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What Kelli’s Making: Hawaiian Roll Ham Sliders

I was writing blog posts when my inbox started to ting.  I ignored it as I was trying to get a post written and didn’t know how much time I had.  I finished it up and then checked to see what all the tings were.

It was Kelli and she was sharing a recipe that they love Hawaiian Roll Ham Sliders.  It’s a recipe from Pinterest and you can find it HERE.

She also wrote that she was getting Georgie to help with the cooking…The pictures are so cute and I thought I would share them with you… Continue reading

What Kelli’s Cooking…Seasoned Black-Eyed Pea Mash-Up

Kelli is the worst at grabbing chips or something unhealthy to eat.  I think it’s especially hard for nurses who work 12 hour overnight shifts as she does.  There really isn’t a good time to eat.  Then after she works the weekend, she gets thrown back into a normal schedule and is sleeping at night again.  It totally screws up her body clock.  Add in three kids all two and under and it makes it even harder.

She has made it a goal to try to eat better on the weekends when she is working…less take out…less chips…less junk food in general.  I’m so proud of her and it’s hard to make new habits and eat better.

She messaged me the other day all excited as she made something new to her that she could pack with and take to work.  It really doesn’t have a name so I’m calling it Seasoned Black-Eyed Pea Mash Up.

She’s eating it in our favorite Pioneer Woman Pasta Bowls.  Find them HERE.  We laugh and say only good things are eaten in these bowls.  Karl has dubbed them “the comfort food bowls”.  I’d agree with both statements.  90% of the food I eat is eaten from these bowls.

I asked Kelli if she would pass along a recipe.  This is what she wrote:
Continue reading

What I’m Making: Banana Oatmeal Cookies

I was at the thrift store the other day.  They often have church cookbooks there and I am often tempted by them.  For me, church cookbooks are more the tried and true recipes.  They have more of the old fashion comfort food.  It’s so hard for me not to buy one.

I know I’m a little odd but I read recipe books like most people read books.  I love trying anything that I don’t normally try.  I often end up with recipes that are a flop…but more often I end up with a recipe that I really like.

Anyway, there were three church cookbooks there.  They ranged from $3 to $4.  I ended up caving and I bought one.

When I got to the counter the lady said, “All books are on sale today for 10 cents.”  It was all I could do not to run back and get the other two that I had been eyeing…but one was enough.  I seriously, already have a cabinet full.

I settled on this one as it had the recipe books from 1951 and 1979 included in this large edition.

Once I was home I paged through it a few nights while I was eating supper.  There were so many recipes I thought about trying and then one day…on the counter in front of me were some bananas that were way past their prime.  I thought I remembered seeing a recipe in the book for banana cookies.  I looked and YES..there was one.  This one.

I decided to mix them up right away.  I used butter in my version.

It is a thick dough.

I only had 1/2 of a bag of chocolate chips and the cookies really needed more chips. (The recipe only called for 1 cup but I put in more) So I dug in the cabinet and found some Reese’s Pieces.

I put them on top…here is how they looked coming out of the oven. Continue reading

Yard Sauce and Salsa

I told you on Tuesday that the garden has been taking up lots of my time.  My tomatoes are coming in heavy.  I am not complaining.  I love it…but it is taking up lots of my time.

One of the main things I’ve been making is yard sauce.  I first heard about this two years ago while watching Priscilla and Chelsea on floss tube.  They were making yard sauce and told how to make it.

The recipe was one of those recipes that was so easy to make that I’d be a nut not to try making it…so I tried it.  I loved it.  The family loved it too.

Here’s what you do…quarter a cake pan of tomatoes, remove the core but the skins can be left on.  Add a green pepper, onion and basil.  I add a zucchini too if I have a small one that needs to get used up.  Add some salt and pepper.  Drizzle some olive oil over the top.  Roast in the oven for an hour on 350.

It comes out looking like this.

Let it cool a bit…then put it through the blender and you have a spaghetti sauce.  I use it a lot.  I make lasagna, egg plant parmesan, tomato basil soup…pretty much anything that needs a tomato sauce.  It’s so good.

After it’s done I do add some spices if desired…Itallian seasoning and garlic…maybe more salt and pepper depending on the taste.

The bonus to it all is that it can be put in freezer bags and frozen.

No canning needed.  YAHOO!!  Isn’t that awesome?  I told you it was too good to be true…not removing the skins.  No canning.  Win-Win.  Plus the bonus Win of tasting AMAZING…and using up zucchini.  Yes, please!!

Well I decided to experiment and try to make salsa using the same technique.  I did mostly the same thing.  I core and quartered tomatoes.  I cut and onion and green pepper.  I added a pack of taco seasoning.  I added some garlic too.  This time no basil but yes to jalepanos.

After it came out of the oven I pour some of the excess juice off of the tomato mixture.  I did save that and will use it for soups and such.

I put salt and pepper on along with red pepper.  I roasted it the same way, waited for it to cool and put it in the blender.  This time I just hit pulse a couple of times and still wanted some chunks.

From there I took it out of the blender and I added lime juice, corn, and black beans…YUM!  I did a taste test and added a bit more red pepper.  It wasn’t spicy enough.  Normally I think I would have added some cumin but…I didn’t have any.  This is how it turned out… Continue reading