Tea for Me


Most of my life I’ve been a diet pop drinker.  I started out with TAB, then went to Diet Coke…then to Diet Rite…then to Diet Mountain Dew.  From there it was a mix of Diet Dr. Pepper-caffeine free,  Diet A&W and Diet Squirt.  Then about June I gave up pop…I didn’t intend to completely give it up just cut back.  At the time I was drinking one or two a day.

The first week was not my favorite.  For the most part 90% of what I was drinking was caffeine free so I didn’t have the awful headaches but still I missed my pop.  A month or so down the road I had a pop once in while..only Diet Root Beer and only in a root beer float….I love root beer floats.  The only problem I had was going to a convenience store for a drink.  Sometime a person just wants something that isn’t water…juice was out..too many sugar calories.  So occasionally I’d have a pop then too.

Over the course since June I’ve probably had about 10 cans of pop with most of them being root beer for a float.

The other day I had a Diet Dr. Pepper and ended up in the bathroom…That made me notice that I feel better without drinking pop and am guessing I’ll be drinking even less pop in the future.

That still leaves me with the problem…I am not a coffee drinker..now not a pop drinker..I am not a milk or juice drinker–but sometimes it’s nice to have something else besides water.

The other day I had a meeting with someone concerning my Making Learning Fun website.  The guy is middle eastern.  While we were talking his wife brought us some tea.  It was wonderful.  I just loved it.  We had a follow up meeting and again we had tea and again I loved it.  After a third meeting that Kelli went with me to we had tea again.  I had told Kelli before meeting to try the tea.  She was reluctant but tried anyway.  She loved it too.    That’s when I finally asked about the tea.  We were told that it was sage tea…and that put us on a hunt to try to make some for ourselves.

After much experimenting we have come up with this….a teaspoon of whole sage goes into a Stainless Steel Mesh Tea Ball.  I add hot water and Truvia.  Kelli adds honey to hers.  The honey is better but I am opting to stay away from that.

We had trouble finding whole sage but finally found it and the Amish bulk food store.  The container there was 95 cents…there are LOTS of teaspoons full in there…so for now, it’s tea for me.  You might want to give it a try and see if you like it too.

I go in spurts with my favorite drink of the month or year…this is my definitely favorite this week and I am sure this kick will last through the winter.  I love having something hot to drink.

Caramel Marshmallows


Sunday night I shared a Christmas recipe favorite of mine..today I am sharing one of my son Buck’s favorites.  Kalissa made these.

I always made these as them were fairly easy and didn’t require the stove.  Sometimes when many are helping back, one can be at the  stove and others at the table.

What they are is a marshmallow dipped in caramel and then dipped in rice krispies.  This time around Kalissa wanted to make them so Kelli (who is gluten free) could eat them.  We didn’t have the actual gluten free rice krisipies on hand so she smashed up some Honey Nut Chex’s we had here and they are ever better.


Here’s the recipe:

1 stick margarine
1 14 oz bag of caramels
1 can sweet condensed milk
1 large pack of large marshmallows
1 box of rice krispies

Melt margarine, caramels and sweet condensed milk.  I do it in the microwave…I heat for 1 minute then stir repeating until it’s melted.  Stick the marshmallows with a skewer-then dip in the caramel and then in the cereal.  Put on waxed paper to dry.

I would actually recommend cutting the marshmallows in half.  These are big if you don’t.

These are very kids friendly…you might want to give them a try especially if you have a marshmallow lover at your house.

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