Stash Report


I don’t need any more fabric…none at all.  But how can I pass up a bag of fabric on a garage sale for 25 cents.  I can’t.

The bag was tied shut so I have no idea what was in it.  I just knew there was fabric.


I was happily surprised to find good quality fabric and some beads too.  The beads were mostly pony beads that I put in with the childcare goodies.  They love stringing beads.

So tell me…would you pass up a bag of fabric for a 25 cents even if you already had plenty of fabric?

I don’t what it is about me but I love a deal…not the deal at the clothing store where a shirt is priced at $30 and is always 50% off….I mean thrifting deals.  I’m addicted…Not is a scary hoarding way…but addicted none-the-less.  Right now my favorite finds are childcare things and sewing things…an clothes for Carver.

One day thrifting I found these awesome dinosaurs.  They go together kind of like a puzzle.


The same day I got a doctor kit and a lego set.  The kids have been so happy with all of the goodies.  At my thrift store, these went for $2.50.  Things are priced to sell and they really do sell.  I love that they take the profits and put it back into the community too.

I can’t tell how many days that finds I’ve come up with have put a smile on face….dare I say it’s almost like a drug.  Oh well…there are worse habits.  Thankfully mine is within my budget and doesn’t hurt anyone.

Back to my fabric though…I counted and it’s about 2 1/2 yards worth…25 cents.  Who can beat that??

Sunday Adventure


Sunday Hubby and I didn’t have any plans.   I needed to write some blog posts and clean house.  I was doing so reorganizing and finding new places for things which for me, always turns into a bigger mess.  He was going to work in the garage.

I sat down at the computer to write a blog post…I’ll admit, I looked at Facebook first.  I saw an ad that read, “Cleaning out a house next to Jay’s Automotive. If you are looking for any household furnishings like tables, chairs, hutches, kitchen items, knick nacks, you name it. Stop by and make an offer. Will be here till about 5 today. EVERYTHING NEEDS TO GO!”  Hmm…there were no pictures with the ad…just the ad.  I went in the garage and told Hubby about it and he said, “Let’s go!”

To heck with accomplishing anything…off we went.

When we got there, the family was cleaning out a house.  A sister in the family had passed away and everything was going in a big old truck and being hauled away to be burned.  They told us we were free to roam the house and make an offer on anything.  We found a couple things but someone in the family wanted to keep them.  Then we’d look and find a few more things.  I found these, only three, flipped them over and saw they were Pyrex.  Kayla collect Pyrex so I added them to the pile.


It was hard for us to know what to get and not to get.  We typically like furniture and fix that.  We know little to nothing about enamel, crocks and the other things we picked up.  We hated for it to just be thrown but honestly, we didn’t know if it was worth anything.  We ended up with a truck bed full….


..and a back seat full. [Read more...]

In the Garage


Hubby isn’t letting any grass grow under his feet.

Remember me telling you about the goodies we got on the last junking expedition we went on…Well we bought a shelf/cupboard piece.  This….


He hasn’t liked the shelf he made for the laundry room.  He wanted something with closed doors that was neater so I suggested he revamp this piece and we could use it there.

Here’s the laundry room now….UGH.  Messy.  Try as I might, I can’t keep the shelves neat.  I bought baskets thinking that might help but it doesn’t.


The shelf we bought was too long and didn’t have doors…well, Hubby to the rescue.  See what he’s doing… [Read more...]

Friday Night Fun


This all started on Thursday.  Over nap time I checked Facebook and saw an estate sale in Nashua.  I looked at the pictures.  There were lots and they all looked really full and kind of junkie.  There were 26 pictures in the lot of photos and I don’t had a bit of time.  Something about that white-ish base cabinet to the right in the picture caught my eye.


I scrolled down about three more pictures and saw this…Look way to the right again.  See all those drawers.  My heart skipped a beat.


That’s all the time I had.  The kiddos woke so that night I flipped back and forth between the two pictures.  Yep, I was fairly certain it was the same cabinet in the two different pictures.  Hmm….

Well something made me remember it all as the next morning I decided that I would send a message and see how much it was and if it was available.  I didn’t think it would be but it’s a diamond in the rough and other people can’t always see that.  I messaged her…but as I did, I saw the name of another junker saying he had messaged her.  UGH…It the same guy we bought our upper kitchen cabinets from so I was sure I the lower cabinets at this estate sale would have been snapped up by him.  I crossed my fingers and sent the message.

Yes, it was still there and if I would take it, I could have it.  I needed strong people to help me move it though.  Okay…now to convince Hubby.  So I called him at nap time and asked if he wanted to go on an adventure after work.  Yep…he did but where.  I explained that there was an estate sale…he said- really?  He had seen the same cabinet and wondered the same thing but didn’t say anything to me as he figured it was gone too.  He was willing to go and I was HAPPY.

In the meantime, the lady sent me this picture.  I know…you’re all wondering what I’m thinking to be in love with this…I am though.


We went to the sale and ended up spending $11.  It was a steal of a deal.


Here’s what’s in the truck…. [Read more...]