UFO Progress


I didn’t have a lot of time to work on UFOs this week.  In fact, I didn’t think I would have any progress at all and then I said – Nope.  The goal this year is some forward progress every single week even if it’s only a little bit of progress..and a little bit is what I had.

Last week I had put the final stitches into my Texas Braid quilt to make it into a top.  This week…being I didn’t have much time, I opted to do something that I could do quickly so I pulled strips for the center nine patch blocks of Talkin’ Turkey.


The original quilt has a 5 x 6 layout.  I think I’ll be going for a 6 x 6 layout so that means more blocks….no surprise that I’d make it bigger…right?

Originally the squares for the center blocks were suppose to be 2 5/8″ x 2 5/8″.  Well I had plenty of fabric in my 2 1/2″ bin so I opted to use those pieces.  I’m just sewing them with a smaller seam allowance.  I’m sure it will work as long as I am conscientious about the seams I sew.

I’m hoping that by next week I’ll have the nine patches done.  I only need 36 that’s an obtainable goal.  Certainly I wish I would get further along but alas…I have new projects in the way.  In the next year at this point I already know I need three wedding quilts, a graduation quilt and two baby quilts.  It looks to be a busy year…that’s for sure.  I’m sure there will be more than just these to do too.

You can find me back here next week sharing my progress.

UFO Progress


It happened.  Texas Braid is a top.

Oh my….I am in love.  I was so busy this week but was bound and determined that I was going to make progress on this no matter what.  My early morning sewing sessions had been quite abbreviated.  I would sew once seam on this and then go prep for the benefit or do something else I was behind on but I was determined that by today, this would be a top and happily, it is!!


I’m in love with i t.  I, of course, love the colors.  What’s not to love about red?

To keep the quit scrappy and to keep with my frugal quilting ways the reds are all solid reds but all different.  At the time I had about a half dozen different reds that were only quarter yard cuts so I chopped them all up and threw them in.  For now, all I can say is that I”M HAPPY!!

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UFO Progress


Lookie here…I made progress.  It was mostly because of Connie’s visit.  I’m completely thrilled but also kicking myself for not getting this quilt going sooner.

So, remember last week?  I was trimming Texas Braid rows.  (By the way this quilt is in Bonnie Hunter’s Adventures with Leaders and Enders.  Well as I was trimming I found a little boo-boo.


Without my realizing it, I think one of my pieces was slightly shorter.  That made for this boo-boo.  It had to be repaired.  The thought of ripping it out and putting a new piece in seamed a bit daunting so I patched a piece in.  I ripped a couple stitches and folded it back.  Then I found a piece that matched the best it could and pinned it in place.


I hand sewed it in.  This is what the back initially looked like.


Then this….


From there I trimmed it even up and was ready to go.

Next step….start sewing braids together.  I was really nervous about this and people warned me that I would be sewing on the bias.  I pinned a lot and didn’t have a single problem…at least so far.

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UFO Progress


I didn’t get much done this week….I knew I wouldn’t have sewing time because what little time I did have had to be dedicated to charity quilts.  BUT I didn’t want a week to go by with no progress at all…so I pulled out  my Texas Braids and decided to trim them.  I’ve had them done for awhile but have been afraid to trim them…well I started out by reading the directions.  I read and tried to understand the cutting process.  It shows to cut between the two squares.  Hmmm….I decided I really didn’t like that option. TexasBraids-1 If I do that, part of my block will get lost in the seam when I put the binding on.  I decided instead to slide my ruler over about a 1/4″ and cut there. TexasBraids-5 Mine ended up looking like this. TexasBraids-6 Then I started looking at the drawing.  I was so confused.  The picture showed that the little red squares went from border to border.  I liked that.  But then I went and re-read the cutting instructions.  Something seemed off.  I felt like I needed but cut something off the other end too. TexasBraids-3 See…look at the picture below. [Read more...]