Happy Thanksgiving


Hands down-my favorite holiday of the year is and will always be Thanksgiving.

Growing up it was always the most celebrated of holidays at my parents.  We had people in our family that didn’t celebrate Christmas or Easter but did celebrate Thanksgiving.  That made it all the more special and for me, it’s continued to stay that way.

I think the other reason I love Thanksgiving is because the advertising markets have chosen to overlook it.  Of course there are blow up turkeys and a few things like that but for the most part, Thanksgiving is simple without all the commercialism.

Today our family is honoring Thanksgiving at Kalissa’s house.  The house here is a mess.  I’ve packed part of the house and it’s just awkward now so being her house is close it works out just fine for her to host the family.  I am excited to see everyone.  I haven’t seen all the kids at once since Labor Day and I haven’t seen absolutely all the kids and spouses since Kelli’s wedding.

I hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving and may you be given many blessing in the year to come.

Bonnie UFO Challenge Update


We’ve been really busy at the house this last week.  The carpenters have been gone but have left us with plenty to do…that all translates into very little sewing time for me.  Typically even when I am super busy I still squeeze in 15 minutes..but not even that has been happening.

So how am I doing on my Celtic Solstice??  Not good.  My progress is this…  I cut the border pieces and the binding pieces …

… and I did get the triangle border on too.


I don’t foresee lots of sewing time in the future either.  I’ve told myself that Thanksgiving Day after every has gone home I might sneak in some sewing…we’ll see.

I do have one more link up planned for December 3rd.  I had hoped that I’d have mine quilted by then…who knows??  I have to say I am tempted to pack the top up and just be done with it in until we get to the new house….my want to sew is dwindling and my want to serge ahead on all things house related is calling.

See you next week and happy sewing to all you doing the mystery.

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