A Tisket a Tasket a Woven Basket


You might remember me telling about our antiquing adventure and all the axes we found for our son Buck who collects axes.  We I did manage to find one thing at the show that I was interested in…This basket.

The basket is actually pretty big.  I measured…it’s 15″ x 15″.  I have a basket and container fetish.


Although the tag on this says $7.  I only paid $6.

I have a smaller basket that’s a similar style.  It is something that belonged to my grandpa.

This basket needed some TLC but nothing serious…see?? [Read more...]

July 26, 1986


A post from Kelli–

July 26, 1986 was a pretty wonderful day.  In case you didn’t know, this was the day that mom and dad got married.  While I was there in utero, I wasn’t there in person to share in the wonderful events of the day.

Mom and dad 2 (300x400)

I’ve been told that it was a very, very hot day.  Mom and dad always tell the story of how the zipper in dad’s pants broke and my grandma (mom’s mom) had to pin them up.  Mom tells of how they got engaged and married so fast that they didn’t have time to order dresses or enough fabric to make them in the same color.  They ended up ordering pastel fabric to make the same dress in coordinating colors and enough fabric for my grandma to make my mom’s dress as well.  Mom always tells too of how it was so hot they had to put a fan underneath her dress to help her cool off and not pass out.

Fast forward a few 30 years or so and you’ll see they’ve been through a lot together–5 kids who have made them want to pull out their hair (maybe that’s why dad is significantly more bald) at times, the deaths of their parents, some serious illnesses, 7 houses (and moving between them), disagreements about when the challenger blew up (this was before the time of internet when it hadn’t been published in our encyclopedia yet–and yes it was an issue), but first and foremost lots of love.

They’ve been wonderful enough to pass on lots of the lessons that they’ve learned to us kids.  Phrases like “use your head and save your feet,” and “Those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind,” have been said in our house many more times that can likely be counted.  Another favorite “I am the parent, and you are the child,” has worked quite well to teach us all to respect those in any authority position.  They’ve also worked to show us the importance of hard work and dedication to a task.  Helping others and volunteering has also been another lesson that they have showed us through their work.  They’ve also worked hard to show us that little things can add up to big things and that not everyone was as fortunate as we have been.  Lots of our successes can be attributed to the fact that they’ve both always treated us as adults and held us responsible for our actions no matter our age.

Mom and Dad (400x400)I know you see those thing floating around facebook about being half the person your parents are, but it really is true in my case.  Heck, if I could be a quarter the person that either of them are, I’ll consider that a great success.  Considering the wonderful foundation that I’ve been provided though, I don’t think it’ll be too hard though!

So–Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!  Thanks for everything that you’ve done for me or put up with from me.  I know that I haven’t always been the nicest or best person that I can be and I really appreciate you sticking it out and putting up with me, knowing I’d come around eventually.  Thanks for showing me the value and meaning of hard work and sticking to your guns. Your faith in me has brought me to wonderful places and I’m sure I have many wonderful journey’s awaiting me.  Happy 30 years!  Here’s to many, many more!


The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt


This all started several months ago.  Our son Buck was watching the news.  They were telling about the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt.  He called me to tell me about it and that he had looked up Hubby’s name and that there was money there for him.  I said-”Wait..I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Well I ended up going on their website and found this…
“Welcome to the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt! Each year millions of dollars are turned over to my office as lost or abandoned. The property can be from dormant accounts in financial institutions, insurance companies, trust holdings, utility companies, money and securities, and holdings from safe deposit boxes with such things as watches, jewelry, stamps, and coins.”


I plugged Hubby’s name into the search engine and yes…there was money there for him.  There were three different entries coming to a total of almost $500.  COOL!!

The money was from a utility company dividends from back in 1990.  WOW!  We had no idea.

Then I started trying to figure out how we claimed the money.  With a little reading I figured out that we needed to do.  We had to find documents that showed our address from that time.  WHAT??  Who keeps a document with the address from that time.  It was 26 years ago!!  We lived in Chester, Iowa back then.

I talk Hubby….he was at a loss of where to find an address.  I talked with most of kids to see if they could think of something.  I even offered a 10% finders fee of any of the kids could come up with a place that we’d have the address.  Long ago we’d thrown out those taxes.  UGH.

Then I said something to Kelli.  She thought for a bit and said I think I have it.  The church directory.

I was sure we didn’t have a church directory from back then but Kelli thought we did and she thought she knew where it was, so off we went hunting and YES, we found it.  There was a picture of our family at the time.  There were only three kids back then.  In the back, our address was listed.

I thought it was a lame proof of residency.  Most of things they listed as accepting were pay stubs, bank statements, utility bills and taxes.  We had none of that.

That’s when I remembered…WAIT!  We signed up for life insurance at the time.  There on the statement of the life insurance was our old address.  Between the church directory and the life insurance form with our address on it, one of them had to work…at least I hoped it would.

Kelli ended up calling in to the number listed and asked if those documents work.  The lady said- you can try it but there’s no guarentee.  She didn’t sound promising at all.

We sent in half forgetting about it..then last week there was an envelope in the mailbox from the State of Iowa.  I remembered the treasure hunt.  I opened it expecting a rejection notice [Read more...]

Quilt Shop Tour: Quiltmaker Shoppe


I promised a quilt shop tour and am finally getting to it.  Remember my road trip weekend and my stop at Quiltmaker’s Shoppe in Manchester, Iowa.  Well here’s the promised tour.

My mission in stopping was to pick up one of these necklaces for Ila.  I’ve always loved them.  The gal that makes them is Julie.  You can find her at Me and My Stitches.  She’s a fellow Iowa gal.  I LOVE her work.


I’m sure all of you who get out to quilt shops have likely seen these but don’t you love this iron on design?  I sure do.  Once I got home I started looking around the house to see if I have a spot to put one.

They had lots of bag samples made.  I always love the look of bags but I am not a bag maker girl.  It’s too detail oriented for me…but I do love this one!


This was a fun looking pattern…perfect for jelly rolls.


This was a cute little vignette.  I always love 30′s prints but I never have a place to display them.


This sure was fun.

I’ve seen this quilt many times before.  I’ve thought about making it several times too.  The colors of this one is the favorite that I’ve seen.


I grabbed some of these in fat quarters.


Aren’t these stroller bags cute.  I thought about making one for Kalissa….we’ll see.  Maybe I’ll sucker her into sewing it!


I’ve been to the shop several times before.  These teeny tiny embroidered ornaments always make me smile.  I’ve thought many times to make them but know I likely won’t…so I haven’t caved yet.


There were MANY table mats and table runners.  It was fun to see them all.


Here’s another thing I’ve always wanted to make…a picnic tote.


I did spend some dollars on fabric….It’s hard not too when going to a shop that has such great fabric and goodies.

I sure am glad that there’s a nice shop like this on my way to destinations south of me.  It’s definitely worth going a few miles out of the way to get there.

Whenever I do blog posts about quilt shops someone always writes and asks about a pattern or something that I took a picture of.  I don’t know the answers to any of those questions…please contact the Quiltmaker’s Shoppe if you have questions.