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Stash Report

I have an auction happening here on the blog.  Check it out at HERE.  I have vintage quilts, quilt tops and linens up for sale.  The auction ends Monday at 5pm Central time.

With all the cleaning I’ve been doing in my sewing room one would think I could pass up the fabric at the thrift store….um.  Nope.  I couldn’t do it.  I just couldn’t.

Kalissa and Carver were with me.  Kalissa has read the book  How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind by Dana K. White that I’ve been raving about.  As I was digging through the fabric, Kalissa said to me…”Really Mom…do you really want to bring that into your house?”  She was teasing me…but right then and there I decided that even though I want less in my sewing room doesn’t mean I have to quit supporting charities.  So I dug…

…and I found this small quilt top.  It was $5.  The blocks are super scrappy.  I’ll happily pass this on to a charity.  I couldn’t see it sit there when it could be doing some good.

I bought this table runner.  It’s not quilted or bound.  I bought this as I’m often asked for a donation to give and this could quickly be finished up and donated without me having to put a lot of time into it.  This was more expensive than usual…$8 but I figured it could save me a lot of time.

I also found this….again, $8…. Continue reading

Stash Report

Remember I told you I was on a fabric diet.  (read about it here if you missed it)  Well the premise of the “fabric diet” was to buy less fabric.  It’s been a huge success for me.  I don’t think I’ve bought any fabric from an actual quilt store in month…(I think about 10 months)  I’ve bought thrifted and auction fabric but none from a fabric store!

Well I caved.  But it’s not for me.

The fabric is all for projects I’ll be gifting.
The fuzzy yellow is a tag blankies for the new grand babies that we are expecting.

The printed fabric will all be pillow cases.  My friend Connie is the queen of pillowcase giving.  I have loved the pillowcases she gave me.  They always make me smile so when I saw these prints I just knew I needed to get the fabric.  Check it out close up…. Continue reading

Stash Report

I always look at fabric at every thrift store.  Sometimes I find it…sometimes I don’t.  Over the summer I had found fabric most ever time at one of the stores but now I don’t find much at all.

One of the other stores, I’ve rarely found fabric at but this time, I did!!  As I was walking by the Christmas things I saw FABRIC!!  Yep, they put fabric in with the Christmas things as it was Christmas fabric.

So then I immediately went to the place where fabric is thinking if someone donated this, then there must be more.

There was…the cream piece too…and then (wait for it) SCRAP BAGS!!!

This is what I ended up with.

The one scrap bag says $1.25 but it’s not the store sticker.  The store sticker said $1.50.

I normally don’t buy Christmas fabric but I’ve been doing string and scrap quilts.  Cut up, no one knows or cares if there is Christmas fabric thrown in the mix.  I know I don’t.  I’m working on Hunter’s Star right now which is a red and white/cream quilt so I’m stripping this up and throwing it in the scrap box.

So this is want I found in the first scrap bag…. Continue reading

Stash Report

Check out our auction post:  We have goodies for you to bid on HERE.

I recently told you that there hasn’t been much fabric at the thrift stores lately…that’s okay.  I really don’t need more…it’s just fun and I do give away a lot that I buy.


I finally got through all of the fabric that I bought at the auction I went to before Thanksgiving.

Remember this picture of my living room and all the boxes of fabric I bought? Continue reading