What I’m Reading: Badlands


I just finished up listening to the audio book Badlands by C. J. Box.

I liked the book.  There were a couple things that I didn’t love though.  In the end a child is put in danger to get the bad guy.  In real life that would have never happened.  Also the book is completely set up to have a sequel.  Two mysteries are presented but only one is solved.  The other is left hanging and will (I presume) be solved in the next book.  I wish I would have known that from the beginning because I kept asking myself..well what about that other part of the book.  All in all not a bad book…I’ll likely pick up the next book once it’s out.

Here’s what Amazon had to say, “Twelve-year-old Kyle Westergaard dreams of getting out of Grimstad and leading a better life. Even though Kyle has been written off as a “slow” kid, he has dreams deeper than anyone can imagine. One day, while delivering newspapers, he witnesses a car accident and takes a mysterious bundle from the scene. Suddenly he’s in possession of a lot of money―and packets of white powder―and Kyle can’t help but wonder whether his luck has changed…for better or for worse.

When the temperature drops to 30 below and a gang war heats up, it’s up to Cassie to help restore law and order. But is she in over her head? As she is propelled on a collision course with a murderous enemy, she finds that the key to it all might come in the most unlikely form: a boy on a bike named Kyle. He keeps showing up where he doesn’t belong. And he seems to know something that Cassie does not about what lies beneath the surface of this small and troubled town… ”

Amazon readers give the book 4.4 stars.  I think I’ll give it a 4.  I just wasn’t quite happy that the book couldn’t stand alone if the reader wished it to.

Charity Quilt Finish


Blog readers often send me quilt tops.   I machine quilt the tops and bind them.  Then the finished quilts are sent off to a worthy charity.  This is one of those….

You might remember that last week I told you about a wonderful quilt top that Elley sent to be quilted for charity.  At the same time she also sent this one.  I love this one too.

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The Dud is GONE!!!


Back in October of 2012 I wrote a blog post about us shuffling refrigerators.  We were living at the farm house then.  We had a refrigerator in the garage an it had died.  We debated about what to purchase.  We ended up getting a new refrigerator for the kitchen and took the older kitchen refrigerator and moved that to the garage.

So once we moved, the garage frig went to the garage and the kitchen frig went to the kitchen.  Well the garage frig died earlier this year and we opted to get a small dorm sized on for the garage and don’t regret that for a second.  It was cheap and does it’s purpose.

We had been plagued with troubles with the kitchen refrigerator from the time we bought it…I swear the thing was a dud.  Twice we had the repair man to the farm and once here in town.  The same problem kept on happening.  The auto defroster just didn’t work right…and try as we might, we never had ice.  Well I shouldn’t say never.  We’d have ice for a few months then it wouldn’t work…then the repair man would come and the cycle would happen again.

Even though Hubby fixed it once and the repair came once in the year that we lived here still we had no ice.  Then last week the thing started making a weird noise.  Hubby was sick of it all and said that’s enough.  He asked me if we could just get a new one.  At this point, I was sick of it too.  He asked me what I wanted….I said same style only that it works.


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The Birthday Girl


Today is Kelli’s birthday.  She always teases and says that she is my first favorite..and I guess she is.  She is the first born after all.


I really appreciate having her for a partner with our quilting.  She does lots of things that I’m not especially good at.  I do most of the quilt designing.  I give her all sorts of papers and then say, can you figure out how to construct this…and she does.
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