A Happy Birthday at the Hankens

On Wednesday it was my daughter Kelli’s birthday.  Georgia, her daughter, was all convincing that a cake HAD to be made if it was her mommy’s birthday.  Kelli decided to “help” Georgia make a cake.

She turned to the Papa Moo book I made.  We make crazy cake here at our house and we always make it in a Bundt cake pan.

I printed out the recipe in the Papa Moo book I made for all of the grandkids.  You all can find the recipe HERE.

If you want to see the book I made for the grandkids, you can see it HERE.

Georgia was …

What Buck is Making: Beef Heart

The other day my son, Buck, called me and said he was making a beef heart for supper and did I think my blog readers would like a recipe.  I said I don’t know but if you want to send me pictures, I’ll post the recipe.

Buck writes”
So, while I absolutely don’t claim to be a chef of any kind, I do enjoy cooking and butchering. Every time I take something to the locker, get a quarter from a neighbor, etc. I always tell them to “grind the end cuts, prime only.” I can honestly say I’ve never ordered a steak from a restaurant because I don’t know the pickiness of the butcher. This sounds very hoyty-toyty, or tunie, or stuck up (depending on your region of the US), but I like what I like. It hasn’t been super easy cooking in a half-built house but after 3 weeks of ham sandwiches and 2 weeks of pork hock soup, I needed a change. The first thing in the freezer was beef heart. I’m not a big organ (tongue gizzards liver etc) guy but I love heart.

Here’s how I made it.

First, remove all silverskin and any connective tissue you can find, then slice the long way into about 3/8-1/2″ steaks.

For steak seasoning, I’ve been using … …

What I’m Making: Make Ahead Breakfast Bowls

I am a big fan of the cooking website Iowa Girl Eats…not only because she’s an Iowa Girl like me but also because her recipes are WONDERFUL.  Her recipes are gluten-free but you wouldn’t know it because they are tasty and so delicious.  I am not a gluten-free eater all the time but have learned that when you have diabetes, many gluten-free recipes are also diabetic friendly…this one isn’t quite as much as it has potatoes but, I offset with fewer potatoes and more meat.

Anyway…eat however is right for you…I’m no dietician.  All I really know was that was good and very helpful by keeping me out of the kitchen and cooking all day.

Here is mine all finished.  It was good!!

You can find the recipe for … …

What I’m Making: Ritz Cracker Cookies

If you ever need a last-minute item to take somewhere that still looks like you “made” something, these cookies are it.  Young and old love them.

I’m going to share a new secret with you today…you can make them look festive to match anything you are celebrating so when you bring them somewhere people think you went all out and you really didn’t.

I am always surprised by how many people don’t know how to make these as they have a been a staple in our family forever!!

You need:
Ritz crackers (I have success with generic too)
Peanut Butter-typically I use creamy but crunchy was all I had
Almond Bark-white or chocolate depending on what you want

Put wax paper or parchment paper down.  I use waxed.  It’s cheaper.  All you need to do it put peanut butter between two crackers.
Carver, my grandson, was helping me and wanted to take pictures of me doing that so I let him.

It’s so simple.  I often make these… …

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