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Hubby’s Coffee Table

Remember me telling you about Hubby’s work in the garage and how he was going to transform a cheap $2 coffee table find into a fun coffee table that I’d actually like?  Well he did it.

The top started out like this…


Then the table got it’s first fix…a new top.


There was no drawer with it, so Hubby created one.  You might remember that he lined it with tin to give the drawer some depth.  Nothing heavy will ever be in the drawer so it’s perfect.

I was next to do my part with the paint.  Remember I was trying to choose between the graphite and cream Annie Sloan chalk paint.  Well, I went with…. Continue reading

Thrifty Finds

Saturday I was supposed to have a sewing day but life interrupted.  Our finish carpenter, who happens to be a childcare dad, was here to work on the house.  I wasn’t in the mood to listen to the air compressor and hammers so opted to take it as a “errand” day.  I needed to get groceries and it was time to stock up on paper and cleaning products.  That meant I had to go to Decorah and that meant thrifting!

I am so thrilled with my finds.

First off…Let me explain.  If you’re a real thrifter…a true thrifter like me, you might have a plan something like this.  I enter the store.  I scope out the places I most want to see.  For me that’s usually the toy section…and the craft section.  The craft section is where the fabric and sewing machines are.  Then I loop around the rest of the store.  The thrift stores that I go to are constantly stocking.  Someone will come from the back with a cart full of goodies and distribute them out while people are shopping, typically all day long.

For me, once I loop the rest the store, I always come back and check the toys and crafts one more time.  This sometimes pays off….for me, on this day, it did!

Check out what I found….a box of fabric.  I dug around and didn’t think a lot of it then pulled the plastic bags to the top.


LOOK.  It’s wool.  The person who donated these was a wool rug hooker.  YES!  This is awesome.  I know I still haven’t tackled rug hooking, I still want to….building some supplies while I try to squeeze out a little time isn’t the worst idea.


…and look they had another box of wool that must have been donated by the same person as there was strips of wool already cut and ready to use in this tote too.


Now it was time to check for a price….fingers crossed.  Look on the sides…no price.  I flipped the lid over.  $5 was on one tote.  The other no price tag could be seen so likely the same price.  SCORE!!


I checked out…YES! the other tote was $5 too.  I paid.  I had some other goodies and couldn’t carry it all out to the truck in one trip so I took one load and came back in the store.  My eyes happen to look towards the antique/vintage section and I saw this…
Continue reading

In the Garage

Hubby is always busy in the garage.  Like me, he loves to make something out of nothing.  Tinkering is his favorite.

Not too long ago I bought a beat up coffee table at the thrift store.  It was only $2 but I thought I’d risk in and bring it home to Hubby to see if he wanted a project to play with.  All the way home I thought he’d razz me for bringing “that piece of junk home”.  I kept second guessing the buy.  Could he fix it and if so, how?

I ended up showing it to him and he was happy with it.  He said “Of course I want it”.

It started out with this on the top of it….


It came with no drawer.

He took the top off and made a new primitive top.  We’ve debated about what we want to do with the top.  Varnish as is or sand it down.  At this point, we think he’ll varnish as is.  We love that rustic chipped paint look.  What do you think…leave it as is with varnish on the top? Continue reading

Something New to Thrift For

Last week I had Thursday off.  I had some blood work to do and happily it all came back acceptable.  I also had my dreaded tax appointment which went okay.

Those errands got me out and about and that took me to the thrift stores.  I simply can’t resist.

I found these….I didn’t buy them but I found them.  My mom had a set of these dishes.  Who can tell me about them?  They are white with a gold ring around them.  They were the “good” dishes when I was growing up.  Mom also would poor rubbing alcohol in one of the plates then light it on fire and singe the chickens when we butchered chickens.  I din’t buy them.  I was tempted but didn’t….who knows.  I might go back or if they are there next time, I just might get them.  I know it’s silly and nostalgic….but that’s okay.  I really would like to know more about them though…what are they called?


I also started looking for a new thing at the thrift stores…can you guess what it is??? Continue reading