What Quilt is on Your Bed??


It’s getting colder here…and I am determined to not turn on the heat yet.  That means we needed another quilt on the bed.

I had this one on….It’s my Odds and Ends quilt…one of my favorites.


But it’s time to cover that one up and add another quilt.  I debated on Labor Day Madness from Nickel Quilts by Pat Speth and Charlene Thode. ….It’s one of my favorites…EVER!  Ruby found me, jumped up on the bed and started “modeling”.  What a dog!!


But then ended up with my HUGE Easy Street.  This quilt is a giant.  Now if Hubby pulls the covers (or truth be told, I pull the covers) the other one of us will still have plenty of blankets.

See how long it comes down??

It’s that long on both sides…

This one won out as I’ve always wanted to have seasonal quilts on my beds….this one is screaming FALL…don’t you think?

So what’s on your bed??  If you have a blog, link up and show us.  If you don’t, leave a link to your Flickr page or simply tell us!  You can always email me a photo too…I’ll add  it to the post.

Trunk Shows and Workshops


Kelli and I have been getting more and more requests to do trunk shows and workshops.  We debated long and hard about whether we wanted to do it.  We’ve been out a few times and had lots of fun but in the end, we’re home-bodies…both of us….but we do have lots of fun getting to meet people too.  So what do we do, how do we decide?

After a LONG discussion we decided to give it a try.  That meant lots of work for us and research too.  How much do we charge?  What’s fair?  What is included?  What is the going rate?  Finally after reading through a be-jillion contracts we wrote up a contract….and left it so we could think about it.

On our trip to Kansas City to deliver our quilts for our new book, Country Girl Modern coming out in February, we talked and talked and talked about this.  Did we like the contract..did we charge too little…did we really want to be gone?  What if we were doing a trunk show and workshop this far away and we were gone this amount of time?  What amount of money would make it worth it?

$600 was a common number many presenters were charging-but to us, it seemed a lot to charge for a class…but in the end, is it? If a person looks at it without considering the presenter you’d think, “Wow-that person makes $100 and hour”…but not really.  That $600 really needs to be divided over their travel time – the time to set up before the participants come-  the time to clean up after – the time to pack and unpack before leaving and returning home-  the time in advance to schedule the event – the time to bill following the event –  In that case…we could quickly see presenters really aren’t “rolling in the dough”.

In our discussions we did decided that except for a few close events, we don’t want to travel on our own.  I might teach the class and Kelli might help some but we like being together…and the trunk shows are so much more fun when we’re both there, so for Kelli and I, all this needs to be split in half.

Kelli made another valid point- If it costs $1200 for a presenter to come and teach and 24 people who enjoy the 6 hour experience, that’s only $50 a person.   We thought that wasn’t bad at all.  We’ve paid that amount more than once to go see a presenter.

Anyway, the bottom line is this.  Kelli and I decided that we will make ourselves available to do trunk shows and to teach classes on a limited basis.  We are both farm wives and are needed on the home front so we’re limiting our time away.  We put together a page with information about trunk shows and lectures here on the blog.  Look up to the top, under the banner you’ll see a button that says “Trunk Shows and Workshops”.  All the info is there.  By the way, we didn’t decide on $600 for the workshop.

We are booking dates for next summer for most anytime.  After that, we have limited dates as Kelli will be going to nursing school.

Being newbies at all of this it’s hard to know if we’re doing the right thing for us…I guess all in the all we can do is give it a try.

I do have to say, Kelli and I do put together a pretty fun trunk show…..  If you want to know more, drop me an email.  rogjok@iowatelecom.net

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