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In the Garage: Microwave Cabinet

**Before I tell you about today’s post you might want to know that Material Magic, the quilt shop in New Hampton is closing it’s doors on the 17th-next Monday.  All fabric is not $5 a yard.  If you don’t have anything to do this week, you might want to check it out.**

Now on to today’s post:
You might remember that this piece is destine to become a place to house my microwave.  Hubby and I got it at an estate sale earlier this spring.  For the price of $10, it was all ours!  It’s beat up bad and pretty primitive…but it’s the perfect size for my microwave to sit on and give me extra storage…to make a piece of usable furniture is exactly our intention.


I had started sanding the drawers while Hubby  was planting corn but that’s as far as I got.  I needed space and help to get it lifted to a workable spot but he had his things going on in the garage and it just never happened.  Fast forward to now, the corn is in and he wants it finished and out of the garage so he started working on it.

It was VERY shaky and wobbly.  The first thing he did was to take some old boards and built a bottom in it.  These were old boards from our flooring installation.


Then he built a base for it to sit on.  Previous to this, it sat directly on the floor.  That means if it was in my kitchen the doors could potentially scrape the floor as I opened them.  Not anymore.


There wasn’t a back on it.  We wanted a back as it will make it more sturdy and that would help and make it more of a usable piece if we ever wanted to put it somewhere else.  He’s using old materials we salvaged from our house when we remodeled.  I love that it will have a wainscoting back.


I snapped the above picture without him knowing.  He scoffed and told me this was nothing to blog about.  I told him- not true.  He said this was just a piece of junk and I reminded him that we always end up loving what he does and all women like a “cinderella story”.  I also told him there are lots of women readers who would love it if there husband was as talented….he of course grumbled and said okay….. he’s so humble.

Anyway…now the debate is on….this piece is really very primitive.  Here’s how it looks now….. Continue reading

My Sewing Room Cabinet

Now that Hubby has the trellis ready for me to paint he’s moved on to a new project and I am so excited.  This is the bottom half of the cabinet that will be going in the sewing room.


There is an upper part that is open shelving.  Yep it’s vintage.

We bought the piece on an auction last summer from a neighbor.  He had been using it in the garage.  Well it’s getting an upgrade.

Hubby had worked and worked to strip the boards but no matter what he did, they just didn’t get down to bare wood.  He called me out to the garage and told me that he thought I would need to chalk paint the piece.  UGH.  As much as I do like chalk paint, I still like straight up wood the best.

That’s when I suggested that he sand the piece down the best he could and then just stain it.  I said we don’t have anything to lose.  He kind of scoffed about that.

Fast forward three days and he called me out to the garage with the announcement that I was right.  WHAT???  I am never right.  That had me running to the garage.  He had stripped and stained a board and it looked good.  That inspired him so he got busy and has been working on it ever since.

For the most part, we don’t have many boxes left in the house except a few in the basement and a few in the corner of the sewing room.  This cabinet, once it’s finished, will house the things that are  in the boxes in the sewing room.  I can’t wait to be done with with that!!

He’s still working on it but every day gets him closer and closer and that makes me happy.  I am really anxious to see it all refinished!

A Wicker Basket

Sunday I told you about my wicker couch getting finished…well today I’m telling you about the basket I did to go out with it.

The childcare kids and I spend LOTS of time outdoors…really lots.  I can’t leave part of them outside when I run and get a tissue.  I sometimes have one that isn’t interested in ride on toys or chalk and just wants some “Jo time”.  We also don’t like the front of the house to look a mess so I decided we needed some type of basket out there to hold a travel pack of tissues, the sidewalk chalk, a ball and a few books.

Being we have the porch to protect it from the elements, I wasn’t afraid of having an open basket so I started hunting….I got as far as my dining room.  We had been using this as a tote of sorts for toys.

I had Kalissa pick me up two cans of spray paint when she was in town and before I knew it…..


I had this.


A place to hide the sidewalk chalk, a travel sized pack of tissues, a few books and a ball.  There’s room for a couple other things too.  I think I am going to find it very useful.


I am really happy with how it looks and I know I am going to enjoy the functionality.  I love win-win moments and this was one.  I also love when I can tweak something I already have into something I really wanted…I am still on the look out for a chair to go with the ensemble.  I just need to be patient.

The Wicker Couch

If you read the blog earlier you know that I was trying to re-upholster the cushions on our wicker couch and couldn’t find our staple gun….then Hubby bought one and it was no good so I ended up ordering one from Amazon.

It came!!!!!!!!!

I immediately got to work on the cushions and in no time had them all staples and in place.  It only took about 15 minutes.


I am happy with it.

So after five months of living here at this house Hubby and I finally sat out on the front porch on Thursday night.  What a treat!

Can you believe that??  I couldn’t.   It was wonderful.  There was a breeze and being the porch faces to the east, no evening sun to make us hot.   Trust me, we’ll be doing it more often.  It was so nice after a long day at work.

I bought the couch for $25 back in August of 2012…back when we still had our beagle Gracie.  It was blue then…..

I repainted it brown and redid the cushions.

Our farm dog Pepper totally ruined those cushions.  Hubby tried to throw the whole thing out several times but I vetoed that idea…I sure am glad we kept it!!

I think I’ll keep my eyes open for a chair but for now I am happy with this.  I did say something to Hubby about possibly making a pillow to go on the couch.  His response, “What in the #%** do you want to do that for?”  What is it about men and pillows??

Anyway…that’s the wicker story.  I sure am glad I have the cushions done!!  It was worth the work of re-upholstering them.