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Stash Report

I was on Facebook (seriously I need to stay away from there) and saw that someone on the “Stitching with the Housewives” group found a cool stash of cross stitching things on Facebook Marketplace.  Well that prompted me to go on Marketplace and search “cross stitch”.

I found a garage sale that was looking promising BUT…It was in Wisconsin.  Too far.  On a whim I decided that I would message the person and see if they would let me buy something and they would ship it to me.  They would and I decided to buy all of the Weeks Dye Works thread and all of the Classic Colorworks thread.

The guy was awesome to work with and in a short two days the package was at my house.

When the kids were home, I sorted thread.  Here I caught Kayla in a silly pose as she was teasing Georgia who was in the baby seat.

Here are the Classic Colorworks…unfortunately there were a lot of duplicates in the bunch.  It was dumb of me that I didn’t ask if there were duplicates.

There were a lot of Weeks Dye Works thread too.  I pulled out what I wanted and this was left.  I never use these colors…all brights.
In the end I was disappointed with my purchase.  UGH.  I forgot that others stitch with bright colors….

But…I did get this… Continue reading

Stash Report

I got a box of fabric in the mail from Julie from Me and My Stitches.  Julie is a great Iowa gal.  I first got to know Julie through her awesome quilted jewelry…

..and later through her trunk show and then retreated with her.  How FUN!!  I love how relationships evolve!!

Not too long ago she sent me a box of fabric that was mostly civil war scraps.  I’ve kept that box all together in one spot as one day, soon I hope, I’m going to cut a quilt from it.  I love cutting as I sort scraps when I make quilts.  This box is perfect for it!

…but now for the new box.

Here’s everything all laid out.

Julie wrote in her note that she keeps a little box and fills it with odds and ends and then once it’s full she passes it on to me.  She doesn’t mind if I keep things or pass them on.  I’ve taken to do what Julie does in my own sewing room and I highly suggest it.

Take a box and put it somewhere near the door going out of your sewing space.  When you come across a “why did I buy that” piece of fabric or a notion, toss it in the box.  If you come across scraps and you don’t use scraps, toss it in the box.  If you had fabric that is left over from a project and you don’t want to sort it or keep it, toss it in the box.  Once the box is full, pass it on.  There is someone who would be happy to have it.  It’s a great way to “inactively” clean.

Julie sends her boxes to me and I LOVE it.

She also tossed in come super cute note cards.  I’ve already used a couple of them.  Aren’t they cute?? Continue reading

Stash Report: Connie’s Bag

The last time I saw Connie she brought a bag of goodies.  I set it aside and really didn’t dig into it.  I had been so busy doing the outside work around the house that the inside work got set aside…and the bag from Connie sadly got set aside.

Well then I had the revelation last week that I might someday do a Wild and Goosey quilt out of Kaffe Fassett fabrics and I remember Connie saying she had sent Kaffe leftovers in the bag so I pulled the bag out and dug in!  Oh my…WONDERFUL.  Seriously, I think I can make a HUGE dent in making the quilt of Kaffe fabrics.  I’m so thrilled….but first I’m going to show you the other goodies in the bag.

LOTS of REDS!!  Connie knows I’m a red girl.  If a quilt is in two colors, my immediate go to is RED.  If a quilt needs an accent color, my immediate response is to pick RED.  If it’s at all appropriate, I pick reds for the binding.  Red just always works so these are very appreciated….Scraps are always my favorite.

There were a couple of other pieces that are farmhouse-y with shiplap and cows…Hmmm.  I wonder how I could work these into something.

Now for the Kaffe fabrics…there are some that still in a chunk…. Continue reading

Stash Report…

A box came in the mail for me….It was from Diane in Michigan along with a lovely letter.

I am thrilled that Diane thought of me with such wonderful fabrics.

I know this sounds crazy but in all the hub-bub of my life, I didn’t even remember what I was planning on sewing!!  I didn’t know what projects were on the burner…or the back burner for that matter.  I did know that I did need to finish Georgia’s baby quilt but that is all I could remember.

Well Diane reminded me…my Oregon or Bust quilt.  It’s a Bonnie Hunter quilt in her Scraps and Shirttails II book.  She sent these..I need oranges and blues so this is great!

She also sent some black and white stripe for another quilt I was collecting for….again, PERFECT!

…and look at this…. Continue reading