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Quilt Book Review: Stricking Strip Quilts

I’ve told you all that when the new year hits, I’m putting a big focus on tackling my strips boxes.  So many of them are overflowing and need attention.  Lately I’ve had more scraps in than scraps going out.  Back in September I was on Amazon and bought several quilt books that all deal with strips and slowly I’ve been telling you about them all.  The latest one I’m sharing it Stricking Strip Quilts by Kate Henderson.

The book has a neat clean look to it and there are quite a few quilts that I’d really enjoy making.  As I work through my strips I’ve decided that I’m going to make some quilts for me to keep and some for charity.  For the charity ones I’d love it they were quicker less complex quilts.  I think this book has several that I’d put in that category.
A blog reader sent some fabric that I kept with the hop of making this quilt…

This next one I spied thinking it might be a great way to use leftovers from a fabric line of jelly roll strips.  I have a few that might work for that.

I love quilts with this…

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Quilt Book Review: Start With Strips

**This is a repost of Friday’s post.  The pictures didn’t come through.  They are here now**

Do you remember that a bit ago I told you that I want to tackle my strip bins and get some quilts made with all of those strips???  I have not made big plans yet for specific quilts but I am looking for ideas and have it on my brain big time as once I finish up with a few of the projects I have going, I REALLY-REALLY want to get started…so, I’ve been doing some looking to see just what I might want to make.

The other day I was writing a blog post and hopped over to Amazon get a link for the Scrap School book.  That’s when, in the recommended book section, I saw this book Start with Strips by Susan Ache.  The front of the book looked promising…and if you read the smaller print it says, “13 Colorful Quilts from 2 1/2″ Strips”.  Hmmm.  I better check this one out, right??

After looking…I ended up buying the book.  I liked it.  One of the reasons why I did was because so many of the quilts don’t look like they were made of 2 1/2″ strips.

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Quilt Book Review: A Scrapbook of Quilts

Here is a redo.  I posted this last week but the photos didn’t show for many of you and you were so disappointed.  I redid the photos and am hoping that this time they work.  I’m so excited about this book and really want to share it with you.  The orange and blue quilt…I REALLY want to make that!!

Here is the post…
I am in love.  What has caught my attention…and my heart?  This book…A Scrapbook of Quilts by Joanna Figucroa and Carrie Nelson.

You can’t say I didn’t warn you if you want to quilt along with me, because I am going to make a couple of the quilts in this book.  I’m trying so hard to pound out some UFOs and then this book and Scrap School, are going to be my focus.  I am so tempted to throw the UFOs aside but, I can’t.  I’ll feel too guilty…but maybe, maybe I could slowly work on one of these and still work on my UFO quilts.

Have you seen the book?  I have lots of pictures for you.  The book is super fun as the two authors, Joanna Figucroa and Carrie Nelson teamed up to make an amazing book.  There are pincushions, pillows, and quilts all in one book.

One thing I like about the book is that the gals take a block…and then they both make a different quilt with it…or a pillow…or a pincushion.  Check out the spool quilt and the spool pillow…and the spool pincushion.  SO CUTE!

I love Carrie’s version.  It’s the one with the nine patches in the center of the spool in the picture below… Continue reading

Quilt Book Review: 101 Itty Bitty Celebrations

Instagram can be dangerous.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Instagram.  I often love it more than Facebook.  I feel like there are fewer ads and less controversy.  So I do find myself on Instagram at bedtime for a few minutes.  I know people recommend no phone at bedtime but it’s not a problem for me.  I have no trouble sleeping at this point in my life.

Over the last month or so, Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings has been sharing her Itty Bitty Celebration pieces.  She would post one and I’d be so tempted…but I didn’t go and buy it.  She’d show one the next day.  Oh, tempted again.  I continued and continued to be tempted.  Then finally one day I went on Amazon to see all of the designs from the book…Well, that did me in.  I ended up ordering the book.   Here it is, Itty Bitty Celebrations by Lisa Bongeoan.

Happily, the pictures show all of the cute, cute, designs.  I’m sharing pictures of them all! Check them out… Continue reading