Stash Report


I hit my favorite thrift store again….

The fabric selection wasn’t what it was a couple weeks ago when I really scored but that’s okay….as I always tell you, I don’t NEED fabric.  I did pick up a few pieces though.

These are only 50 cents each so they are super hard for me to resist.  The top two (floral and polka dot) are actually corduroy.  They are SUPER soft-not like the stuff I remember as a kid.  The rows are really close and narrow too.  I have a collection of corduroy fabrics that I really want to make into a quilt someday.  These are going in the collection.


The orangish fabric on the lower left is really a bit more orange that it looks….I don’t have many orange fabrics at all so this was a good one to get….the strawberry fabric is enough to back a baby quilt.  Each of the pieces are over a yard….See why it’s so hard for me not to buy them at 50 cents each???

My favorite find of the day was this…. [Read more...]

Stash Report


I bought fabric again.  What’s with me?  I can go for a LONG time and buy zero fabric except what I get at the thrift store (which I don’t really count as it’s so cheap) then I open the wallet and it’s virtually impossible to close.

I know if I’m going to be spending money I’d MUCH rather be spending it on fabric than a manicure.  With my fabric purchases I get long term entertainment and I get a great awesome finished project that can be enjoyed and used for a LONG time.

So here’s my confession…I follow Quilting Twins on Facebook.  Rachel, the twin that works the fabric side of things, has been showing lots of pictures of fabric as she loads them on her site.  I was scrolling through Facebook and saw that she just put up the fabric on the far left-the floral.  I immediately wanted it as the backing for my Floribunda quilt.  Kelli did some of the leg work (or rather cutting work) for me on that and even though I haven’t shown you yet, I’m starting to do some of the cutting too.  Well I wanted that floral as the backing.  I love yellow roses and this would be perfect.  It was $3.99 a yard…how could I say no?


Well that got me looking through the site and I saw the light plaid.  Well that would be perfect for my Virginia Bound quilt for a backing.  That quilt is made with 100% cotton men’s recycled shirt so that seemed like a great choice….


I should have stopped there but they have a flat rate shipping so what if I bought some other fabric for other upcoming quilts…. [Read more...]

Stash Report


I got some goodies.  Ila played “scrap fairy” and send me a box of scrappy goodness.  I love Ila boxes.  They are the best thing to get in the mail…and happily Ila knows what I love….SCRAPS!


This one the mail lady brought to my door and I got to open it over nap time.  Few things can make nap time more fun than a special delivery of fabric scraps.  There are all kinds included.  There was a bag with batik scraps..brights and other goodies.  As soon as the retreat is over I am going to get the box sorted and organized into places that they can be used.

I also hit the jack pot at the local thrift store!  Here was my find there. [Read more...]

Stash Report


You might remember a bit ago I order some batik fabrics from Homestead Hearth.  They were having a blow out fat quarter sale.  I ended up buying quite a few bundles.

What can I say…I really didn’t have very good batik selections of fabrics.  I like scrappy quilts and purchasing fat quarters is one of the quickest ways to get a good variety of scrappiness…so I bought some.  I ended up writing a blog and telling you all about it.  Well that blog post ended up publishing two weeks after I actually bought the fabric.  So…some blog readers went and checked out the link I provided and one reader even told me that she had bought some but was a little sad that the pink must have sold out and but she did get some yellows….WHAT?

There were no yellows when I ordered!  So you can guess what I did…I followed the link and found that they were now offering yellow/oranges and light blues.  I didn’t have either.

So you guessed it.  I ordered some.


My “yellows” are more orange but that’s all okay.  There are yellows hidden in between too….some of the blues are aqua and that’s okay too.  Remember-I’ll be making scrappy quilts!!  I need that variety.

So do you want to here more news?  As I was writing this I went to Homestead Hearth’s website.  I found the blowout sale page and WHAT?!?!  The are now offering even more different bundles packages.  I’m afraid they’ve created a monster in me.

I don’t need a bit more of fabric but saying no is so hard when it’s only about $1.40 per fat quarter.  I’m off to wrestle with myself….do I get more?  Probably.