UFO Progress


I have some progress to share.  I’ve moved on to my Rectangle Wrangle quilt. Last week I hurried and got one star block finished.


Here’s how far I am this week…. [Read more...]

Mid-Year UFO Progress Report


It’s mid year…I thought I would stop and check out where I am on my UFO list that I published at the beginning of the year..

Up first…Blue Skies.  This is from the Bonnie Hunter String Fling book….  This UFO has gone from this….


to this…Read about the finished quilt here if you missed it.


On the rack to be quilted was Wonky Wishes.



That has been quilted.  See? [Read more...]

UFO Progress


I managed to get a little bit of UFO sewing done on my weekend sewing stint with Kelli.

The TWO Zuckerwatte quilts are heading down the home stretch!  I have the long inner borders on the sides of both quilts.  The other inners borders and the piano borders are all sewn and ready to be applied too.


I’m VERY happy with the progress.  (This quilt is in Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling)

I’ve told you before that I work really hard to plan my quilting to fit into my life.  Although I had enough time that I could have finished these tops, I left them as is.  Over the next week or so, during nap time I will pin the border in place and then at night, I will sew them on.

Being these quilts are so close to a finish I thought I better pull something else I could work on this week over nap time….I picked this…. [Read more...]

UFO Progress


I got side tracked on my baby quilt that I told you about on Monday and I’ve been doing some tidying in the quilting room so not as much time got spent on my UFO project.  That’s okay.  These don’t have a deadline and sometimes, that’s the best kind of project to have.

For those who haven’t been following along, I am making two Zuckerwatte quilts.  One for each of my oldest childcare girls.  The pattern is in Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book.


That’s the center of quilt #1.  I am bound and determined to work on these both at the same time not letting one quilt get finished first.  I’m so afraid that if I finish one and not the other at the same time that the second quilt will just sit.  The thrill of quilting is seeing the quilt come together…I’m afraid I won’t be as thrilled for the second quilt.

I got the centers sewn together and planned to iron these over nap time.  Carver was playing his usual Carver trick and not napping with the other kids.  I think he wants uninterrupted Grandma time.  Typically I let him have it but this day these needed to ironed.  I put Carver in the dining room to play and before I knew it he was coming out to the kitchen where I was ironing.  I quickly finished the first one, laid it out on the floor and snapped a picture.   I put him back in the dining room.  Then I went to iron top #2.  Well he had noticed me when I took a picture of the first top and before I knew it I had a helper….


I was going to grab him and put him back in the dinig room to play but I bent down to pick him up and saw this…. [Read more...]