Stash Report


I hit my favorite thrift store again….This last week I only had 15 minutes before they closed so I hit up the fabric and the toys first…I had to have a strategy when I only had so little time.  Yet, I take my thrifting seriously.

I checked the totes first…there was only knit, shear and polyester fabric.  I check the rest of the craft rack and there at the top were three grab bags….I grabbed all three and hurried on to the toy section.  Once home I opened them to find….all sorts of goodies.  The first bag was $1.


Inside were these treasures.  I was super excited about it as there were lots of grays.  I’ve told you before that I saw a quilt that Bonnie Hunter made that will be out in her upcoming book that uses lots of grays.  I’ve been collecting and these are going in the collection box to wait for the release of the new book.


That bag was well worth $1.  Most of the cuts were 1/2 yard cuts.

The next bag was also $1.

This bag had smaller scraps in it but still fun!


This was my favorite piece.  It’s a canvas type fabric and had the world map on it.  I’m really tempted to use it and make a new make up bag.


Also in the mix were all of these wine/beer/alcohol fabrics.

That bag was a fun $1 worth of entertainment!

The last bag was more expensive at $2.


Here is what was inside…. [Read more...]

Stash Report


You might remember last week I told you that I’ve been collecting taupe fabrics again and that the gals over at Quilted Twins just put out a new supply.  I did order some….I went a little overboard.  There are five fat quarters in each pack so…


..if I bought 7 packs, that means I bought 35 fat quarters.  Oh my.  That’s a lot of fat quarters.  Thankfully the price is awesome!

I had to open all the bundles so I could get a look at all of the fabrics.  See? [Read more...]

Stash Report


A bit ago I told you that Quilted Twins was offering fat quarter bundles in taupe colored fabrics.  I order some and awhile back they arrived.  I haven’t touched them until today.  It’s time.  These guys need to get and sewn.  We have a deadline around the corner and we’ll never make it if these don’t get cut up…well not all of them.  This was the order that came.


Here I opened up all of the taupe colored fat quarters that I bought.  These are all perfect for the quilt.


I had talked to the gals over at Quilted Twins and they said they sold out of all of the taupe fat quarter bundles but I have good news for you.  They are back in stock.  You can find the link for them here.

We are making another one of these quilts.


It is the quilt I made this summer for Hubby’s great niece Amber.  The quilt will be featured in an upcoming publication and needs to be in house in November so we have the rest of October to finish it and get it sent off.  The quilt is quick so I’m not worried about not making the deadline.

Quilted Twins offers lump sum shipping.  I think it’s $5 per order so as long as I was ordering….. (you know how that goes)  I ordered this….. [Read more...]

Stash Report


My mailbox held happy mail….


There was no address…no signature.  The anonymous packages are always curious to me.

This one had a note.  The writer proclaimed to have too much fabric and wanted to pass it along to me.  She also told me to expect more packages.

All of the pieces are already put away and have a home.  I love it when I tackle sorting jobs immediately!!  I had a “little talk with myself”.  My sewing room is completely and totally disorganized right now.  I don’t have time to clean it as that wedding quilt and the publication quilt both need attention…BUT I can at least not add to the mess that is already there so I’ve been making myself tackle things as they come in.  No walking upstairs and dumping it in the room for me!!!  I’m hoping that once I do get a chance to clean this will strategy will lessen the time I have to clean.

I have been sorting when I only have a few minutes.  I’ve come up with FOUR boxes of fabric and things I am passing on.  There are several quilting groups south of me that are always looking for fabric.  Sandra is great about driving to my house and picking it up.  She then sorts through it all and distributes it out between the groups she works with.  It’s great as I don’t have to pay postage to get it out.  Some of the fabric I send on to her might be a loud print that I don’t have a home for, poor quality fabric, squares that are already cut to size, panels, and even some of the fabric I buy via thrifting.  I love supporting others as they work to make charity quilts.

Back years ago when Kalissa was little the church that we were attending at the time had a quilting group that made quilts for Lutheran World Relief.  I was a stay at home mom and worked our schedule so that I would go out and quilt with them.  I loved it.  There is so much closeness and fellowship that goes into each of the quilts.  I think it’s funny that the ladies all work under the guise of helping others across the ocean when in reality they are helping each other too.  Two of the ladies were widows.  I think they loved quilting just for the chance to get out and talk with others.   I loved listening to the stories they told as they worked.  At the time I brought Kalissa.  She was 3 years old or so.  Those ladies loved and doted on her.  Those memories are some of the fondest I have…for Kalissa too.

I’m sure the ladies who get this fabric I’ve recently boxed up are enjoying the same kind of atmosphere in the groups they are quilting with.  I’m so happy that even from a distance, I can be a small part of helping the quilts happen but even more importantly, that fellowship that happens when ladies get together and make charity quilts.  Kudos to all you who who do that much needed work.

…and to the anonymous giver…THANKS!!