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What I’m Working On….

SURPRISE!!  I started another quilt.  I know, that’s likely not a surprise.

I am not sure what my intention is in making it.  I do know that I’ll gift the quilt but don’t have a specific recipient in mind.  I have a couple quilts I need to make for graduation presents for May so it might be for that.

Last week I told you I had two quilt tops finished.  I didn’t really get any chunks of time over last week to get them on the frame…so what’s a girl to do who doesn’t have anything to piece.  GET A PROJECT GOING!!

In my pursuit of trying to come up with ideas for a quilt for a Christmas present for the childcare kiddos, I ran across Bonnie Hunter’s Jewel Box Stars Challenge quilt.  Hmm.  I figured that would be perfect to make.  I could just pull my 2″ bucket over and start sewing the four patches…and that’s exactly what I did.  I love quilts that I feel like I don’t have to “cut out”.

I decided to make it and within moments I had the 2″ bucket out and was sewing.  I LOVE the scrap user’s system for this very reason.

I sewed strips together for about an hour.  The next day during naptime I ironed them and cut them into segments.
In no time at all I have twosies.

Someone once asked me why I make so many Bonnie Hunter quilts.  Truth be told…her quilts work so well with my storage. (My storage is her idea so no wonder) But I can get a whim idea to make a quilt and start it before I’ve even had a chance to ask myself, “Is this quilt the quilt you REALLY want to make?”.  If it’s a quilt for myself I think it all through a little more but if it’s a quilt that is being gifted…I LOVE that I just jump right in.

One evening Carver was here late and I was  busy cutting the half square triangles for the quilt.  Oh my word.  He loves “twilting” (His was of saying quilting)  We had the best time.  It’s official, I think he’s already spent more time “twilting” with me than his mother has.  Kalissa, Carver’s mom, is not a crafty/sewing girl.  She even joked I might have my quilter in Carver.  I love it.

I got enough blocks together early in the week to know that I was pretty sure I was going to like this.  What do you think?? Continue reading

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today would be my Mom’s birthday.  She died in 1990.  It’s so hard to believe that that she’s been gone for so long.  I was only 24 when she passed away.  She made such an impact on my life.

On Veteran’s Day I showed you a couple of my dad’s pictures from service.  A blog reader commented that my Dad was so handsome.  Oh my.  He was.

Actually my mom was a looker too.
She loved horses and was quite a talent with them.
My parents were an amazing looking couple.  In their dating years and early married years, the pictures of them look so glamorous to me.  Don’t you think? Continue reading

Community Quilts from Anita and Cheryl #2

Last week I showed you two of the four quilts that Cheryl and Anita teamed up to make.  Today I have two more to share…

Anita writes:
Another beautifully pieced and stay stitched top by Cheryl of Spokane Wa. It will also be donated to the EVE shelter in Lansing Mi.  

I modified this quilt top a little. I took off on row from a side, re-oriented the blocks to match the direction needed and sewed it to the bottom. I took a square quilt and made it a rectangle to fit a twin sized shelter bed.  I used a white on white print for the backing. 

Cheryl had included a navy blue binding for this one, but with my modification, it wouldn’t work. So I shopped my stash and used the green and white stripe instead.  I’ll use Cheryl’s blue binding on a smaller charity quilt in the future.”
Here is the second quilt…. Continue reading

Childcare Chronicles

Check out my new felt board for the kiddos.

Does it look familiar?  It sure does to me.  It’s my Nido Wool Ironing Mat.  I needed a felt board for my kiddos.  My old one was felt over a piece of foam core board.  It was all ratty and icky.  I was going to get supplies to make a new one when I walked by my ironing mat.  Something clicked in my brain and I thought, I’ll try it as a felt board.  Oh. My. Word.  It’s the best felt board I’ve had to date.  Here’s the link for the mat in case you missed it.

Using the mat like this has me wondering if I wouldn’t like a second smaller mat.  My idea is that when I’m laying a block out before sewing that I might want to use the small mat to lay the pieces out on to make sure they are oriented the right way.  If the felt pieces stay on the mat so nicely, I’m thinking the quilt pieces might too…Hmmm.

Anyway…I don’t have a lot of room in the house to keep a lot of things so I try to keep things as simple as possible.  That’s why I’ve always had a simple felt board with no easel.  Setting this up on my kitchen chair like this is perfect.

In the past when I reviewed the Nido Wool Ironing Mat, I said that it was sturdier.  It really is.  Other mats wouldn’t keep its shape like this.  I love it.

We do a lot of circle time/felt board type activities at childcare…it’s in our daily routine right after breakfast.  The kids learn so much as all of the activities that we do reinforce numbers, letters, colors, shapes and the like.  It’s so fun to have the kiddos singing right along with me.

I never dreamed I’d be endorsing the mat as a felt board too.  As an FYI this it the larger Wool mat and you can find it HERE.

We’ve been busy doing other things at childcare…

Here’s something way quick and easy…we made octopus hotdogs.  Simple cut 3/4 of the way up a hotdog cutting it in half.  Then cut the halves into three pieces.  Put the hot dogs in the pan to boil.  They will twist like Carver’s did.  See? Continue reading