Thanks a LOT!!


I have the best blog readers…I know I say that all the time but it is totally true.  Recently in a stash report I told you all about how a friend of mine stopped over and gave me these.

I was not sure what to do with them and asked for ideas.

I was honestly at a loss of what to do with them all.

A blog reader suggested I take a look at the free quilt patterns at Wedding Dress Blue (find the link here)  There are lots of patterns there and several that would work.  Here are a couple…what do you think? [Read more...]

My Weekend


It was a busy weekend around here….Birthdays, family, weddings and more.

Tuesday, the 16th, was Kalissa’s 22nd birthday.  Twenty second birthdays are usually not a big deal but they are when you are pregnant on your 21st birthday and can’t have a party then.  That was Kalissa last year at this time…pregnant.  So this year, Craig and friend threw her a party at the bar here in town.


It was a surprise.  All of my kiddos came home to join in the fun…even my Neighbor Girl came for a little bit.  We took her out for supper with us and she got to stay for a bit.  She really is as much of a part of our family as she can be without actually living here.  She is very much like a little sister to them.

We took the opportunity to snap a couple of family pictures.  Karl’s girlfriend Renae took the pictures.  She had asked, “Are you sure you want to pose there under the Bud Light sign?”  We all laughed and said sure.

Now I’m thinking the picture turned out pretty good and we should have taken it against a different wall.  Who knew we’d actually like the picture?!

I had debated for a long time about growing my hair out.  I sure am glad I did.  The other day after this picture was taken someone said they thought Kalissa and I were sisters.  I think that’s a far stretch but I can say this…I sure like by hair better now than it was short.


Here’s one of just the kiddos.  They are left to right-Buck, Kelli, Kalissa, Kayla and Karl. [Read more...]

Suggestions Please!


I recently got two different emails from blog readers.  I’m hoping someone might be able to help me help them.

The first comes from Sandie in Kansas City, MO :  ”I read your blog and noticed that you are setting up lists of people who need quilting supplies for charity projects.  The posting that caught my eye was the lady that makes burial clothes for infants that don’t survive delivery.  I have boxes of lace that I used to use when I made doll clothes eons ago and would love to pass it on to her to use – and to get it out of my sewing room.  I didn’t know if you would be comfortable in passing along my email to her or if you can provide me with her email and/or mailing address.  If I can get in contact with her I can take it from there!  I’ve provided my name and mailing address and please feel free to provide it and my email address to her.”

UGH..  Awhile back someone had contacted me or left a blog comment telling me that they were looking lace.  Do you think I can find the email or comment.  I can’t.  UGH.  I am so frustrated as this sounded like such a wonderful, well needed cause.  I’d love for these two people to be able to link up and work together for good.  Does anyone know who this might be that could use the lace?

I have another email from a blog reader, Beth, saying:  ”I have been searching and searching for a place that will take the little slivers from squaring up, thread snips, batting scraps etc.  I had a place awhile back that would take this type of material, along with clean clothing with holes (not something you would send to the thrift shop)  and recycle it into insulation.  Might you know of a place like this?  I wouldn’t mind shipping it if it means keeping it out of the landfill.”

I am certain there is someone out there who could use this for making pet beds.  I hear of people doing this regularly.  Is there anyone willing to take Beth up on the offer?

Let me know if anyone can help with suggestions.  I’ll pass them along to the people wishing to donate.

Good Intentions


I had good intentions of showing you a finished quilt today…but, the stars didn’t align and let that happen.

The quilt I was going to show you was Star Gazing.  I was happily quilting it when (UGH!!) I ran out of backing!!!  WHAT!?!  I thought I measured and measured and then cut but apparently not.  At least I’ve been machine quilting long enough to know that this isn’t the end of the world.  It’s just a time wasting set back.


This did get off the frame…and I did get it bound…but this happened.

THE WEATHER!  We’ve had lots of stormy days and Kalissa has worked evenings this week.  That means the guys have been called out to weather spot (look for tornadoes) and then called for weather clean up.   We did see a rainbow one night but the rain continued.


That means this guy and I have been hanging out lots in the evenings.


We’ve had so many rainy days I couldn’t get out to take a picture of the finished quilt.  It will have to wait for another day.  For now you’ll have to settle for this picture.  See what’s on the frame now? [Read more...]