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Stash Report

So I added a little to my stash this week…really, only a little.

You might remember last week I told you that I ordered from Quilted Twins and was a little disappointed with the fabric cut.

Notice the bottom where the letters were cut off.  I really could not use that section of fabric as the letters were now useless.  Well apparently someone notified them on my behalf and they saw my blog post about it.  Seriously, I was okay with it…just happened to point it out in my blog post.  I really didn’t need tons more of alphabet letters as  I actually had quite a bit of the fabric from this line already.  Anyway….

Look what the gals at Quilted Twins sent… Continue reading

Stash Report

When I went to Rochester to see Lori and Connie last weekend, I planned to stop at Pine Needles Quilt Shop.  I was looking for some binding clips or sewing clips.  As I’ve been sewing the mystery, I’ve needed more.  I had a small set a blog reader gifted me but they are all being used holding UFO blocks.  I had another set with larger clips but I only have 15 or so of them and that’s not enough for the mystery blocks…So, I wanted some more.

Well I ended up late to meet Connie, we excited to see and completely forgot about wanting the binding clips.

I did end up buying some fabric.  I didn’t intend to and then I saw the clearance rack and batik was on there that could work for binding the mystery I bought it.  And you know how it goes, you buy one thing and the flood gate open.  Luckily is was just a quick open and shut and I only ended up with these two fabrics.

Connie had been shopping in the store before I got there so she was showing me cute, cute stuff.  I was busy admiring some of the projects and I particularly liked a bag made with pineapple blocks.

We chatted.  I found the ruler to make the pineapple blocks, had it my hand to buy it and then put it back.  I told myself I never end up using the rulers…besides the store was closing and I was more interested in chatting with Connie than shopping.

Well I got home and realized I forgot all about the binder clips.  It completely slipped my mind.  I really wanted some so I ended up on Amazon and placed an order.  Notice I got more than only binder clips…. Continue reading

Stash Report

As the year closed I put in one more order for fabric.  I told myself I wasn’t back on my fabric diet until the new year hit…and even that has a little exception.  I have two gift certificates to use!!

My order was to Quilted Twins.

My kids who got the pillowcases with the puppy print fabric liked the fabric so I checked to see if they had more and they did…that’s what prompted my order.  This is what I got….

This is for pillowcases.  I wanted to have some on hand if I need a quick something.  Do you all do that to?  Buy something so you have it “just in case”.  Living rural like we do, I can imagine forgetting a birthday party for one of the childcare kids and there be nothing to gift.  I could easily whip up a pillowcase.  It makes me not worry if I have something on hand.

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Forest Mills Quilt Shop

I told you that after we picked up Rosie that we were on a mission to stop at the Forest Mills Quilt Shop.  I was hoping to pick up a couple of pieces of fabric for the mystery quilt.  I was still a little bit short on dark blue and aqua.

Diane and Carolyn the gals are big into animals so we brought Rosie for them to meet.  Rosie did a good job and spent most of her time hanging with Georgia.  Here she is giving her five.

I had hoped to snap picture and give you a shop tour but with Rosie and Georgia there it was too hard.  I did snap a couple pictures of some great things they had in the shop.  If you’re thinking of our Be Bold quilt, they have the kit!!  I love the colors.  Diane opted to put borders on her version.

Here is our version.  Read about it HERE.  The kit they have doesn’t include borders.

I apologize over and over about this picture.  But this panel they just got in was amazing!!  Close up, it looks like I can see brush strokes of a paintbrush.  The gals said that people have been mounting the panel on a canvas and then decopoging them.  They said then it REALLY looks like a painting as you can see the canvas texture too.  I loved the panel.  They also had one of a longhorn.  SO COOL.

The gals always specialize in all things farm related.  If you want tractor fabric, they have it!

They had this panel too…and I bought it.  I have a family expecting a baby that will be coming to childcare and the mom is a farmer.  I thought if they have a girl, this will be perfect.  I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with it, but something fun.
They also had this panel that I bought.  I loved it too.  
I wasn’t sure if I wanted it for the baby quilt too.

..and then Kelli wanted some of this for a bag…. Continue reading