String Challenge and Mystery Sewing


Last week between working on the gray Claudette quilt I finished (see that here if you missed it) and then scrambling to get the wedding quilt finished, I didn’t get a lot of sewing done.  The wedding quilt did get finished.  Stop by and Friday and I’ll show it off!!

On the mystery…I don’t have it all the way done but CLOSE.  I knew we would have a busy weekend so Friday at nap time I cut our what I would need.


Then I stayed up late Friday night and was up early on Saturday morning to get it sewn.  I’ve completed the sewing.  I’ll need to iron these which I’ll likely do over nap time one of the days this week.


Kelli and I had a sewing day with plans on my birthday quilt.  I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow.

Since Hubby got done with the field work he’s been home more….I’ve appreciated that!!  He’s asked me to watch television with him a few of the nights…and I’ve set my things aside and watched.  The new season of Longmire was out so I didn’t mind. (I recommend that series if you haven’t watched yet).  While we’ve been watching, I’ve been stitching on my Daylilies applique quilt trying to get some of the applique done.  I’m watching more than stitching so it’s taken more than an episode to finish one block.


I’ve also got more prepped.  When my child care kiddos are sleeping I’ve managed to press the stems and pin them in place on several more.

I have all of them marked for placement.


I’m so thankful that there are only 16 of these blocks in this quilt!!  It makes the applique do-able for the non-applique girl that I am!!  I am celebrating that I do have the applique for four of the blocks done….that means I have 25% finished!! Yahoo.

I noticed that in the original pattern there are leaves on the block….I’ve been debating about leaving them off.  I’ll get some pictures taken next week and you can help me decide.

You’ll find my back here on Monday with hopefully more work done on a string quilt and more mystery things to show!

Shopping with Your Smartphone


Every month I team up with U.S. Cellular and share a little about my Samsung Galaxy S8 Smart Phone. This is one of those posts.

Lucky for me most of my Christmas shopping is done and most of it is already wrapped.  I always have a thing or two that I need to do.  Often I forgot something or need Hubby’s help to decide on a gift but most of my shopping is done.  I, of course, have an idea to do a last minute gift but if it doesn’t happen, that’s no bid deal.  It’s an added extra thing that I can always give as a Valentines goodie.


U. S. Cellular put together some great shopping advice for those of you who aren’t finished.

The 2016 online shopping season was one of the biggest yet, with $91.7 billion spent – an 11 percent increase from the previous year.

During this busy time smartphones can be utilized to simplify and enhance lives while also maximizing time and budgets when holiday shopping.  According to U.S. Cellular’s annual consumer survey, nearly 60 percent of smartphone users have shopped online on their phones.  I know our children do this all of the time!

Smartphones give us the opportunity to do our holiday shopping anywhere and everywhere. Whether in-store, at home, or on-the-go, our devices are utilized in every aspect of the process, from researching the right gift to making the final purchase.


Many people research before purchasing. Gone are the days of thumbing through thick catalogs for ideas. Smartphones make researching online and accessing customer reviews easy while on-the-go. Many apps offer rich visuals, videos and content for brainstorming. For example, Amazon has millions of product reviews, or users can search and create gift idea lists on Pinterest.

Avoid long check-out lines. The mobility of smartphones is one of their key benefits. Many consumers want to physically see and touch what they’re going to purchase, so visit stores to find a product, but actually make the purchase online to avoid long check-out lines. Many stores even allow for an item to be purchased online then picked up at the store for free.

Keep great lists. Nearly 70 percent of people are totally undecided or considering multiple gift options when starting holiday shopping, according to a 2016 Google Consumer Survey. To be more organized while out browsing, utilize the notes feature on your device or take photos of what you want to purchase for a loved one.

I’m off to bug Hubby about a gift that he has to make the decision on.  If we are going to order it, I want to order it yet tonight.  The clock is ticking and Christmas isn’t far away!!

A Trip to the Pharmacy


A post from Kelli–

All the time growing up, I always felt kind of nervous.  Things that were just normal things that would happen would send me into a tailspin.  Here’s an example–Taking my car into the shop to get fixed, even if it was something small or normal would just freak me out.  I would convice myself that something was going to happen while my car was in the shop and I wouldn’t be able to go to the doctor or that I would be scheduled for a shift at work that I would have forgotten about and that I’d get fired.  In all reality, I knew that if I really needed to go to the doctor because it was an emergency, I could call the ambulance and I already knew that I normally checked my work schedule 17 million times, so I wouldn’t miss a shift that I was scheduled, however this anxiety and fear hung over me until my car was back in my possession.  And then I just ended up finding something new to worry about…

When I got laid off from my job before I went back to nursing school, I applied for a large government grant on behalf of the company that I was working for.  We sumbitted it kind of as a hail Mary, and to our surprise, it was approved.  This meant that anyone who was losing their job as a result of the buriness closure would be able to go back to school and retrain with minimal expense.  One stipulation however was that the funds had to be used within a certain time frame.

I started school and everythign was going great!  I was able to go to school without having to constantly worry about bills and how I was going to pay for things like gas to clinicals and such.  The last class in the program that I attended is notorious for being extremely hard.  The first few tests I did okay, but the stress started getting to me combined with my work schedule.  By about the 4th test, I would sit down and look at the first page of the test and if I didn’t know the exact anwer to each question without a doubt, I would end up convincing myself that I was going to fail the test, fail the class, flunk out of nursing school and then have to pay back the thousands of dollars I had received in tuition and other reimbursements to complete the program.  It got so that I would start this whole anxiety ridden process for about a day before I even had to take a test.

Luckily, (I can say that now) my sleep machine broke after about 3 tests.  I had to go in to get a new machine prescription and literally had a breakdown in the doctor’s office.  After some talking and a few prescriptions, I was feeling much better within a few days.

A few months later, I was doing better, but starting to pick back up on a few tendancies.  I had to go back in for a recheck and mentioned this to the doctor and we did a bit of changing with my medications and added a new one in–Buspar.  I stopped by the pharmacy after my appointmentment, and picked it up.  My insurance at the time wasn’t the greatest, but the cost was pretty minimal, so I didn’t really think anything of it.  I took one 5 mg pill twice a day and noticed a great improvement.



Fast forward a few months and I was needing to make some changes once again in order to be able to stop taking some of the other medications I was on.  We increased my dose to 7.5 mg twice a day.  I didn’t think much of it until I went to get my new prescription from the pharmacy.  It was around $30.00 which wasn’t that bad, but my insurance had changed and I figured that it was an increased dose, so just shrugged it off.  This continued for a few month with the price increasing a bit each time, but nothing to terrible.

This past week, I stopped by to pick up my prescription and all of a sudden it was $100.00 and that was after insurance had paid $100.00 on it.  I was floored.  I told them I couldn’t pay that much and picked up my other prescription.  I was flabbergasted to say the least.  I searched aroudn a bit on my phone looking to find a coupon to see if that would work.  I knew that I needed the medication, but just figured that I would have to schedule an appointment with my ARNP to see if there were other options.

Turns out that insurance and the coupon cannot be stacked and the coupon only took off $3.00.  I asked about a generic, but that’s what I already had and was cheaper than the name brand.  I was pretty defeated, but remembered that the 5 mg tabs were significantly cheaper.  I asked if there would be a possibility of getting 5 mg tabs and then cutting them to accommodate for the 2.5 mg portion.  The tech said that she’d look into it and would have to call my provider to verify.

After about an hour wait, it turns out that they weren’t able to fill my prescription for a month, but that when they were, they would be able to do so for $15.00 per month.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!  I was happy and mad all at the same time.  I was happy that I wouldn’t have to schedule an appointment and change meds yet again to accommodate for this, but I was kind of mad that this option wasn’t ever brought up by anyone at the pharmacy.  I’m well aware that they probably aren’t allowed to bring it up, but I’m going to use this as a platform to educate everyone I can–If your medications are costly, ask questions!!!  Try a coupon!!!  Ask about taking a different number of pills for the same dosage!!  Ask about getting a larger dose pill and splitting it yourself!!  When I work at the hospital, we only carry certain dosages of medications, much less than the pharmacy.  People often question why they are receiving a half pill compared to their normal pill at home.  One common one is Metoprolol which is a beta blocker used to control high blood pressure.  We might only carry 50 mg tablets at the hospital, however the pharmacy may carry 25 mg tablets.  When patients are admitted, we just split our 50 mg tablet in half, where as they are able to take a 25 mg pill at home from the pharmacy.

The moral of the story–DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS!!!  Doctors prescribe medications because there is a need for them!  If you aren’t able to afford medications the way that the prescription is written–ASK!  The worst that they can say is no!

Stash Report: Little Red Hen


Yesterday I did a quilt shop tour of Little Red Hen in Muscatine, Iowa.  WOW…Kelli and I loved the shop.  In my book, the perfect shop.  If I ran a quilt shop, this is the kind I would strive to have.  I really had a great time there.  I felt like so many of their projects “were me”…meaning things I’d want to make and have in my home.

Here is what I ended up buying….not fabric!


In the center of the “haul” is a book…One of the gals in the shop designs for the shop and she makes some awesome stuff.  It’s all in a book.  What I love is that there are quilts, wool projects, punch needle and a wide variety of things in ONE book.

Here’s a little preview of the book….Here’s the bee themed wool mat….


Here a bee pincushion…LOVE!


This quilt sure will be a good way to tackle some scraps!


Here’s another project from the book.


Kelli loved this pillow…also in the book.  Little-Red-Hen-6

I’ve scoped out my laundry room hoping for a spot to hang this…


Here is another shop exclusive design.  It’s a pincushion…oh’s so cute.  I wanted to buy all of the pincushion patterns but I settled on this one.


Kelli bought the fall book.  See all of the projects pictured in the photo below?  All of them are in the book!! Check it out!! [Read more...]