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Stash Report

I hadn’t had very good luck at the thrift stores recently.  I’ve been in town more than usual and there just hasn’t been much.  Then one day I went came up with this.

Not much for fabric but other fun things.

Thread… 25 cents a spool.  There was a lot more but I only took these.  I always have trouble finding the “right” red when binding a quilt and I often bind in red.  These extra options should be helpful.

In the Ziplock bag were these things…. Continue reading

Stash Report

I stopped at the thrift store.  Lately I’ve not had awesome thrift store luck.  The prices seem to have increased and it’s been picked over.  I’ve had much better luck at auctions.  I was hopeful when I went in though….Look what greeted me.

BE STILL MY HEART.  If you’ve read the blog long, you know I am a WOOD girl.  I love all things wood.  I adore all things wood.  I want all things wood.  I checked the price tag.  $250.  No steal but this I would keep.  I stood right next to it and thought and thought and thought.  Where could I put it?  $250 was a fine price if I had a place for it.  I opened the doors.  All work.  I opened the drawers…All seemed good.  Oh my.  THINK JO KRAMER!!  WHERE CAN YOU PUT THIS.

I decided in the kitchen.  The piece we redid, we would sell.  This would go there.  Would it be too much??  I didn’t care.  I wanted it.  It’s so stinking cute.  The mirror portiong was a working flour bin.  AH….would it fit there in the kitchen.  I didn’t care.  I was getting it and would worry about it later.

I walked towards the register to get a sold sign and saw this…

Aw.  SADNESS.  It’s veneer and the veneer is really damaged.  AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  BUMMER, bummer, bummer.  On my own, I might have bought it anyway, but Hubby would have had a fit.  Veneer lifting is his arch nemisses.

I was on a downer mood then.  Ah, I loved that cabinet.  I had loved it a lot.

So with heavy feet I continued roaming the store.  Then I found this table.  YAHOO!!  $8.  I’ve been looking and looking for something like this.  I want to have Hubby cut the legs down to kid sized and have a bigger table for the childcare kids.

I didn’t love the white legs…I’ll paint them.  I’d have prefered a darker top but this would be fine.  Someday I could refinish that and make it darker for now, this will do.  $8 is a wonderful price.  I had priced them in the childcare supply stores.  UGH…they are $200.  $8 I can handle….$200, um no.  (unless of course it would have been that cabinet.)

So I went and got a sold sign and put it on the table….then back to roaming.

I had looped around the store.  Nothing else.  No fabric either.  That’s VERY unusual.  Then I decided to check the kids clothing.  When Kalissa work late and Craig has a meeting I often end up giving Carver a bath.  I could use a couple pair of jammers.  Carver recently moved up a size and Kalissa didn’t have a lot of spares so I’d check.  I found a pair.   Yahoo…then as I started to walk to the counter, a stocker gal came out with a laundry basket of fabric.  YES!!!

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Stash Report

This is the Carla version of the stash report…

You might remember that we sent a quilt to Carla (of Longarm Quilting Inspirations) to be quilted.  Carla got the quilt done then got a hold of me telling me we should make arrangements to meet.  Well Carla suggested Wednesday but I don’t to Wednesday after work.  It’s my errand day.

So I suggested she come, as I said (now-ish).  The childcare kiddos were all sleeping and it would be perfect.  Carla is a sweetie and didn’t mind having to be the one to do the driving.  (it’s only 2 miles but well beyond her job description)

She said, “Hey, I’m cleaning out fabric, want some?”  Well you all know me.  OF COURSE I DO!!  So Carla brought fabric!!

Carla explained that she used to work at a fabric store and was their in-house long armer.  Every so often the boss would want to clean out space and would give fabric away to the employees.  She now spends most of her time longarming so doesn’t get a chance to use it.  She knows I do a lot with charity quilting so passing it on to me to find homes for it!

I was happy when I saw it.

Even happier when I got to really looking at it!!  See? Continue reading

Stash Report

**I’m hosting an auction on the blog.  Find that post HERE.**

I was thrifting and found some goodies.  Not a lot but ones I believe will get used up.

This clown fabric is the cutest.  It has a bright white background.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it but that’s okay.  A yard of fabric for 50 cents…that’s a deal and I don’t have to worry about using it up quickly.

The blue piece has LOTS of construction vehicles on it.  I’m doing pillowcases for the kiddos for Christmas so this will for sure be a pillowcase.  There is a yard of fabric here…again only 50 cents.

For the next one I paid $2 and I need some help with this one.  Check it out…. Continue reading