A Guest Post from Kayla: Pressure Cooker Sweet Corn

I just had to share this new cooking method with my mom, so what better way than with a guest blog post? Earlier this week I cooked corn in my pressure cooker. It was so quick and I didn’t even have to shuck it first!
I found this method from Pressure Cooking with Lorna Sass. Peel off only the outer leaves for cleanliness. Trim the silks and the ends, leaving about 1/2″ each. Stack in your pressure cooker. Add 1 cup of water. Cook at full pressure for three minutes and quick-release the pressure. Using a very sharp knife, cut off the hard end of the corn, enough to remove all husks. Slip the cooked corn out of this end and all of the pesky silks will go with it!

Jelly Roll Jam 2 with Fat Quarter Shop


Hey-Hey-Hey…guess what?  You’re in for a treat…. a treat special delivery from Fat Quarter Shop.  You might remember a week or two ago I was playing with this little roll of fabric.

Well that little roll, SURPRISE! by Riley Blake turned into this sweet little baby quilt in no time flat.  Honestly, I went from jelly roll to completed quilt-machine quilted and bound too-in under four hours all thanks to the Fat Quarter Shop and their new Jelly Roll Jam 2 pattern.  The pattern is really fun.  Being I was working with a roll with 21 strips I made one quilt but if you are working with a roll that has 42 strips, you’ll be able to make TWO baby quilts.


Honestly, the hardest part of making the quilt was being brave enough to open the jelly roll…come on, jelly rolls aren’t just for decorating!?!  Although they do make good decorations too!


For the quilting motif I used white thread one and one of my new favorite designs, you can download a copy of the design here that I call Baptist Fans with a Swirl.  I’ve had lots of reads ask for me to share the quilting motifs I am using.  I came up with this way to share them.  We’ll be adding a new category in the Free Quilting Patterns that you can see at the top of the page under our banner specifically for quilting motifs.

It’s so nice of the gals at Fat Quarter Shop to provide a great easy to understand pattern which you can find by clicking this link.  They also made a video showing you how to make the quilt which you can access here.  If you are a beginning quilter this is a perfect pattern and video for you to follow.  If you’re an experienced quilter, it’s great to have a quick and easy go to pattern that you can make in a hurry.

For even more fun stop over at Fat Quarter Shop’s blog and see other versions of this cute little quilt.  We a big Fat Quarter Shop fans and are so glad they included us in this fun little project.

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