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That Flimsy Pile

One of the things that I told you I wanted to work on and get caught up on is my flimsy pile.  I told you that WAY back at the beginning of the year…before cancer…before my husband died.  I had so hoped that I would catch that pile up and have no quilts in the stack by now.  That didn’t happen.

This is where quilt tops go to live until I get to quilting them.  I still want to get them caught up.

I started out okay this year.  I had two tops that were done that went straight to the quilting machine and one that was done from the pile. But then January 24th came and we found out Kramer had cancer.  From there…everything stopped in the quilting room except for Gannon’s baby quilt.

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That UFO Cabinet…

When I was cleaning my sewing room I went through the UFO cabinet.  Remember I was trying to “be real” about everything.  Was I really going to finish it and to be completely honest..What was even in there??  Ah…Did I really want to go through the cupboard…YES.

One side of the cabinet had some stitchy things.  At one point in my life I thought I was going to stitch everything….I really stitched nothing.  Ahhh…so do I keep it or not?  I ended up keeping what you see here.

I LOVED this piece.  I stitched it but then my thread bled when I soaked it.  AH…I tried to convince myself it wasn’t noticeable but looking at the picture, I think it is.  AH.  Maybe I should just get rid of it.  Opinions anyone?

Here’s a close up.

Surprise!!!  This is where my punch needle things have been hiding.  Hmmm.  Should I keep them.  YES.  I do like punch needle and in the past I’ve taken it with for something to do in the waiting room at the doctor’s office.  Plus I do love the look and it takes up little space.

This…it doesn’t bring me joy.  I did it in wool and here’s my confession…I don’t like wool stitched to cotton.  This project will likely get donated next time I go through my stuff.  This time I couldn’t part with it quite yet.

Hmm.  I’ve seen and loved this.  So much I bought the pattern and it set.  UGH.  I haven’t touched it so it’s not really a UFO is it?

This pincushion I have stitched except for the green stems.  That would be a quick project to finish up…

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UFO Decisions: The Red Spider Web

I’ve been going through my UFO cabinet.  One by one I am asking the hard questions.  Will I REALLY ever complete this?  Would it better if I let this go and give it to a charitable organization?  Today I am tackling my red Spider Web quilt.

This project came to me via the thrift store.  I was thrilled to get it.  The bag cost $10 and had these unfinished blocks…

and one finished blocks.  I was so excited as  there were a lot of finished ones.  I thought I had plenty…WRONG.  There weren’t nearly as many as I needed.

I didn’t think it was a big deal at all.  I’d grab some red fabric and make more blocks.  Well…that didn’t work as planned.  All the reds were wrong.

I blogged about it and readers were so encouraging and told me to cut more reds from the fabrics I had and to not worry about it.  Well, that’s not me.  The different colors or the reds would have very much bothered me.

Well fast forward to a couple weeks ago.  I was working on some organizing.  One of the things I was doing was sorting thrifted fabric.  In there was a red.  It seemed like it was the shade of red I needed.  I dug out the spiderweb quilt and happily it matched.  The problem, it was only a fat quarters worth of fabric.  I got out my template and started cutting.

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UFO Decisions: Tribute to Judie

I’ve told you a few time this month that I am trying to tackle my sewing room.  It seems a little tedious in the method that I’m using but it’s working for me and that’s all I care about.  In the past I’ve opened the UFO cabinet, I’ve said -Yep, those are the UFO’s..and moved on.

This time around I’m going through everything.  I am asking, “Are you REALLY ever going to finish this or is this just a dream?”

It doesn’t bother me to part with things as much as it used to.  I think there are several reasons why…
1-Money isn’t as tight as it used to be
2-I have a whole network of people who are willing to finish UFO’s and pass them on to charity.
3-I have a STRONG desire to take control of my space.

Over the next while (however long it takes) I’m tackling that UFO cabinet and asking the hard questions and then if I decide to keep it, I’m going to see what the project needs that might move it along or what might make the project more desirable to grab the next time I’m in need of a project.

Today’s project:  Tribute to Judie

This is likely one of my oldest UFO’s.  I I started it a LONG time ago.  Seeing this photo is what enticed me to want to make it.

Oh I loved it and the happy news is that I still love it.  I knew immediately that this is a project I want to keep and find room for.

I looked and figured out that I started this back in February of 2010.  Oh my.  It’s almost nine years old.

So where am I at and what can I do to get me willing to grab this project?
Well…the project at some point and time must have gotten tipped over because pieces are everywhere and not matched.  I know if it’s like this, I won’t grab it.

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