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Stash Report…

A box came in the mail for me….It was from Diane in Michigan along with a lovely letter.

I am thrilled that Diane thought of me with such wonderful fabrics.

I know this sounds crazy but in all the hub-bub of my life, I didn’t even remember what I was planning on sewing!!  I didn’t know what projects were on the burner…or the back burner for that matter.  I did know that I did need to finish Georgia’s baby quilt but that is all I could remember.

Well Diane reminded me…my Oregon or Bust quilt.  It’s a Bonnie Hunter quilt in her Scraps and Shirttails II book.  She sent these..I need oranges and blues so this is great!

She also sent some black and white stripe for another quilt I was collecting for….again, PERFECT!

…and look at this…. Continue reading

Stash Report

I told you a bit ago about my AWESOME thrift store day.  Well today’s the day I’m going to tell you exactly what was in those in the fabric stack.

Here’s the goodies….

The first thing I grabbed to look at was the bag…I never can really tell what is in them and this one looked good.

And once I laid it all out it looked more like this…. Continue reading

Stash Report

The thrift stores continue to be a bit of a solace to me.  It’s the few minutes that I can hunt and look and forget the changes that our lives have taken in the last few months.  I swear I feel a bit like a bloodhound sniffing out the wanted the items.

Even though I haven’t been sewing, I’m still looking at fabric.  It’s an old habit that’s just not dying with my lack of sewing.  It’s so hard when prices are so cheap!

This is a yard and a half so I can make two pillow cases with it.  I think the childcare kiddos are getting pillow cases this year for Christmas so I now I have some construction fabric that I can easily sew up for them.

I couldn’t resist this piece…. Continue reading

Stash Report

When I was through town I hit up the thrift store.  Lately that 15 minutes while I run through the store is the most time I do anything frivolous.  That’s all okay…I honestly am not complaining, I’m more saying that I was thankful for that simple 15 minutes.

I had Carver with me so it was only a quick stop.  We looked at toys and found him a John Deere tractor….50 cents, which was enough of a bribe for him to let me peacefully look at whatever I wanted.  I headed to the fabric of course.  Just because I haven’t had much sewing time, doesn’t mean I’m not dreaming about sewing time.

Two bags came home with me….One was $1.50- the other was $2.  I wasn’t sure about the $2 one until I flipped it over….

John Deere fabric.  Yep that one came home.

I opened it up to find this…. Continue reading