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Thrifting Day

You all know I love thrift store shopping.  Last week I was out of one of my meds and decided to go get the prescription filled and of course, stop at the thrift store.  I’m to the point now of isolation that I can be around adults just fine…put it this way, as of last week, I was cleared to sleep in the same bed as someone.  So I was free to go to town…

Here is what I found at the thrift store…

Two 100% cotton sheets…

A Cook’s cast iron pot.  This is for Buck. He asked that I look for one for him.

Fabric for Carolyn to make baby gowns.  Can you believe there were over 9 yards of the gray fabric??

Here are some things for childcare.  Rolling pins for play dough, play money… the same play money I already have the kids fight over.  Sorting trays and the green foam for crafting.

I also bought paint. Most of these are 3/4 of the way full.  YAHOO.  Paint is typically about $4.50 a bottle from where I order it.

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Vintage Sale…

Remember back in April I was at the vintage sale when Kelli called me and told me her water broke.  Well, I never showed you the goodies I got or told you about the sale so here, one month later, (Yep the boys are a month old as of today) I’m here to tell you about the sale.

I bought this magazine rack.

My idea is to keep my cross stitch projects in there like this…

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The Ironing Station….

I knew Kayla was coming…I knew Karl would be here.  I thought the dresser that is destined to be my ironing station would go up the stairs so I quickly painted it and tried to have it ready so when the stars aligned, the kids would help me get it upstairs.

If you remember, it looked like this…

…and my illustration for it was this…

Here it is painted with no top yet.

Thankfully with a little pushing, prodding, and heavy lifting, it went up the stairs.

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Call Me Betsy

Call me Betsy…as in Betsy Ross.  Not really.  I buy flags.  I don’t sew them…I definitely don’t sew them by hand!!  I do repair them though.  I repair them often.

One of mine and Kramer’s biggest pet peeves was when flags got frayed and the owners didn’t replace them.  I get it….flags are expensive.

When we lived at the farm friends gave us a flag pole.  We had wanted one but hadn’t bought one knowing keeping a well maintained flag was an expense.  It was gifted to us so we made a commitment that we’d work hard to always have a well maintained flag.

Shortly after that, my dad passed away.  In his house were several flags.  He would make donations to a charity and they would send him a flag.  Well I immediately offered to take the flags.  I knew I’d use them along the way so why not take them as my “inheritance”.

At the time I also quit doing childcare and started working on my website Making Learning Fun on a full time basis.  Kramer always teased me,  “Saying if we can’t afford a flag you’re going to have to go back to work with a regular paycheck.”    Well I had Dad’s flags and I quickly learned to repair flags to make them last longer.  I didn’t want to “get a regular paycheck job”.

I did end up going back to childcare…not because we couldn’t afford the flags but because I wanted to buy a house.  When we bought the house I needed a regular paycheck.  That hasn’t stopped me from repairing flags.

If you look close you can see our flag was fraying.

Here it is close up.  To most it would look like it’s time for a new flag.  Not me!

For me it’s time to flip over the hem and sew it back down…like this…. Continue reading