnight here.  So…I bought another crib.

I have this style of crib and I highly recommend them.

I have used them for childcare for years.  You can find them HERE on Amazon.  They are right around $100 depending on what color is picked.  It comes in 4 different colors.  The crib uses portable crib size sheets.  I got mine HERE from Amazon too.  They have cuter sheets but I just buy the solid colored ones.

The cribs are smaller than a standard crib at 39”W x 25”D x 37.25”H.  That really helps me be able to fit several cribs on the main floor.  I have had kids sleep in them until they are two.  Typically by 18 month old all of my childcare kids sleep in the living room with no crib…some do at 12 months.  It just depends on the kid.

Anyway…my crib came to me and it wasn’t assembled.  AHH.  I never realized that before.  The crib has sat in the garage, Kramer unpacked it and brought it in.  I didn’t realize that there was an assembly step that happened that I never saw.  So imagine my surprise when I opened the box and I needed to assemble it.

Luckily Kelli was here that day…and she had a trusty helper.  Carver.

Carver is really smart and knows the letters of the alphabet.  Kelli gave him a piece of paper and told him to help her read the instructions.  She’d make him find an “A”…and then she’d “read” that part of the instructions.

Here she has him screwing in the screw…. Continue reading

The Last Ride

I’ve been finally able to start looking through photos and things people have sent me.  I wasn’t ready before and that’s okay.  The blessing of so much of this is time.

A HUGE shout out to Kalyn…One of the Firemen’s daughters who took pictures for me.  She did an awesome job and I can’t thank her enough.  It’s wonderful to have these photos to mark the day.

I never did tell you how the funeral and celebration of life went.  I am thrilled to say I think Kramer would have been impressed and that helps all of us feel better.
When I tell you that Kramer planned much of the funeral and celebration himself in that he said what he wanted….he didn’t say quite how it all would be figured out.  In the end, I think we did well with honoring his wishes.

One of the other things he said he wanted was for the firemen to take the casket from the church to the cemetery.  I vividly remember talking to him saying that “Are you sure they can do that?”.  He said, “If I ask them, they will.”….and they did.

These guys are all the best guys ever and if it’s what Kramer wanted…he was right.  They would do it.

Not too long ago the group all got dress uniforms.  I’ll admit, Kramer wasn’t very excited about them….but man-oh-man did they ever look sharp!  It does make me giggle a bit that Kramer’s funeral was one of the first big events that they actually all wore them for.

They did it in fine style…see?? Continue reading