The Auction


So when I last left you on the weekend saga, we went to Gold Rush in Rochester and stopped to preview an auction to see if Hubby wanted to go back to the action the next day..well Hubby liked what he saw and decided to go.

I felt bad because I couldn’t go but my brother and sister in law wanted to go the auction too…but the scooter left me home bound.

Anyway…he went to the auction.  He sure sounded like he had a great time.  He brought a truck load of goodies…want to see?  I did.  When he pulled in from the auction I wanted to see so I wheeled myself outside.

He bought a box of toys.  He knows I like vintage toys…I have some cleaning to do but for the most part they are all in really good shape.


He bought LOTS of chicken feeders.  So many people are using them as succulent planters.  He bought these with the intention of selling them when he goes to the Clear Lake antique show the Sunday of Labor Day weekend.

The shovels in the background that he bought were really cool…the handles are completely wooden.


Next he showed me this dresser.  It was really beat up.  He told me the story about it.  No one would bid on it.  No one at all would bid.  The auctioneers ended up bypassing it and leaving it to go to the dump.  Hubby ended up asking if he could take it for $2.50.  They said sure so he brought it home.  It’s in tough shape but I really like it….we’ll see what comes of it.  Right now I’m plotting about where it could go in our house.  It’s on the winter project list.

Hubby said that was it and then he surprised me one more time… [Read more...]

Gold Rush: What We Bought….


So I told you about our trip to Gold Rush in Rochester.  Well here’s the rest of the story….

Hubby wanted to look at the out door things when we first got to the fair grounds where the flea market/antique show was taking place.  The gravel was more than I could do with my scooter so I went to one of my favorite spots and looked.  They had a tent and happily there was enough room for me to scooter around.  There was a box inside that was wood in a folk art style.  I liked it and had plans to possibly purchase it but 1-did I really need it and 2-it was early in the day, I hated to spend my money so soon.

I ended up waiting outside the tent for Hubby.  As I waited I started talking to the lady who owned the booth.  It was fun. She talked to me about my scooter.  She was planning foot surgery in the upcoming month.  We chatted on…she was from a town about a half hour from me.  She said she was having a bad sale.  The rain was chasing customers away.  Part of her item were outside and she couldn’t show them properly.

We chatted and chatted.  She was saying she had a shop and storage units full of flea market things.  I told her if she had children they might appreciate her liquidating.  We both laughed.  She went on to tell a story that her cousin passed away a bit ago.  She didn’t have kids.  She ended up donating a half million to her town, a condo to her boyfriend and her personal things to her cousins.  The cousins had to go through, clean everything, and liquidate in all.  In the end there was $42,000 worth of things….several cousins had to split that money.  She laughed about it….

We continued talking..we likely talked for 20 minutes.  She was so sweet and really made my day enjoyable.

Hubby finally found me.  I told him that I wanted him to go into the tent and check out the box.  I told him that I planned to come back and get it if nothing else caught my eye…after all, it was the first booth I really looked at.  The lady said that the box was her’s and she’d happily give me a deal on it.

I laughed and just bought the box.

Hubby and talked later over lunch about the lady and the box.  I told him the whole story and how sweet she was.  Had I not stopped and chatted with her, I might not have bought the box.  I really like the “things” I have to have a story too.  This piece now has a story….I love that.

So do want to see the box?  Here it is…. [Read more...]

Stash Report and Advice


You might remember a couple weeks ago I had said that I cut into some fabric so I could sew the background for my Santa Fe String Star quilt and had a complication.  I cut the size the pattern said but it seemed to small.


I’m not blaming the pattern instructions at all.  There are LOTS of pieces coming together here and easily my sewing could be off.  Also string blocks tend to stretch easily so it’s likely all me.

After I cut into the fabric I originally had I was left with a chunk of fabric that no longer works….so off to the store.  I’m trying this piece now.


Part of me is really hesitant.  I think I’d prefer a light background.  I’ve mentioned that to Hubby and to Kelli and both of them think red.  Hmm.  I think that’s one of the reasons that this has only gotten this far along and then left to sit….the light background calls to me.  Feel free to chime in and let me know what you think.  Has anyone seen one with a neutral background?

While I was at the store I also bought some swaddle cloth but that’s already sewn up and out of here.  See here’s the happy mommy with the sewn cloth. [Read more...]

Gold Rush 2016


We were up and and out the door early on Saturday morning.  We were headed to Gold Rush.  It’s a big antique and flea market in Rochester, MN at the fair grounds and there’s a LOT-LOT more just north of Rochester in Oronocco.  We’ve loved going in the past years but with the rain and me being on scooter we frankly didn’t know how it would go.

One of my childcare families offered to borrow us a motorized wheel chair.  We thought we use it but with the rain, we ended up not.  We didn’t want the chair wet, muddy or ruined.  At Oronocco the sales are up and down the streets out into people’s lawns.  It had rained and rained so we ended up deciding not to even try there.  We opted for the fair grounds instead.  Much of what is there is inside the fair buildings and I would get along best with my scooter and the cement.

It was drizzly and we started outside first….There are so many unique things.  Some is flea market…some craft and some antique.  Luckily I like it all….I had to snap a picture of these.  I have two guitar players in our family, Karl and Kalissa.


I loved how this pump was converted into a flower planter.


There are just row upon row upon row of things.


The gravel and the scooter didn’t mix at all….luckily before long we were inside the buildings…that went much better.

I got a HUGE laugh from the “No Shooting” sign.  Funny, right? [Read more...]