Friday Finish: Halloween Table Runner with FREE Pattern

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Oh lookie-lookie…we’ve got a great quick project that we just finished up and want to share with you!!  A Halloween Table Runner….

Kelli has been busy sewing a quilt that is a part of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks issue that will be coming out this fall.  She was making a quilt in Halloween colors using Moda’s line Eerie.  It’s a great line.  The colors are deep and rich and don’t have the obnoxious Halloween look.  When Kelli finished that project there was left over fabric and that got me thinking.  I am not a Halloween decorator.  I do like decorating with the season though and thought maybe I should start making a few things for the new house…why not start with something for Halloween?  It will be so nice next year when Halloween rolls around to have something to put out.  Then we though as long as I was making one, we might as well write up a pattern and share it with you….so here is my new table runner….


I love it.  the colors are perfect.  Can you see the little spiders in the orange print.  So cute!!


I did substitute in a cream that isn’t from the fabric line.  There wasn’t enough white left over from Kelli’s project…so I searched the stash and came up with this cream.

Here it is hanging over my kitchen cupboard door.


The quilting is just a small meander….nothing fancy at all but I think it looks good.  I debated on thread color and ended up using a gold.  I think it was a good choice.

We put together a easy to read pattern to make the table runner.  You can find it by following this link.

This has me thinking I could change the colors up and make one for other seasons as well…but then again, maybe I’ll just design something completely different.  Enjoy the pattern and make sure to stop back next week.  We have another free pattern planned.

Last Friday we had published a free pattern (find it here) and by Sunday I got a text from my friend Nell.  She already had sewn all the strip sets together!!  WOW.

As always..if you make one send me a picture…I’d love to share it on the blog.

You can find MANY other free patterns on our site by looking under the free patterns tab at the top of the page under our banner.  Stop by again…

Making Mini Drawstring Bag with my Tumbler Die

If you are new to the blog, welcome.  You have reached a FREE archived pattern.  We typically put up new blog post twice daily so there is always something new and fresh here.   Click HERE and see what’s new today…

**If you are a long time reader you might recognize this.  We updated the post to include a printable pattern so you can make your own Mini Drawstring Bag**

I am totally in love with these little bags.  Here’s the pattern piece you need. Tumbler Drawstring Bag  It can also be made with an Accuquilt Go Large Tumbler Die.

These little bags are quick and easy and perfect for gift giving.  They will hold a deck of cards, dice for a dice game, a few Hot Wheel cars, little farm animals, Barbie doll shoes, a set of jacks, jewelry for traveling, a contact case and small bottle of solution, a cell phone, a gift card and candy….the possibilities are endless.  The list of fabric selection is endless too.

Here are several different bags I made….One is from wool, one from car fabric, one from a 30’s print and the one from flannel.


Here’s more…

Here’s the tutorial for you to make your own.  The photos are taken while making the stripped bag with the K on it.  If you want to make a one of the other bags, adjust the directions accordingly.

To start, cut 1.5 inch strips of your fabrics and sew them together as shown.


You’ll need to sew enough pieces together to create two 7 x 7″ pieces for the outside of the bag.  You will also need two of the same sized pieces to create the lining.  Run the two lining pieces and the two outside pieces through your Accuquilt Go! using your large tumbler die.


If you are going to decorate the front of your bag, now is the time to do it.  The K on this bag along with the background square were stitch on one outside panel.  For the wool bag, I cut some flowers using the Rose of Sharon die and wool scraps.

Now lay one front piece and one lining piece right sides together.  Stitch as shown.  Repeat with the other two pieces.


Open the two pieces up.  Layer them right sides together.  Pin and sew leaving an opening between the pins on the bottom of the lining side.


Trim the corners and then turn the bag right side out.


Stitch the opening in the lining closed.


Now, you need to tuck the lining into the bag.


Keep tucking….


Position the bag in your sewing machine and stitch about 3/4″ from the edge as shown.  Stitch all the way around.


Stitch another line about 1/2″ from the first sewn line.  Again stitch all the way around.  You are making the casing for the string.  When I made the red bag, I cut 2 –  3/4″ x 5″ pieces of  yellow fabric.  Ironed the edges over and stitched them down along the length to make the casing.


Now take a seam ripper and rip the few stitches  along the sides of the bag, between the stitching.  Be careful when you do this.  You only want to rip the stitches on the outside layer. ..NOT the inside lining.  Do this along BOTH side seams.


Now cut two pieces of ribbon or whatever you are using for strings.  I cut two 18″ pieces.  Put a safety pin on the end of the ribbon and feed it through the casing, starting and stopping in the same hole.  Now take your other ribbon, put a safety pin on the end.  Feed it through the opposite hole, starting and stopping in the same hole.


Tie the ends.  Pull up the drawstring and you are finished.  I made the bag in about a half an hour.   The bags are a fun way to personalize or “spruce up” a simple gift.   I can see purchasing a couple mini toy tractors and making the bag out of John Deere fabric someday….

If you missed the free printable pattern piece to make these, here it is again. Tumbler Drawstring Bag

If you prefer watching a video, I put one of those together too.  You can check it out here.

For more projects I’ve made with my Accuquilt Go! check out this link.

You can find MANY other free patterns on our site by looking under the free patterns tab at the top of the page under our banner.  Stop by again…

Super Mario Brothers Quilt

Last week my niece, sister and her kiddos came for a visit.  When we all get together it is a massive show and tell.  Our day got cut short by a sick kid so I didn’t get pictures of a two projects my sister was working on but I did get pictures of Jody’s project.  If you have a Mario Brothers fan at your house you are going to love this.

Jody explained that she found a blog that had a quilt along that was making quilts with the characters from Super Mario (it’s a video game for those who don’t know).  She explained that she cut squares.  She put them onto a product called Stitch and Wash Away.  Then she folds along the line and sews first vertically-then horizontally.

Here are her blocks in progress.



Here the one she is holding now has been sewn on the horizontal lines making the character look flat but she will sew the vertical lines and he’ll be proportionate again.

If you are looking for more information on making this quilt you can find it at Cut to Pieces.  The pattern to make this is for free.

More amazing than Jody’s work is that she has committed to making THREE of these quilts….one for each of her boys.  Now that’s dedication!!

A Scissor at all Times

A long arm quilter I know had a cute little pin with a retractable scissor that I always wanted.  Hers had a little quilting emblem on the pin part.

I told my kids and hubby that this is what I wanted for Christmas.  Well…they came really close.  My son Buck bought retractable badge holders like these GBC BadgeMates Retractable Badge Reels, 5 per pack, Color May Vary (3747217)

I lifted the snap and added my little sewing scissor.

I hook the badgge on my clothes and now I always have a scissor handy.

It is especially wonderful when I am working on the long arm.  There is always a scissor with me to clip threads.  I wish I had done this YEARS ago.  These would make great little gifts for you quilting buddies.  The scissor was only $3.95 and the badge holders can be found for about a dollar each.

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