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Thrifty Adventure

I’ve put myself on a budget….I’m fine but I just want to think a little more before I buy.  It’s not so much of a financial thing as a “do I really need more stuff thing”.  Don’t worry though.  In my budget I allotted for over $100 at the thrift store and garage sales.  I also have a budget item for MAD MONEY…and that’s another $50 so I can still, pretty much, buy anything in the store between the two budgets.  That’s how non-restrictive my budget is.  To be honest, I don’t even know why I call it a budget…but it does make me thing just a little more before I buy…so I’m sticking with it.

For the month of August…my grand total on spending for my thrift store budget was $27…most of it I got on my last trip.  I don’t get to town much anymore and when I do, it’s often after thrift store hours.

So here are some of the things I spent my precious $27 for the month on…

I spent 25 cents each for these puzzles.  The kiddos LOVE puzzles.  24 piece puzzles are best for them.  Apparently “Shimmer and Shine” is a new show on television and the kiddos watch it, so the new puzzle was a hit.  The other puzzle is good for matching practice.  It is brand new and unopened.

I bought these…bookends.  $2.50.

Do you recognize them?  I did.

This is the note that was on the bookends….

It’s a replica of the picture I already have.  Oh, I love this picture….

I think it’s the farm girl in me that loves it so much…being thankful even though the harvest looks meager.

I also got this…. Continue reading

My Thrifty Day

On Thursday Kelli came and watched the childcare kiddos and I ran to town for a doctor’s appointment.  It was a 6 month blood sugar test that got me to the doctor’s office.  It was no surprise, it went up slightly….not good for a diabetic but I readily admitted that I really didn’t think much about myself and eating over the last 6 months.  It wasn’t high enough to change my meds but I did get a warning that should it go up in 3 months, I’d likely need meds.  I was fine with that and completely understood.

From there is was to the vet and to the post office.  Between these places and the doctor’s office, there was a lot of condolences and hashing over what happened with Kramer.  It’s all okay and needs to be done, but after it all I was ready for a breather….So what does that mean??  If you know me, that means a thrift store run.  I had debated about just going home but I didn’t and I’m so glad I didn’t.

As I walked into the store the first thing that got me was this wonderful old mirror.  Sorry about the picture.  It’s laying in the seat of the truck.  It’s big, beveled glass and for $5 a steal.  I got a sold sign for it right away.

Then I found the desk chair…$5…and the buffet was $25.  I was so happy.  I had seen one at the same store a month ago and thought to buy it but it was $100.  this one is VERY similar to the other.  I have no idea on why the big fluctuation in price.  I’m thinking this might end up being my entertainment center.  Kramer wasn’t much for vintage farmhouse.  I am a little more inclined that way but not overboard.  I’m thinking this might get painted…I don’t know.  I couldn’t leave it there for $25 as I’m sure I can sell if for more than double that.

You’ll have to stay tuned with what I do with those pieces.

Then I found all of this too….

Totalled…everything was $58.  I think it was a good deal all things considered.  My blow dryer quit on me that very morning and I wrote on my list to pick up a new one at Wal-Mart.  I ended up getting this $3 one at the thrift store.  It was the same kind as my old one.  I was thrilled.

Ah-ha!  I even found fabric…See?? Continue reading

Stash Report

Kalissa and I were out one day.  It’s been kind of fun that she’s been on maternity leave.  We have so much more time together.  I’m getting spoiled.  I’m going to miss this once she’s back to work full time.

We, of course, hit up the thrift store.  See that HUGE comforter plastic bag.  It was filled with fabric all of $6.

I was sure I would donate a lot it to community quilters in my area but here were a few things I was interested.  Stay tuned and I’ll show you what….

These two pieces weren’t part of the $6 bag.  They were 50 cents each…3 yards in the bundle on the left and 5 yards on the one on the right.  GREAT deal.

I got a few other things….blank cards to write thank you notes.  As of the writing of this post, I am all caught up on my thank yous.  I’m out of blank card though.  I buy and use a lot of them.

The cookbook will go in the antique booth and the straw trivet will go to Kayla.  She started collecting them.

So now for that HUGE bag of fabric….These I am keeping to frame cross stitch pieces…

The yellow pieces are 3 yards worth.  The others are about 1/2 yard each.

I’ve started collecting for MacKinac Straits quilt by Bonnie Hunter.  I haven’t nailed down colors but these have potential.

This fabric was fun and funky.  I love it… Continue reading

Stash Report

I saw in my Facebook feed that one of the local thrift stores was having a bag sale.  Hmm.  I wiggled and worked and wiggled and worked some more to be able to justify a trip to town.  Wednesday as Hubby and I were traveling home from Lacrosse and coming into Decorah, I considerately said, “Hey Kramer…I know you’re tired and groggy from you surgery.  I know we were supposed to get groceries but how about I just pick them up on Saturday instead?”  Tricky of me right??  He agreed.

So Saturday I went to town.

YES.  There is a shopping cart under my pile of shirts.  It was a bag sale so it was $5 for 10 clothing pieces.

Can you believe I found 40 clothing items.  In my defense…One item was for layettes, 2 were shirts for Kramer, 2 shirts were for me and one for Carver.

When I got home…I started doing this…. Continue reading