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Mexican Creme`

There is a taco truck that comes around in Decorah Iowa called Lesley’s Taco Truck.  Our family is crazy for their food and eats it as often as we can.

Kalissa knows Lesley, the owner, personally, and one-day Kalissa asked Lesley what the “white stuff” in the burritos was.  Lesley said Mexican Creme`.  We had no idea what that was so googled it.

We came up with this recipe…

Take two cups of Heavy Whipping Cream.  I use a four-cup pyrex bowl to make mine.  Add two Tablespoons of plain yogurt.  Mix it together.

Put the lid on.  Let that sit on the counter of your kitchen for 36-48 hours.

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Replicating a Recipe

A couple of weeks ago I thought I had a fail when I was making supper.  I bought a pack of rotini noodles.  It was a brand I don’t typically use.  I ended up overcooking them and then they had a starchy taste.  I wasn’t impressed at all.

I had the family coming for supper.  AHH!!  What was I going to feed them now that the noodles were bad?

Well, I’m on a kick to not waste food so I started trying to think how I was going to salvage this supper.

I ended up getting some Yard Sauce from the freezer.  (Yard Sauce is something I make and freeze when the garden is producing.  HERE is the recipe)  I got a pound of hamburger and a pound of sausage.  I found some bacon cheese in the refrigerator along with some pepperoni and doctored something together in a layered hotdish lasagna sort of way.

I served it for super half apologizing.  Everyone LOVED it and went on and on about how it was so good.  I agreed.  It was really good.

A few days later the same people were all gathered.  We were again eating supper and the conversation turned to how good the previous supper of the hotdish lasagna was and could I make it again.  DARN.  I don’t know if I can.

So…what’s a mom to do but try?  We ended up having a family potluck picnic and I decided to try to make it again.  I thought I would take some pictures as I go so maybe if it turns out again, I’ll have some kind of recipe.

Here I have the cooked noodles and the fried hamburger, pork sausage, and chopped onion along with the yard sauce.  I had plenty of basil in the garden so added some extra along with more fresh garlic.  We’re a garlic family.  I cooked the yard sauce down until more of the water was absorbed.

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Bacon Wrapped Jalepenos

If you’ve read the blog for a bit, you know me and know I’m terrible with real recipes.  I think of something to make and just start making it…at least that’s what I do with main dishes and sides.  Baking, I typically follow a recipe or have a recipe memorized.

Today I’m going to take you along as I make some Bacon Wrapped Jalepenos.  I started out with three but ended up making five peppers worth for a total of 10.

I use gloves when I cut jalepenos.  I mixed up a half pack of cream cheese with equal amounts of sour cream and shredded cheese.  Then I added garlic powder to taste.

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What I’m Making: Chocolate Whoopi Pies

The other day Gannon had an appointment with orthodics.  He’s going to be getting some braces for his ankles as they turn in a bit.  To get the place where he had to be fitted, they drove south of my house.  Gannon, who is three, is getting pretty smart about directions we drive and immediately pick up on that they were going the same direction as the Amish bakery where we often buy Whoopi Pies from.  Sadly though, they wouldn’t be passing by this day…so, Gannon melted down.

Kalissa got him calmed down by telling him that they would call me, who was home with Carver, and ask if I would make some Whoopi Pies.  I sad yes…soon we’d make them.

The next day, Gannon’s wish came true.  We made Whoopi Pies.

I have a good recipe for Banana Whoopi Pies and Pumpkin Whoopi Pies…but chocolate, I haven’t found THE recipe.  I’ve tried a few but to date hadn’t found my tried and true recipe for them.

On this day I pulled out this recipe book a blog reader had given me.  This is the same book the Banana Whoopi Pie recipe came from and we love those so I checked to see if there was a chocolate Whoopi Pie recipe.  There was.

This is the recipe I used… Continue reading