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Breakfast Bake

I am all about adding quick and easy recipes to my arsenal of eating options.  The other day Kalissa was dropping Carver off for childcare.  She had a Pyrex container of food with, pulled it out and said, “Mom, you have to try this.”  I did and was immediately impressed.

She had a breakfast bake.  She gave me a bite and then said, “Want the recipe?”  YES.  I did.  It was really good.  I was about to go off and get paper and pencil to write the recipe down but there was not need to do that….the recipe was that easy.

In advance, fry up two pounds of sausage.  I didn’t have two pounds so did one pound of sausage and one of bacon.

Take a bag of shredded hashbrowns.  Layer HALF of the bag in a greased 9 x 13 pan.  Then layer the meat.  Then beat 6 eggs and pour over the top.  Then put on the rest of the hashbrowns, meat and another 6 eggs. It should look like this…

I put shredded cheese over the top.  Then I popped it in the oven for 55 minutes.

It came out looking like this…. Continue reading

Here’s to Betty Crocker, Charlott and my Hubby!

So way back in 1986 I had a bridal shower.  At the shower, my cousin Charlott gave me this cook book….It’s a Betty Crocker New and Revised Edition with Microwave Recipes.  (aren’t you so glad they gave up on microwave recipes??)

Anyway..that book has been a staple of the Kramer family….baking powder biscuits have been made and made and made using this recipe.

But look…it’s falling apart.

Here was my first pizza crust recipe.  Note the writing.  One day one of our kids were cooking and didn’t understand cooking abbreviations.  So I wrote T- Tablespoon, t – teaspoon and c- cup.

As an early wife, I loved all the recipes and tried MANY out on Hubby.  He was so good and ate most everything.

I learned to stretch a family food budget using these been recipes.

I livened things up with the desserts….

and found a recipe we still love for Oatmeal Cookies.  It’s wonderful and has been used so often when we’re out of white sugar and need a treat.

I even went beyond my mom’s baking ability and tried meringues.

I have so loved this book.  It’s one of the only things I have left that was a wedding/shower present.

Well a couple days ago Hubby came home with this…. Continue reading

Behind Every Good Cook…

Behind every good cook is a cupboard door of recipes…or at least that’s my belief.

Growing up my mom always had recipes taped to the back of her cupboard door.  I have them too.  Most of these are staple recipes I use a lot.

Way at the top is the recipe Anne D sent me for banana muffins.  Her recipe has become “my” recipe.  You can find it here.  Everyone loves them.

My brownie recipe is in there.  I make lots of things with my brownie recipe.  I make them often.  Check out this post for that recipe.  In the evening I quite often make Cake in Cup if we had a simple supper and are still hungry.  Recipe for that here.

When I got my cupboards for this house I was a little worried…with some glass cupboard doors, I couldn’t tape recipes to the inside.  I solved that….see? Continue reading

What I’m Making: Crock Pot Beef Stew

LONG ago…back when we were first married, I got a crock pot as a shower gift.  I didn’t know a thing about them, or cooking for that matter.  I ended up religiously going through the little recipe book that came with the crock pot.  Two of the recipes in the book have lasted the test of time and I still make them very regularly.   My original book was so battered and beaten that when I saw another copy at the thrift store for 25 cents, I bought it.

The recipe I am sharing with you today is Beef Stew.

I’ve tweaked the recipe over the years but for the most part, it’s still similar to the original recipe.  Here is the original recipe…. Continue reading