UFO Progress: Fair and Square


I stayed working on my Fair and Square quilt.   I think after seeing a few of the blocks together last week and figuring out I can trim them to size and it wasn’t hard, I got the courage I needed to march on…and march I did.

All of the blocks are sewn….and about half are trimmed.


Trimming was an easy task for me to manage during nap time.  I do it at the kitchen island and can see into the rooms where the kiddos are all sleeping so it’s a perfect task for nap time.   Here’s the last one I trimmed.  [Read more...]

UFO Progress


Well Texas Tumbleweeds got finished.  If you missed that, find it here.  So it’s time for a new UFO.  Earlier I had pulled Fair and Square but after I got the string triangles done, I left it again.  UGH!  So I had a little time so I started back up again.

If you remember, I said that I wasn’t going to follow the pattern and make the string blocks into separate blocks.  Instead I was going to add the string triangles onto the blocks.  Then they were a little big so needed to be trimmed down.


If I’m completely honest, I think one of the reasons why I left this sit again was because I was dreading the trimming of these blocks.  I got up a little courage and decided that worse case scenario was that I would have to redo a block…no biggie.  I figured out that I want the blocks at 14 1/2″…and that what I did with the three blocks I had sewn.  I laid them out on the floor hoping they might inspire me to get some more block done….what do you think? [Read more...]

It’s FINISHED: Texas Tumbleweed


The Texas Tumbleweed quilt is finally finished!  I am so happy.  I met my deadline which is the wedding that is taking place TODAY.  I actually was able to finish it up on Thursday night but didn’t get time to take pictures to show if off to you until today.


I am in love with it.  Really in love.  I think it’s the batiks.  I feel like I need to stand up and apologize for any comment I made about batiks in the past.  If someone would have suggested I made a batik quilt a few years ago I would have laughed.  I wasn’t a fan.  I didn’t think there was much variety in the fabrics.  I didn’t think I wanted to pay the extra $1 or so a yard for the fabric that they usually cost.


Then some really kind blog readers started gifting me some batiks.  I started keeping them in a spot.  Gradually my scrap pile of batiks grew.  It grew enough that I was able to cut out a couple quilts.  Texas Tumbleweed was one of the quilts I chose to cut out.

Boy, oh boy, I sure am glad that I’ve been gifted all these scraps as they have now turned in to one totally awesome quilt.

You might remember awhile back I had told you that Material Magic in New Hampton closed.  Before the doors closed, they had big clearance sales….I built more onto batik stash then.  One of the fabrics I found was this sunflower fabric on the border.  I was hesitant to use it on the border but then six weeks ago or so I talked to the bride to be.  She was telling me that she had planted sunflowers in the spring and had hoped they would be looking good and blooming for the wedding so she could use them as her flowers.  When it came time to pick the border I was so thrilled that I had bought plenty of the sunflower fabric so I would have enough to use as the border and for the binding.  What do you think? [Read more...]

UFO Progress


If you’ve been following along on my UFO progress you know that my Texas Tumbleweed quilt is on a rush order as it’s destine to be a wedding present for a wedding on SATURDAY.  Last week I showed off this finished top.


The goal was have it finished today.  NOT.  That did not happen.  Saturday morning I got up early.  I still had a charity quilt on the frame.  It was almost done with only a little more than one strip to finish.

I got that done, trimmed and off the machine.


Then I went to load Texas Tumbleweed but I hated all of the backings I had.  I went off to the quilt shop and did some errands….but I never got back to the quilt room.  Finally Sunday night after when I should have been in bed, I pieced the backing, ironed it and loaded it on the frame.

Early Tuesday morning before my doctor’s appointment for my shoulder (more on that later) I got a start on it.  So far, I am loving it.  I’m using a brownish-gold thread and it’s looking good.


My hope is to have it finished by Friday.  It’s going to be neck and neck to finish.  Saturday Kelli is coming and we were hoping to power sew the quilt we need to get sent out for publishing.  If I don’t have this done, that ruins those plans.

Somehow it will get done.  Worst case scenerio, I lock myself in the room one night after childcare until the quilting is done…and we order our pizza.

I love the quilt and can’t wait to show the finished product.  Check back here Saturday morning to see if I made it! Check next Wednesday too. I need to figure what UFO is getting attention next.