Hanging with Kalissa


I told you earlier today that I had a busy last week.  Not much sewing was done but I did spend a lot of time with Kalissa.

I told you earlier that she was planning on picking up a second job and that the job was to be a LuLaroe consultant.  When I mentioned this before someone wrote in the comments that she preferred not getting an infomercial.  Heads up to that person and anyone else reading…I write about what I am doing and what my family is doing all the time.  This is simply another thing that is happening in our lives.  Someone else once wrote that we are a nuclear family.  We are.  When one tries something, we all pitch in to help make it a success.

So last week was my turn to pitch in.  Kalissa got her inventory in.  There was a lot.  All of it had to counted and compared to the invoices.  All of it had to be checked for flaws or defects.  About the time that all the pieces came, Carver got sick.  Carver comes first so she ended up having a tough time getting things going.  She had already booked an on line sale date of Sunday so she knew on her own, she’d never make it.  Kelli ended going to Kalissa’s on Wednesday and I went after childcare on Wednesday for a few hours.

This is what she put together for a lighting studio.  All the items had to be photographed.  Let me tell you, dressing a manikin in XS shirts while with static cling is abound is not as easy as it sounds.  Kalissa doesn’t have a big house so all of this is in her basement.


For some of things, outfits were put together…all needed accessories.  We’ve happily picked some up from various thrift stores.


After all the pictures are taken Kalissa spends a lot of time editing and loading the pictures.

On the main floor they have a spare room that they have turned into what they call the “LuLa” room.  Check it out…. [Read more...]

Those Birthday Blocks


Last month was my birthday.  Ah…my 50th year is OVER.  I am so glad.  I’m starting fresh.

If you remember, last year for my birthday all of you were so sweet and sent me quilt blocks for my birthday.  I still have them.  I haven’t forgotten about them.  I still intend to do something with them.  For some reason, I just couldn’t do it during my 50 year.  I needed a fresh start without a foot injury and all the subsequent things that happened last year.

In the mail a week or so ago, came another block.


So here they are…all of the blocks. [Read more...]

A Decorah Day!


A post from Kelli–


Last Friday, Kalissa and mom had a few check-ups in the morning.  They were a little worried because their appointments were at the same time and they were going to drive together, but didn’t know where to take Carver.  As they were telling me of their woes, I told them that Carver would be hanging with me and we could run them between their appointments–I am one of his favorites after all!  Atleast that’s what I tell myself.

I had a super busy work week, but was looking forward to Friday all week.  I didn’t really need much in town–except for my Carver fix!   We met Kalissa at the hospital and them ran over to pick mom up from the other clinic and met her at the door.  We then went back to pick up Kalissa, followed by a visit to the Depot.

I decided that it must have been a sewing machine day because they had probably 5 or so sewing machines just waiting for a new home.

Girls Day 3 (300x400)I think that they were mostly priced between $30 and $50 or so, but they all appeared to be in pretty good shape with all of the cords and such.  They were marked on their sticker that they worked, however that usually means that when they plugged them in, they turned on so the quality of the stitch or the machine is still unknown.  A few even had manuals and additional accessories with them.

Girls Day 4 (300x400)After checking out the sewing machines, I headed over to the book section and found this.  I happen to love books that are perfect for reading on the toilet, and I believe that this one will serve that purpose well.

Girls Day 2 (300x400)After that, we headed over to the other used store and found a few deal there too.  When that was done, mom had an eye doctor appointment.  Kalissa and I ran to Walmart during her exam to pick up a few things and then met her back at the Optometrist to pick out some frames.  Carver (and I) weren’t too interested in the paperwork part of frames and measuring for them, so we sat in the waiting area and worked on practicing our selfie skills.

Girls Day 1 (300x400)Isn’t his onsie so cute!?!?!?!?  I ordered it of Etsy.  If you can’t see, the name tag has Betsy’s name on it.  We also grabbed groceries, switched cars and then headed home.  When we got back to Waucoma, we stopped over at Kalissa’s house to help her get a few things done around the house to prepare for her upcoming LuLaRoe launch and then I got a call to work the overnight.  While it was a busy day (and night), I got to spend time doing things that I love–Hanging out with my family, bargain hunting, and seeing my residents–So I’m going to count it as a good day!







Saturday I woke with a nasty cold.  It wasn’t bad but progressively over the next few days, it got worse and worse.

My cold wasn’t so bad that I didn’t enjoy a few things but it did call me off of a visit I really wanted to make to see my niece Jody and a visit to see my blog reader Debbie.  Instead of visiting I ended up in the chair in the living room cross stitching.  I have to admit, although I missed the visits, I loved a chance to cross stitch over a period of a long time.


I finished my first piece of cross stitch in over 25 years.

You might remember that I was sad that cross stitch had become something I no longer did because of my failing eyesight.  Then this fall Kelli and I went to the cross stitch shop in Osage, Iowa.  Read that here if you missed it.   Then I started using my my  OttLite K94CP3 3-in-1 Adjustable-Height Craft Floor Lamp with Magnifier and Clip.  At first when I used the lamp I ended up with a bit of dry eye…that’s no longer.  I think my eyes have adjusted and I have learned to use it so that’s not a problem at all anymore.

I HIGHLY recommend the light for any small close work.  It has changed my life in a VERY good way.

As we watched we checked out a few episodes of television.  We finished off the next season of Longmire.  We tried watching The Pinkertons-it was okay.  We started watching Justified…that’s not bad.  Being Karl was home we rented Magnificent Seven through Prime and like that lots.  We also watched the last couple episodes of Bosch.  We loved that.  It’s a Prime original.  I started watching that as it’s based on a book series I had read.

As you can see…that was a lot of cross stitching time for me and WAY more television than I ever watch.   So much time that I also finished this…. [Read more...]