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In My Mail….

Last week was a flood of packages in my mailbox.  It was so fun.  It was the perfect pick me up for a bad week.

This package came from Mary Ann.  She has sent things before.  I so appreciate her thinking of me.

She had cross stitch goodies.  Kayla has been busy trying her had at Hardanger.  This is Hardanger fabric so I think this will be passed on to her.

The thread is going on to Kelli.  She was excited to get it!!

MaryAnn said she has a group of quilter friends and none of them scrap quilt except her.  So she gets all the she’s sharing with me!

I love it and LOOK!!  There are a couple Kaffe looking scraps in the bunch!!

Thanks so much Mary Ann.

Karen G in IN sent me the next box.

Cross stitch on the top…but what’s underneath??

Goodies for the kiddos..  They are going to be thrilled!!  
These I confiscated for me…. Continue reading

When We Were Kids

A post from Kelli–

As a new mom, I have found that the best way to stretch the dollars after having a baby is to be okay with getting or finding things used, recycled, or handed down.  I honestly think that I have bought a few outfits (mostly newborn clothes) brand new, but that is really about it.  Once I was pregnant, I started looking for stuff and so has mom and Jason’s mom too!  I’ve also been super fortunate to have been on the receiving end of lots of baby clothes and equipment!

While perusing the isles at the our thrift store recently, I found this and it took me back to my childhood days!

The JC Penny’s Seasonal Catalog!  It was mine and my sister Kayla’s favorite thing in the world growing up!

This was seriously the highlight of our 2nd and 3rd grade lives!  Mom would bring it home and we would lay on the floor for hours and hours, just looking at the pages…and the outfits…and the toys…and the luggage….and the EVERYTHING!

Our favorite game to play was to pick a 2 page spread and we had to pick our favorite thing on the 2 page spread.  If it was business clothes, pretty soon we would have stories about how we were going to grow up and need suits and we picked out which ones we were going to wear.

If it was toys, we looked and decided which one we would want.  Often times with dolls or sets of something, we would decided which one we would get and then which set would be the best set to go with the original item.  In theory we were perfectly fine with sharing so that we could attempt to get mom to buy it for us….in real life though, that was a completely different story.

If it was luggage, we would pick out the perfect set and end up creating stories about how we were going to travel the world.  As an adult, I’m not to the point that I do best with a over the shoulder bag because I rarely go any further than mom’s.  The stories were literally never ending and got more and more elaborate every time we turned the page!

This is one of those things that I’m kind of sad has been replaced by technology.  We seriously had just the best time in the world with that old catalog.  It also made me giggle and realize that it really is the small stuff….or maybe just a big catalog….that made us the happiest!


From Birthdays to QUEEN

I had a busy weekend.  It was Carver’s birthday.  Kalissa’s family had a wedding on Saturday so I was on helper duty.  I offered to make some egg bakes and pick up groceries for the party for Kalissa.  I took care of that on Saturday…and on Sunday, we celebrated his birthday.

He is all of three.  Here he is excited as everyone sang Happy Birthday.  Notice the candle in his cinnamon roll.

Kalissa has perfected the perfect easy birthday…serve brunch!  She makes a couple egg bakes the day before…has fruit and then has me make cinnamon rolls and muffins.

It was very nice…simple but nice.

I got a picture later in the day.  Here he is writing his thank you notes!!

We are super practical.  I got him a mason jar with slit lid to use as a piggy bank.  I wrote him a note that he could use the jar to save money to get a swing set in the spring.  They wanted to start teaching him more about money.  The provided him a place to save and a goal to save for…and it made things easy for me for upcoming events.  I can simply give money towards the swing set.

I also made him a pillowcase (it was the wrapping paper), a sweatshirt and a jar of honey.  He LOVES honey bread.  It’s his absolute favorite.

In the evening Karl and I had a special event.  I can’t begin to tell you how fun it was….well let me start at the beginning…. Continue reading

Hanging with Karl

You might remember that Karl and I were making a bit of a bucket list for the summer.  Good news, we did one more thing on the list.  Bad news…summer is slipping away and many things are going to be left undone.  I think originally Karl hoped to do one or two things a week.  That didn’t happen as reality and the work of keeping a home up slipped into place.

We took a break from it all one night after work and headed to Decorah Iowa.  It’s about a half hour from our house and is where we do much of our shopping.

Karl hadn’t heard that there was a food truck in town so was excited when I told him that I was picking the place for supper.  Julie from Patchabilities, who lives in the neighboring town, had it on her Facebook page so I wanted to try it out too.

I heard the food was suppose to be pretty authentic Mexican.  That sounded good to me.

Karl and I found a picnic area to eat and gave the food a try.  We’d definitely go again but there’s one problem.  They’ve cut their hours now to fall hours and that means only over the noon hour.  Bummer.

From there it was Karl’s turn to pick the fun.  He picked hiking.  Oh my.  This momma isn’t used to hiking but I did okay considering…

Here’s where we went.  It’s called Will Baker Park.  Now this didn’t look bad.

It got steeper.

…and still steeper.  I’ll admit, I was a little winded by the time I got to the top of this set of steps.

But at the top was a treat…check this out…. Continue reading