The Magic Trick for Peeling Eggs


In June we traveled to Wisconsin and went to our nieces graduation party.  While there Hubby’s sister told us about a new technique she had tried for making hard boiled eggs.  I had seen the same suggestion on the internet somewhere but thought it was just a gimmick but last week when I tried it, I found out it’s completely true.

I actually did this with the childcare kids and they thought it was the coolest.

First start off by boiling your eggs.  I boil mine for 7 minutes then put them in cold water.


From there we took a small jar.  A pint sized canning jar would work but I was working with the childcare kids didn’t want to use a glass container.  Instead I had a plastic “jar” with a screw on cap.  The container was originally a beef soup base container.

We took our container and put about an inch of water in the bottom of the container.


We put the lid on and then we shook it.  It only takes a few shakes but the childcare kids wanted to shake and shake and I let them.  The shaking sound actually changes a little once the egg is ready to peel.


I figured the egg shell would be all tiny little pieces but it wasn’t.  I had cracked in a few places but it was far from shattered.  The peel comes off just like magic.  PERFECTLY!!


The kids and I did this whole entire pan of eggs and they all peeled perfectly.  Honest-they all peeled perfectly!!  There wasn’t a single bit of egg that came with the peel EVER!  I couldn’t believe it.


I am well know to make hard boiled eggs when we go places.  I’m also known for making potato salad.  I make them because they are always a cheap side salad.  Being I work from home it’s easy for me to boil the eggs during the day and finish the eggs up after hours.

If you have kids or grand kids I highly recommend doing this with them.  The kids truly had a blast.  Doing it with a group of kids is a great way to practice taking turns.

We did put two eggs in one time and it just didn’t work with our container….Give this a try.  I am sure you will love it as much as I do!!

Roasted Radishes


When Kayla was home last she suggested we try roasting the remaining radishes.  I was pretty skeptical but the radishes needed to be used up so was up to try anything to get them used up.

Kayla cleaned them, put them in a bit of oil then added a little salt and garlic.  She popped them in the oven in my covered cast iron pan for about 35-40 minutes or until a knife will cleanly poke through them.


I was really amazed at the taste.  They aren’t hot at all…and honestly, I really liked them.  They were so good that Kayla and I ate this whole batch in one sitting.

I have made them again since Kayla left.  I wouldn’t hesitate at all to make them again.

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