Cutting, Cutting, Cutting….


Last week I told you that I had pulled my English Paper Piecing project.  Well I stitched all I could and then was out of hexies.  All week long I’ve been cutting and cutting and cutting.  I have plenty to work on for a very-very long time.  I have them all sorted into bags with numbers on them in regards to the cut sets.  In the 4′s bag there are all sets of matching cut fabrics of groups of four.


I figured it would be a great time to stop and see where I was at too.

After counting and figuring I had a little revelation.  I am looking at a picture that I like of project.  I don’t have a pattern.  In never occurred to me to wonder how big her hexies were.  Mine aren’t that small.  They are 1″ along each side.  My stars with the white on them are measuring at around 19″ across.  If I put five stars across the top my quilt will be well over 100″ across.  Oops.  That is a little bigger than I had hoped.  Hmm….


If I do something like the picture I’d need 23 stars.  I have 9 done up to the white border.  I have 11 more started.  I need 82 diamonds  I have 49 finished and 20 started.

In light of those number and in light of not knowing how big this is all is going to be I’ve decided that I am not starting any more new diamonds or stars.  I’m going to start stitching the white and black connector hexies and start sewing it together.  I’m nervous and excited all at once.  I never dreamed I had enough units to start the task of putting them together.

I have my little stitch-y bag all loaded and reading to start piecing some more.  I am excited…but I still have a long way to go.  I keep telling myself, little by little Jo, little by little.

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving from the Kramer house.

As you read this I am up baking and cooking for the hungry crew.

There are so many things that I am thankful for.  Most of the things are small and simple to some people but for me it’s a lot.  In November, in the past, I’ve wrote something each day that I am thankful for.  This year I decided to do it differently and list them all on Thanksgiving day.  Here’s my compiled list….

1-I am thankful I was born into a farm family to parents who loved me and wanted me.
2-I am thankful that I was raised in a family where learning was important.
3- I am thankful that I was allowed to grow and be whatever I wanted and was loved regardless of my choice.
4-I am thankful for growing up with animals.  I learned so much from them.
5-I am thankful for having the privilege of going to college.
6-I am thankful that my parents left a life time impression on my heart.
7-I am thankful that I had siblings…even though I had a couple that really liked to pick on me.  I’m glad I was the youngest too.  My parents were more relaxed with me.
8-I am thankful that I have a religious compass.
9-I am thankful that I met and married a guy I still love almost 30 years later.
10-I am thankful that the guy I married and I were blessed with 5 kids that I am so proud of.  I try really hard not to make them my “life” because they don’t need that pressure…but they are.
11-I loved Minnesota but I am thankful I like in Iowa (even more thankful it was America) in this small town with the wonderful people who have become our friends.
12-I am thankful for my extended family.  My siblings have had some great kids and I’m happy to call many of them my friends.
13-I am thankful for my mother and father in law.  They were a big part of making my Hubby who he is…and I love that part.  They were always kind and welcoming to me.  They still loved and respected me even when I didn’t feel that from others.
14-I am thankful for all the bumps we had in the road.  They made us stronger as a person and as a family.
15-I am thankful that all those years ago Hubby took EMT classes.  I will always believe he saved Kelli’s life.
16-I am thankful for my children’s spouses.  I know what you put up with…the good and the bad.
17-I am thankful that Hubby agreed that I could get a house dog.  Gracie and Ruby have been the best.
18-I am thankful for a house I love….and the ability to make the payment on it.
19-I am thankful for books.  I’d be lost without them…especially audio books.
20-I am thankful that I can cook..and bake.
21-I am thankful that Hubby is a homebody and workaholic.  It matches me.
22-I am thankful that my children have become my friends yet know I am still the mom and can pull that trump card if warranted.
23-I am thankful for my work…which for me is actually play because I love all my jobs.
24-I am thankful for my childcare families past and present.  There is no greater honor than being entrusted to take care of their kiddos.
25-I am thankful that I am creative and NEVER bored.
26-I am thankful for the luxuries I have from the basics of fresh water and indoor plumbing to food on the table to the true luxuries of being able to cut perfectly good fabric into small pieces and sewing them together.  I don’t need another quilt but I sure am blessed with money to buy the supplies to make more.
27-I am thankful that I live a life that I can choose.  So many can’t enjoy that.
28-I am thankful for my health.
29-I am thankful that I am loved unconditionally by people who matter to me.
30-I am thankful that so many of you open your computer, tablet or phone and come here to read the blog.  So many of you become my friends and people that I care about.  I get such sweet notes from my “best friend” Connie…I get texts from Nell…packages from Ila…email from Michelle…and notes, well wishes and happy thoughts for so-so many of you.  Thank you for letting me into your life and making the blog part of your day.  It means so much to me to that you do that.  I have never in my life felt like I had so many friends…you all are the best and I hope to meet many more of you.

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