Hoppin’ John


With my child care I am part of the “food program”.  I have to follow guidelines to prepare meals and have specific foods that must be included in each meal.  One the latest the pushes the guidelines are recommending is to include more beans in the meals we prepare.

I work to do my best to comply.  Right now we are asked to serve some sort of bean once a week.  The beans can be any sort of beans that can be dried….limas, kidney, butter, northern, black, etc.


I typically just serve chili or baked beans but honestly, I’m getting bored with them.  I decided to make some Hoppin’ John.  I personally love it.

Here’s my recipe. [Read more...]

Mexican Corn Dip


Over the weekend the kids all came home.  It was an early Easter celebration for our family.  We often schedule things on “off days” so that the kids can celebrate with the “other” side of the family without getting stressed with too many places to be.

Anyway…Buck brought Mexican Corn Dip.  I loved it.  Actually everyone really liked it and it is so easy to make….just dump some ingredients together…no cooking…no nothing but opening cans, a little chopping, dumping and stirring.  We had it with corn chips.  It was actually made on Saturday and we ate it both Saturday and Sunday.  It refrigerated really well.

Here’s the recipe he gave me. [Read more...]

Chocolate Peanut Supreme


The kids were home this weekend for an early Easter celebration.  We don’t have any traditional desserts that I “always” make for Easter..not like pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.  With not feeling “A-okay” I had let things go a bit letting the kids do more of the work this year.  Then Friday night Kalissa asked what we were having for desserts.  I didn’t have a plan until Kelli piped up and said, “Make the blueberry cream cheese dessert so I can eat it.”  (Find the blueberry dessert here recipe here)  Then Kalissa piped up and said, “I’ll make my cheesecake”.  (Find her recipe here.)  Well I thought that was a good plan.

Then I was up early Saturday morning.  I made the blueberry dessert and had a craving for something chocolaty.  That’s when I remembered by Chocolate Peanut Supreme dessert and decided to make it too.


It’s so easy…here’s the recipe. [Read more...]

Another Dead Appliance


You might remember that our refrigerator died a month or so ago…well now this.  Luckily it’s just my grill.  Check out the burned out spot on the plug in.  I noticed it about a week ago and said something to Hubby.  He said order a new grill.

I asked him if I could still use the grill until the new one arrived and “Mr. Volunteer Fireman” gave me the okay.

I went on Amazon to get one and saw they had just cords or the had complete sets.  I was going to order cord only but decided to wait and see what Hubby thought.  Then I forgot about it.


Two days later I went to use the grill again and remembered I didn’t order one.
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