A Trip to the Backstitch

I told you earlier this week that I would do a blog post about our visit to the cross-stitch/quilt shop in Elkader, Iowa.  If you’ve been waiting for it…here it is.  We visited The Backstitch.  I’m actually pretty lucky to have two needlework shops within an hour’s drive of my home.

In general, I tend to go more towards Osage to The Stitchery Nook as they have more samplers and 40-count linen which I love, but the Backstitch is a pretty cute shop too.

They have lots of small pieces to stitch and their models are GREAT!!  If you have questions about anything you see, I suggest calling the shop as I don’t know the names of patterns and availability.  HERE is their contact information.

I do know that the piece that says, “Home is the nicest word there is”…is a Lizzie Kate pattern.  I know that because I stitched that and have it hanging in my house.  I stitched it while Kramer was in the hospital for a week.  It was such an appropriate stitch at the time.

Below are the Little House Needleworks’ Sheep Virtues.  I stitched those too but I haven’t finished them yet.  Sadly, they are all in a drawer.

This is a Little House Needleworks piece as well.

These were so cute… …

Quilt Shop Review: Quilter’s Window

I imagine this is not newsworthy to most but, I went into a quilt shop.  Seriously, I can not remember the last time I went.  Ooops, wait, It was when I needed some Grunge fabric to make my stained glass quilt.  I was in and out and didn’t even shop.

I went to the quilt shop with something in mind.  Remember my Hawaiian Sunset quilt?  I needed some of the dark blue sashing for it.

I happen to be in New Hampton Iowa to go to the chiropractor and decided to stop at Quilter’s Window.

This is a nice shop and I recommend everyone put the shop on their list of shops to check out if they are traveling through.

I had fun checking out the baby room… …

Quilt Shop Review: Merry’s Stitchins

Last Saturday I decided I couldn’t stand to be in my house any longer.  The boxes that were stacked up here were getting my nerves.  I hadn’t told you all that I needed the mail situation to change.  I was nervous to say anything and didn’t really know quite how to go about changing things.  Kalissa was driving home from working an overnight shift.  She called are we were chatting.  I told her I didn’t know what I wanted to do that day.  I knew I should stay home and tackle the mess but I really wanted to just get out of the house.  Then Kalissa said, “What could you do today that would make you happy by the time you went to bed?”

Hmm.  I told her to have this mail all taken care of would be my ideal.  She said well stay home and do it.  I just couldn’t.  I was so needing a break and time away to think it all through.  So…I wrote the blog post telling you all about the changes in the mail program.  Find that HERE if you missed it.  I scheduled it for the evening post.  I sent a copy of the blog post to our three daughters.  I asked them for their opinions…away I went.

As I drove away from my house I could feel the stress of it all lifting.  Whew.  I finally did it.  I went and shopped at the Amish settlement near Hazelton, Iowa then cut cross country to Merry’s Stitchins near Jessup Iowa.

As I drove I decided I was going to buy a wool kit if I could find one I liked.  I’ve seen several cross-stitchers pick up wool projects lately.  I’ve done several wool applique projects in the past and would love to do one again.  I really wanted to make a pillow for my dough bowl.

They had some cute wool things…

I liked this Welcome Sign but …

A Day With Kelli and Kayla

Kelli, Kayla, and I had a day away getaway on Saturday.  It wasn’t a fancy day away…We had a couple of goals.  We wanted to see some fall foliage.  We wanted a casual day…

We stopped at a garage sale and thrift store along the way and here in Prarie de Chein Wisconsin.  This little place, Valley Fish and Cheese has awesome treats.  We had smoked shrimp here along with cheese curds.  It was so yummy.

More amazing color….

But, this was our destination… …

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