Stash Report


I started working on a project.  I planned on telling you about it tomorrow.  Usually on Mondays I do a “what I’m working on” post.  Today, I have to “put the cart before the horse”.

I had to buy border fabric and I had to buy backing fabric.  This project has a deadline and I’m a little behind.


I ended up picking this.  It will make a great border and I didn’t have time to shop for both fabric separately so this is going to be both the border and backing fabric.  It will work and actually even look pretty good so I’m going with it.

My deadline is March 5th at 8am that I have to have it finished.  It’s do-able but I need to keep trucking along with the project.

I found the fabric at Material Magic yesterday.  You might remember that I did a shop tour of the shop. You can find it here.  As the gal was checking me out she said that they got this fabric in thinking it would be great for Quilts of Valor.  I think they are right. It would.

It’s actually a backing fabric that’s 108″.  Perfect.  That’s going to speed up my finishing even more…no piecing a backing for this project…YAHOO!!  I’m off.  I want to get as much done on this as I can today.

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Stash Report


As one of my childcare moms were coming into the door she said, “The UPS guy has a package for you and he can hardly carry it.”  After she left I thought I’d go check out the box.  Hmm….It looked like it was a 45″ batting box.  It was huge.

I didn’t think I ordered anything.  I didn’t think Hubby did.  Hmm.

I went to the garage and struggled to get the package in the door.  OH MY!  It was HUGE.  I opened it.  WOW.

Fabric, fabric, fabric, yarn and trims.  Holy scraptastical!!!!


One was a bag of yarn.  That went to Kayla.

One bag was lace and trim.  Look at all that trim! [Read more...]

Stash Report


You might remember that last week’s stash report featured goodies that I got from Carolyn in Texas.  This week’s comes from her too.  She had messaged me that three boxes were coming.  I believe she mailed them all at the same time.  They didn’t all come at the same time though.  One came at the end of one week and two came the next week.

Check out all of the goodies!


Lots of this will be put to use right away.  I put together a box of quilting things for my niece Jody’s benefit that was held on January 28th.  My quilting basket of goodies for the silent auction had some new magazines that we had quilts featured in, our book and 2017 calendar, a cute little collapsible basket Connie made, pre-cuts and a few other goodies.  I am certain Carolyn won’t mind so I took the single thread spools and one of the charm packs and put it in the basket.

I am saving some Halloween prints in one spot thinking that I’ll likely make the string pumpkin quilt that Bonnie made once the pattern is published.  These are perfect.

Can you believe the thread??
[Read more...]

Stash Report


A box cam in the mail for me last Saturday.  It was a fun box filled with goodies from Carolyn in Texas.  It always amazes me how with careful packing so many goodies can fit into one box!!

These were so fun.  There are a bunch of loose left over charm blocks.  Those are going in a pile for my neighbor girl.  They work WONDERFULLY when I’m sewing with her!  I plan to use the two patriotic charm packs and make our quilt Connect Four that is in our published quilt book, Country Girl Modern.


In the stack in the back on the right were lots of cowboy prints.  When Connie was here she was telling me about all the pillow cases she makes.  They are so cute I’m saving some of them for pillow cases…How fun will cases be that have horses and cowboys?

Also in the mix were these little gems.  I love the sewing themed ones.  I think they would work with some little crafty projects.  I am betting once Kayla sees the one with pins she’ll try to snag it away from me.  Kayla’s last name is Pins and thus the addiction to anything that has pins.


Remember the cute little pop up garbage cans that Kelli and I made with Connie?  The red one sure would be fun to use to make another one.  I’d love to figure out how to hang one off my long arm quilting machine to put threads in.  Too often I end up with threads on the floor and then threads in the beater of the vacuum cleaner.  UGH…I think I’ll work on trying to figure out a way to attach one to the quilting machine…or maybe one of you know of a pattern for one.

Carolyn told me to expect more boxes…OH MY!!  I am anxious to get them!

I have an easy way of storing fabric.  My neighbor girl has taken to putting a lot of it away for me.  It’s so fun hanging with her.

Thanks so much Carolyn….You were so kind to think of me.