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Thrifting for Fabric

It’s no secret I am a big-time thrifter.  I haven’t been thrifting nearly as much since Covid hit back in 2020.  In general, I am just not in town as much so that means fewer stops.  That means fewer opportunities to find goodies.

Then for a while, all of the fabric that was coming into the thrift store was being snagged by local ladies who were making masks then volunteering at the store to help with making sure those who entered wore masks.  That meant there was never cotton quilting fabric to be found.

I still looked when I went but I rarely found fabric.  Fast forward to a week or so ago.  I was in town because I had a doctor’s appointment and needed to have a blood draw in advance of the appointment.

I looked for fabric and FOUND SOME!

I found some awesome lightweight T-shirt fabric.  I am collecting that for a blog reader who has been making sleepers for the baby care kits that my friend makes for Lutheran World Relief.  Some might not pick these darker colors but they are perfect as many of these kits go to third-world countries and they don’t have access to laundry like we do.  These darker colors that we here in the USA don’t think of as baby colors.

These were all unmarked so they are only 50 cents per piece of fabric.

I found this…  $2.  I unrolled it and there is 2 1/4 yards.

It is a Civil War reproduction print that I have often used in the past and will happily use again.

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Vintage Sale…

Remember back in April I was at the vintage sale when Kelli called me and told me her water broke.  Well, I never showed you the goodies I got or told you about the sale so here, one month later, (Yep the boys are a month old as of today) I’m here to tell you about the sale.

I bought this magazine rack.

My idea is to keep my cross stitch projects in there like this…

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Thrift Store Finds

Over the weekend I went to town.  Rosie needed dog food.  She is supposed to be on medicated dog food but I ordered it two weeks ago and the food is on backorder.  I called and inquired.  No luck.  No expected delivery time…nothing.  I was told that I could drive and get some 50 minutes away but I’ve been wanting to try it out and see if she actually NEEDS it.

The food was supposed to prevent accidents but I’m not positive that all of that wasn’t a puppy thing…I figured if I was going to try and check, now, being it’s so hard to get the food, might be a good time to try.

Being I was going to town I decided I wanted to stop at the yarn shop.  Nope, I haven’t taken up knitting or crocheting.  I needed embroidery floss and they carry a full line of DMC.

Of course, I planned on stopping at the thrift store too.  I honestly a trip to town always includes a thrift store stop.

First off…DMC floss.  I got there only to find the shop had closed.  Who knew a shop would close at 3 pm.  Whatever…I was disappointed.

Thrift store next…I got a lot.  Really a lot.  All of these are oversized bags and all are filled with sheets.  I’m thrilled.  I have someone new who would like to start finishing quilts but she needs EVERYTHING…backing, batting, and binding included.  That puts more on me so I was hoping to find some sheets to use for backing.  I DID!!  Yahoo.  Sheets here are $2 so they are an awesome deal.  I know some of you don’t like to use sheets but if you’re careful to find good fabric content, they work perfectly.

Next I found this cute cross stitch piece.  So cute.  The bow is a little fru-fru for me but I might figure out something else…

I bought this old bowl.  I’m a sucker for old and icky…

..especially when the pattern on it looks like cross-stitch.

When I got home I looked it up on Etsy…they were asking $12.95 for one that wasn’t all dirty.  I paid $5 for mine.  Not a fabulous deal but I didn’t care.  I loved the cross-stitch.  I think this will go in my sewing room.

I picked up a couple of other do-dads for the sewing room. I thought the vintage “apples” were so cute.

I picked up a few linens.  I always think I’m going to do something with them…so far I haven’t.  UGH.  I really will…someday, right?

This was a UFO quilt project.  It’s a cute word fabric.  That will probably sit here for a bit with me thinking I’ll do something with it and then I’ll likely pass it on.  Who knows.  We’ll see.  It was my $2 fun.

I picked up this piece of woven cloth fabric for receiving blankets.  I figured it Kelli has a girl, I’ll hem it up for her.  If she doesn’t it will be a baby gift at some point…or one for me to keep here.

I picked up a couple of books.  I thought of the Cresso ladies with the charm book.  They are always looking for simpler patterns to make with their charity quilting.  I’ll read it and pass it on.  For 25 cents a book, it’s cheap entertainment even if I never make anything.

I saw these and was curious…I opened them up…

…and saw this… WOW.  This looked like an awesome way to keep embroidery floss.  UGH.  But they were $10 and I really didn’t need anymore floss.  But wait.  I pulled the list of floss that I had in my purse and 3 or the 4 flosses I needed were in the binder.

Then I rationalized that the binders and pages would cost more than that if I were to ever buy them.  Well, this sounded like a reasonable way to try this way of organizing floss…right?  I put them in my cart.

Then I saw this…This was $5.  I noticed the same bobbin cards were in this.  It had to be donated by the same person.  Yep, I wanted this just for the bobbin cards.  Plus there was floss…

I opened it up and there were charts.  Wow, this would be a good way for me to organize my charts…

There were some that were interesting to me too.

So…that got set in my cart too.  I couldn’t buy the file folder box for $5…so DEAL!  I was so excited to get home and sort it all.

I figured I might be able to sell the charts I didn’t want and that in itself might pay for the whole lot of cross stitch stuff that I bought.

I bought this…it’s a flimsy Double Wedding Ring piece.

The rings are really small so I was intrigued.  I might take it apart for a pattern.

I also go this stack of early readers.  I have four kiddos here that are all ready to or are already reading.  I wanted to have something here for them to read.  I was able to get a nice collection.

I’m doing a happy dance over all the goodies I found.  I can’t wait to dig into the floss, the file holder, and see if that bowl can be cleaned.  I love thrifty adventures.

A Busy Week with the Kramers

We’ve had a busy week around here.  You might remember that I had my grandkids over the weekend.  Monday rolled around and I was back to childcare…or so I thought.  My childcare kiddos were sick so the parents kept them home.  Gannon and Georgia were still here on Monday but no extra kids.

Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday the kiddos were still sick so I sewed my days away all the while worrying about this guy.

Kayla’s boy Jasper landed himself back in the hospital.  He was having breathing issues.

This picture makes it look like he didn’t mind the whole ordeal.  That would be incorrect.  He was pretty miserable there.  Kayla happened to catch a happy picture.

On Friday we got this picture.  He was being discharged.  YAHOO!!

He stayed over three nights.  Kayla is taking it well…Spencer too but Kayla is a teacher.  This was finals week.  It was not a good week to miss school but what’s a mom to do?  Between Jasper getting tubes, his last hospital visit, and now this visit, she’s burned through all of her time off.

Being I was off from childcare I offered to go stay but she said if she went to work, she’d just be worried anyway.  I totally understand but I wish there was more I could do.

Thursday was Georgia’s birthday.  She’s TWO now.  We all had a video call to sing her Happy Birthday on Thursday.  She was crabby and wasn’t into it.

Kelli is having trouble sleeping already.  UGH.  I know typically those last few weeks are hard but Kelli is only at 29 weeks.  It’s too soon for her to not be sleeping.

Buck’s kids ended up with colds when they got home from the weekend here.  The kids are all feeling better but now Buck and Lora are both not feeling the best.  Buck sounded terrible Thursday night.

Karl is finally pulling the last bits and pieces together to sign the final papers on his house.  This week was a lot of finishing up estimates, checking into changing electric and internet…all of the fun stuff.  We’re hoping next week will be time to sign closing paperwork.  WHEW…

I got lots done while I was off especially being Kalissa’s family was on vacation in Wisconsin Dells.  It’s easy for them to go being they’ve already had Covid.

Kalissa ended up coming home sick.  She’s had a cold for the last few weeks but hasn’t been able to completely kick it.  While they were gone, it really flared up again.  They left Tuesday morning and came home Thursday afternoon.  She had to work overnight Thursday night.  I went on a walk with her and the boys Thursday afternoon.  She was debating on calling in sick.  I told her to go early and see if she could be seen at Urgent Care.  She said no.  She went to work.

Friday morning I called her as she was driving home and asked how she was.  She said, “Terrible”.

I told her I was pretty sure she had a sinus infection and should go in.  She started in on not being able to go and she’d go to Urgent Care over the weekend if she needed to.  I said no she needed to call for an appointment.  I would drive her to it.  I worried about her driving.  She didn’t get out of work until half an hour late, then the 70-minute drive home all while not feeling good, and then drive the opposite direction to the doctor once she got home, all on top of just working a 12-hour shift.  I pushed her and she finally gave in to go to the doctor.

I ended up taking her…Guess what?? Continue reading