UFO Progress


I didn’t get much done this week….I knew I wouldn’t have sewing time because what little time I did have had to be dedicated to charity quilts.  BUT I didn’t want a week to go by with no progress at all…so I pulled out  my Texas Braids and decided to trim them.  I’ve had them done for awhile but have been afraid to trim them…well I started out by reading the directions.  I read and tried to understand the cutting process.  It shows to cut between the two squares.  Hmmm….I decided I really didn’t like that option. TexasBraids-1 If I do that, part of my block will get lost in the seam when I put the binding on.  I decided instead to slide my ruler over about a 1/4″ and cut there. TexasBraids-5 Mine ended up looking like this. TexasBraids-6 Then I started looking at the drawing.  I was so confused.  The picture showed that the little red squares went from border to border.  I liked that.  But then I went and re-read the cutting instructions.  Something seemed off.  I felt like I needed but cut something off the other end too. TexasBraids-3 See…look at the picture below. [Read more...]

UFO Progress


I set the mystery aside long enough to sew just a bit on Talkin’ Turkey.  My goal is to work on UFOs and I can’t work on them if I don’t take a little time out for them.  So….here’s what I got done.

Yes, I know it doesn’t look like anything at all as it’s unorganized but here’s the goods.


Last week I told you that I thought I had all of the flying geese done but this week I went to sew the borders together and alas, I was short a few pieces.  I counted and recounted.  Originally I thought I was short about 8 geese.  Well when I was making 400 and some that makes sense that I could be off 8 geese.  This is so true as I knew I cut this out over the course of week during nap time moments when all the kids were sleeping.  I counted again and I was closer to 45 off.  Oh well…might as well start sewing right?

So I sewed them all- then sewed them into the borders.  I was so happy to have those outer borders of flying geese finished up.  Then I lifted up my book with the directions and ah…there in the box below was a border strip I already finished!  That was why my count was off and dang.  I didn’t need to make 45 more geese.

…and so goes the life of an unorganized quilter!!

Oh well.  From there I was onto making the sashing strips.  They are all finished too.  They even got Ruby’s stamp of approval.  See? [Read more...]

UFO Update


I pulled out all of my Bonnie Hunter UFO projects.  I counted them up and took pictures so I could make a new listing of them.  Stop back later this week and I’ll share it.  For now, with Winston Ways completely finished and Pfeffernuse sewn into a top, I need to start in on a new quilt.  The closest one to the machine was Talkin’ Turkey so I pulled it and started in.

It started out like this at the beginning of the summer.


I had some of the red string units finished.

Over the summer when I had the luxury of all of my childcare kids sleeping at the same time I cut out the rest of the quilt over the course of a week during nap times.  (I miss those days when everyone slept at once!)

When I pulled the Talkin’ Turkey UFO just before Christmas I finished the string pieced units.  Then over the weekend jumped in and started on the over 400 flying geese units.


Can you believe I am this far? [Read more...]

UFO Progress


I have progress in the UFO department….

Look and see!


My Pfeffernuse quilt is a top!  I’m so excited.  It feels so good to have a project that is this far along.  I started thinking about where I am going to put this quilt in the line up of quilts waiting to be put on the quilt frame.  The good news is that this one already has a backing ready to go…dare I hope to get it done over the weekend…maybe.


What’s fun about this quilt…I bought a big box of scraps, many 80′s calicoes on a garage sale for $1 and they make up much of the string blocks.  The box was so big that there is plenty more to make another quilt.  Kelli saw this and said if I didn’t mind, she’d take the rest of the box of scraps.  She wants to make this quilt too.


I’m very happy with the border fabric.  It’s a piece I bought from Whittles Fabrics.

You can find me here next Wednesday sharing my UFO progress..oh my, I have to figure out what I’m pulling out to work on.