Friday Night Fun


This all started on Thursday.  Over nap time I checked Facebook and saw an estate sale in Nashua.  I looked at the pictures.  There were lots and they all looked really full and kind of junkie.  There were 26 pictures in the lot of photos and I don’t had a bit of time.  Something about that white-ish base cabinet to the right in the picture caught my eye.


I scrolled down about three more pictures and saw this…Look way to the right again.  See all those drawers.  My heart skipped a beat.


That’s all the time I had.  The kiddos woke so that night I flipped back and forth between the two pictures.  Yep, I was fairly certain it was the same cabinet in the two different pictures.  Hmm….

Well something made me remember it all as the next morning I decided that I would send a message and see how much it was and if it was available.  I didn’t think it would be but it’s a diamond in the rough and other people can’t always see that.  I messaged her…but as I did, I saw the name of another junker saying he had messaged her.  UGH…It the same guy we bought our upper kitchen cabinets from so I was sure I the lower cabinets at this estate sale would have been snapped up by him.  I crossed my fingers and sent the message.

Yes, it was still there and if I would take it, I could have it.  I needed strong people to help me move it though.  Okay…now to convince Hubby.  So I called him at nap time and asked if he wanted to go on an adventure after work.  Yep…he did but where.  I explained that there was an estate sale…he said- really?  He had seen the same cabinet and wondered the same thing but didn’t say anything to me as he figured it was gone too.  He was willing to go and I was HAPPY.

In the meantime, the lady sent me this picture.  I know…you’re all wondering what I’m thinking to be in love with this…I am though.


We went to the sale and ended up spending $11.  It was a steal of a deal.


Here’s what’s in the truck…. [Read more...]

Stash Report


Over the weekend I was out doing errands and for me, that means a stop at the thrift stores.  Happily I found some fun things….

There are several different thrift stores where I went and this is a conglomeration of everything I found.  The metal shelf…$5.  I love these for my African Violets.  It doesn’t matter if I spill water when I water the plants and it holds quite a few of them.  I had recently said to Hubby that I wanted another shelf.

The little pots are a rubbery plastic with no holes in them.  I will use these for my African Violets.  These will be the outside pots that I set another pot with drainage holes into.

The little handmade counted cross pincushion was 25 cents.  Can you believe it?! That actually makes me feel sad.  A lot of hard work went into creating that!!


I’ve sworn myself off and told myself NO MORE COOKBOOKS!!!  Well I saw these and Hubby does have a collection of fireman things….Do you suppose I could justify them as a purchase for his fireman collection?  It sounded good in my head…so now I am committing to making at least five things from each of the books in the upcoming months. By the way, Hubby had a great big chuckle over my reasoning for buying these.


I also got a bag of 100% cotton shirts.  There are 10 here and the cost $4 total.  Most are Old Navy shirts.  I love them for cutting up.


I also got a bag of scrappy fabric goodies…$2.  I love the little novelty prints.  Don’t you? [Read more...]

Adventures in Thrifting


With my foot surgery I was back and forth to Decorah a few times to see the doctor…for me, that means stops at the thrift store too.

Here’s my haul…fabric for fifty cents…a pincushion for a quarter, embroidery floss for $1.50 and my doll.  The doll comes with her own story.


When I was little I remember going to the thrift store with my parents.  It was an unusual day and my Dad was with.  That didn’t happen often.  My dad rarely left the farm.  On this day he did.  I was the only kid with as my older siblings were in school or working.

There was a doll at the thrift store in Owatonna.  I really wanted her….really bad.  I begged and begged.  My mom and dad relented and bought the doll for me.  Later on, she became know as “Janey”.  My original Janey went back to the thrift store when I got older.  As an adult, I regretted that choice and have LONG looked for a replacement.

Well I was at the thrift store and was in disbelief when I saw the doll.  I didn’t care how much she cost.  I was getting her.  I carried her naked self around the store finishing my shopping.  I got up to the counter and asked how much she was….  the answer….50 cents!  SCORE.  I finally found my Janey back.

Here’s a picture of my original Janey.  She’s way on the left.


My niece and nephew are with her.  She isn’t wearing her original dress here.  I’ve been to ebay trying to find her original dress.  Funny thing is…a couple years ago Hubby and I had seen the dress at an antique shop but I never bought it.  Dang I wish I had.

To make the story all more interesting.  Neighbor Girl thought the doll was creepy and actually asked me to put it away.    She told me she had a nightmare about it.  She dreamed the doll came to life and killed me.  She even woke up crying….so although I am super happy about finding Janey, she had to get put away.

I was also super happy about finding the pincushion.  I have always thought to start a pincushion collection but honestly, I never find them.


I’ll keep looking and if more come my way, I might have a collection yet.  Who knows?

On my thrifting tour I also found lots of these… [Read more...]

Out Junking


It’s so funny.  About two months ago Hubby said that he didn’t know if we should sign up and to the antique sale in Clear Lake this year.  He didn’t know if we had enough things to sell.  HA!!  What a difference a month has made.  Let me put it this way…he has bought SO much stuff that we will for sure have enough to sell….he bought THREE pick up loads of it.  So much that I can’t even keep up with blog posts about it and am going to lump all three loads which were from completely different places into one longer blog post.  Much of what he bought has already been put into storage so I can’t even take pictures but here’s what I have for you…

We got a big haul on our way from Lacrosse last Friday. We hit up an estate sale….we left with truly a truck load and spent $72.  This dresser, planers and medicine cabinet came from there.


The file cabinets filled with drill bits and tools along with the primitive cupboard came from there too.


as did this locker.


The piece I am most excited about it this…
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