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The Cancer Ride Continues..the latest of the latest updates.

You all might remember my report from Friday that said there was no cancer found in my full body scan.  At that time, my doctor said she would meet with the “Tumor Board” in early November to review my case and come up with a plan.  The tentative plan was that I would get treated with Radioactive Iodine for my recurring thyroid cancer.

Then my doctor called me on Saturday.  She was in the office working on my case and had decided after seeing more blood test results that my case was troubling and yes, it was time to treat with Radioactive Iodine.  She was going to consult with the “Tumor Board” via email before their regularly scheduled monthly meeting and get my case moving along more quickly.

Today…I got a call again from my doctor.  The team met and talked early today about my case.  The radiologist feels very confident that even though the lymph node behind my trachea didn’t show up on any of the scans that it is where the cancer is hiding.

I was told that things smaller than 1 cm often don’t show up on scans.  This lymph node is 7mm (smaller than 1cm).  So, in light of that, the doctors want me to be seen by the surgeon and move possible surgery to remove it to the top of the list.  I was told that the surgeon’s nurse would be calling me and setting up an appointment with me.

That happened late today.  My appointment is for next Monday afternoon.  Kelli offered to finish up childcare for me and Kalissa offered to ride along with me.  So…back to Lacrosse I’ll go for an appointment with the surgeon.

Even if surgery does happen, I’ll still need to have the Radioactive Iodine treatment.

Of course my doctor was really good about telling me what was recommended and then letting me choose.  Of course when they recommend the surgery route, even though I’d prefer not to have surgery, I’m going to listen to their recommendation and meet with the surgeon.

For many of my appointments I don’t mind going by myself at all.  I’ve been there, I’ve done that.  Throwing this surgery option is a little different so I’m glad that Kalissa is going with me.  There will be some new information and new timelines.  Besides, if someone has to take care of me for a bit, she’ll be the one that does it.

So that’s the latest of the latest news on the cancer front.  Sorry no pictures…

Breaking News on the Cancer Front

Okay..I’m sure read today’s post that told you that we didn’t get any real results from the scan.  That is true…we didn’t.

Today I sat down to lunch do eat my leftovers from yesterday and the home phone rang.

I almost didn’t answer it as I it’s typically a telemarketer or someone doing a political survey.  I answered it and it was my doctor from Lacrosse.  YES, she was at work and calling on a Saturday.  She’s a clinic doctor.

She said that she was in today…she was wanting to study my case.  While she was doing that, a couple of my blood test results from yesterday came in.  Remember my Thyroglobulin Tumor Marker that was supposed to be under 2 had jumped from 17 to 26 in just a month.  Well…that number exploded again once it was stimulated.  Typically stimulated it goes up a few points like to 32.  NOT ME….Mine jumped to 53.  So here we are.  What do we do??  That’s what Doctor Thida was studying.

She presented to me that she thinks it’s in my best interest to treat not.  She told me I have the option of waiting if I’d like but she was suggesting based on the stimulated number of 53 that we treat.

For me, treating means the diet, shots, and a treatment dose of radioactive iodine.  At this point she is still talking with the Tumor Team…they will help decide the dosing.  At this point we’re leaning towards a 150 dosage which is what I got last time.

When this all will happen, I’m not sure…likely the diet will start in a week or two.  With that schedule in mind I will likely be on quarantine for Thanksgiving….that will be a little sad but we have to do what we have to do.  We can’t risk anything as we have little ones here and pregnant moms.  I’m jumping the gun to even think that far ahead.

I thought I’d give you the update.  I know so many of you have our family in your thoughts and prayers so you deserve an update.

P.S.  I didn’t scold my doctor for being in and working on a Saturday.  She said she was worried about my case and wanted to do some research to make sure she was doing all she could.  No that’s a dedicated doctor.  Should cancer be the thing that takes me out, I don’t want anyone to ever question my doctor.  She’s doing all she can…and I love her all the more for it!

Back to Back Tuesday

**First off:  If you are the winning bidder of auction items, I apoligize for not contacting you yet.  It’s been so busy.  Tonight it will happen.

Tuesday was a LONG day of travel.  Gannon got dropped off at my house early in the morning.  He was transferred directly from Craig’s truck to my truck.  I took off to Lacrosse and made the 90 mile drive with Gannon in toe.

He was so good…not one peep came from him except a coo at about the halfway point.  Once we got there I popped up the stroller and went to my appointment.  It was a quick in and out with me getting a shot in the butt cheek.

While there I snapped this picture of him and posted it to Facebook saying he was my support team.  You know, this little guy really has been a strong member of my support team for the last eight months.

I can’t tell you how many tears he’s seen me cry while rocking him in the rocking chair.  He doesn’t look at me funny or judge….he just smiles his big “I love you Grandma” smiles.  I can’t tell you how good it is to have him in my life.  He’s really been just what I needed.

From the shot we took a quick stroll to stop in and see Mary Jo a the library.  You might remember she’s my blog reader from Lacrosse.

Next stop a diaper change and then we were back on the road again headed towards home.  Of course we made a quick stop at the thrift store but then home we went.

I took him out of his seat and changed a diaper again.  Gannon stretched and stretched.  The poor guy had been in a car seat the most of 5 hours.  Not on single fuss came from him.  He’s really the best baby.

I put him on the floor so he could roll and try to crawl.  He loves the floor.  He definitely earned himself some floor time.

I ran around and tried to get a few things done…packing something to eat as we had another leg of the journey to complete.

Kalissa showed up.  I had everything loaded and off we went.  This time we were headed south to Iowa City a 115 minute drive for a follow up on Gannon.  Last week on Friday they did a scope procedure on his colon.  Since that happened, Gannon has been a changed guy.  Remember his terribly big tummy??  Well look at him now…. Continue reading

Treat Yourself!!

Karl has been a good influence on me.  He’s always telling me things like, “Mom, it’s okay to take a drive and get an iced coffee just because you’d like one.”  or “Mom, you need to treat yourself.”  In fact, he tells me “treat yourself” all the time.  In full disclosure, when Karl says “treat yourself” to me, it’s in a big loud southern black lady voice….it sounds so funny coming out of Karl’s mouth.  (he brought that phrase from Texas and I can’t thank the lady who said it to him enough)

Well I’ve been working on treating myself.  Case in point….I went to the Farmers Market last Saturday.  I got my fresh foods that I thought would help my diet go more successfully…and I bought myself a bouquet of flowers.

Oh…they are gorgeous.  Can you believe they were only $10??

Then I did a little shopping.  I got my Halloween candy…and a couple presents…and even started a little Christmas shopping.  I don’t do the best at Christmas but I know myself by now, if I have the shopping mostly done early, I do better.  So I can check THREE presents off the list, and best yet, they were under budget.

The next thing I did for myself was this…. Continue reading