Stash Report


I’ve had some goodies come my way.

I have a blog reader named Sue from Manchester, Iowa.  She recently took a quilt to my friend Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations to be quilted.  With it she brought goodies for me.  Aren’t the bright colors awesome?


The two pieces at the top are flannels.  I’m hoping to use them for some baby burp cloths.  I’ve been wanting to make some and haven’t gotten to it.    THANKS so much Sue.  I really appreciate it.  I hope you love the job Carla did on your quilt.  I think she does amazing work!

My friend Connie who is one of the most thoughtful people I know sent me a piece of purple fabric.  I had said that I wanted to make Bonnie Hunter’s Midnight Flight quilt.  I also mentioned that purple isn’t a fabric that I had very much of…so Connie to the rescue.  I love the print…don’t you? [Read more...]

Stash Report


Can you believe I don’t have anything that I can talk about that came in?  That hasn’t happened for a long time.  That’s completely okay though…I full!  I actually had to think about what I’m going to write about…typically I have things that have come in the mail or Kelli and I have bought fabric…not this time.

I thought today I’d tell you about how I am USING my stash….right down to the littlest scraps.

You might remember that not long ago I completed my Santa Fe String Star quilt…take another look at it.


Look at all those flying geese around the outside.

Now take a look at Star Struck.  I’m working on that one but have the borders done.  Check them out.  See all the chisel pieces?


I am a person that keeps the bonus triangles when I make flying geese, chisels or any similar shape.  If you aren’t familiar with bonus triangles here’s a couple pictures I took while working on another project that explains the process.   [Read more...]

Stash Report


Remember I told you last Thursday that my childcare kids were all sick?  (Read about that here if you missed it) Well it was true-they were all very sick….Friday none of them came to childcare.  That left me with an open day…except for Carver.  He wasn’t sick.  Being he only comes part time I was hoping that he would avoid it.

Well Kelli and I decided that we’d drive over to Osage to The Stitchery Nock.  They were framing a piece that Kelli did and she wanted to pick it up.  I was game for a drive and Kalissa didn’t mind if we took Carver so we declared a “ROAD TRIP”.  To get to Osage we needed to drive through New Hampton.  Well I wanted to pick up some wide backings for a few of my quilts and Kelli, after seeing my batiks, wanted some of her own.  We stopped at Material Magic.  That’s the store that is going out of business and has discounted prices.

I ended up coming home with this….


The big chunks of reds and purple are all for backings for quilt tops that I have that are waiting for backs.  I so want to get my personal longarm quilting caught up and now I won’t be able to use the excuse that I hate piecing backs.  I now have plenty of wide backings for a bit…So watch for some quilt finishes coming up!  I am going to tackle them.

The ABC panel, I already have one of.  It’s very boyish and I’ve liked it.  I’m hoping to do a more boyish version of the last ABC quilt that I did…this one will be boyish but someone needs to have a boy baby!

The batiks I got because…um, I now like batiks and “just need a few more for collecting”…I keep telling myself to not buy too many but who can resist?  Right?

There are some little prints on top of the purple pile.  Those are only 1/8 yard cuts.  Long ago a blog reader sent in an ABC charity quilt for me to machine quilt.  I adored the quilt.  It had an alphabet letter and then had items with the letter’s beginning sound sewn around the letter…so I am starting to collect a few novelty prints to someday make one.  It will take a long time.  At some point I’m guessing I’ll need some help with it from all of you!!

I did go shopping with a list and on the list I needed a purple for binding the mystery.  Material Magic had nothing in Civil War prints in purple so I walked over to the other quilt shop in town.  They had one…and also a couple more batiks in purple.  Kelli and I are both in the planning stages of making Floribunda (a Bonnie Hunter quilt)  She used quite a few purples in hers and purple is a color I don’t have much of…this should help the cause.  I did refrain and only get four cuts of fabric here…see? [Read more...]

Stash Report


I don’t buy a lot of fabric anymore.  I remember years ago when I was trying to build a stash of Civil War fabrics I would go into the quilt shops and buy $100 worth of fat quarters.  So many of the reproduction quilts that I loved were scrappy and how does one get a good scrappy collection unless you buy?   Several time I went up to the Calico Hutch in Hayward.  They had a big sale on one Friday each month.  Then fat quarters were only $2 each…I would buy a big bag full hoping to get some for a good scrappy collection.

Those days have passed.  I have a great scrappy collection partially thanks to those adventures but mostly thanks to finishing project and having left overs and from blog readers.  So often blog readers sent their cast off fabrics to me and I gather them up and put them in my stash.  I trim and cut and have an AMAZING collection of fabric to work with now days.  I love it.

Occasionally something catches my eye and I buy a bit of fabric here and there.  Often it’s something so I can finish a project I’m working on….often it’s a novelty print that catches my eye…and occasionally it’s a pre-cut fabric pack that calls my name.

This time it was a pre-cut.  I had seen this earlier and I even have a couple charm packs here waiting for attention of the exact same print…so why did I buy more?  The price was right!  Yes, even I can cave for a Missouri Star Quilt Daily Deal.

I know that some people poo-poo pre-cuts.  Me, I love them.  It’s a instant scrappy quilt with fabrics that are sure to match.  If I need something quick….a pre-cut is for sure what I want to work with.  There are people who say that we pay more per yard of fabric if purchasing a pre-cut.  Sometimes, I don’t care and sometimes I get a great deal and the fabric actually ends up cheaper.

I’m not sure what I’m doing with for now but something will come to me.  You know I would love the farm fabric! I have trouble resisting anything farm related.

To see what others are doing with their fabric intake and out put, check out Patchwork Times.