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Quilt Book Review: Step Back in Time

You might remember that Martingale Publishing sent me a whole bunch of quilt books to review.  I’ve slowly been wading through them picking the ones I like to review and passing on some as they aren’t my style.  Today’s book Step Back in Time is one I liked…

The authors are  Paula Barnes and Mary Ellen Robison of Red Crinoline Quilts.

The books come to me in ebook format.  Several years ago I used to be able to request hard copies of the books that interested me and then I could do giveaways and pass them on to you…sadly, no more and sadly that means I have trouble showing you the pictures I want to show.

For example…this is the only picture provided of this quilt….

It’s a lovely picture.  The staging in great….but it’s the border that makes the quilt and you don’t get to see the mitered corners.  I love that feature of the quilt.  If I only show you pictures that I have access to, then you miss that.

This quilt I think the borders do a lot for it as well….

Here’s my poor picture of the computer screen with the full picture of the quilt… Continue reading

Quilt Book Review: Countdown to Christmas

Martingale sent me a LONG list of newly released books.  Along with that they send me a copy of the ebook.  Typically I read the titles and authors, open the books and make a quick decision on which I’ll review and which ones I’ll pass on.

When I saw the title Countdown to Christmas, I was planning on passing on that one just because of the title.  I’m not big into decorating and this sounded a little too much like decorating to me.  I thought I’d give it a chance though so I opened the ebook and WOW.  I was surprised.  I liked it.

The author is Susan Ache.  I don’t know that I’ve heard a lot about her…which means nothing as I spend very little time on the computer…well that’s not right either.  I spend plenty of time on the computer but I’m on the writing side of things not the reading side of things.

Anyway, back to the review.  Although the quilts are made with red and green fabric, by no means are all of the Christmasy.  Check this one out….
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Quilt Book Review: Simple Friendships II

Martingale Publishing sent me a big bunch of ebooks to review.  I’ve been weeding my way through them…the ones I like, I’ve been writing review sand telling you about.  Some others that aren’t my favorite I’ve passed on.

Today’s book for review, I would NEVER pass on.  It’s awesome but how could it not be with Jo Morton and Kim Diehl as the authors.  The book is Simple Friendships II and it’s a dandy.

What the authors did is pick six classic quilt blocks and then each made a quilt using that block.

Here’s an example…Kim made this churn dash quilt.

…and the Jo made this one…. Continue reading

Quilt Book Review: Beyond the Battlefield

Back in January Mary from Country Threads announced that her and Connie had a new book coming out.  Well I was super excited.  SUPER EXCITED.   I love Mary and Connie as people and I love them as quilt designers too.  If I could pick my favorite designers, these two ladies would be there right at the top….Mary is my favorite blogger too.  Find her blog here.

Their quilt shop was hands down the very-very best quilt shop I’ve ever been to and I miss it now that they have closed.  Seriously…best shop ever.

So…You can imagine my joy when I learned that the ladies were joining efforts to put out a new quilt book!!  I was elated.

So was I disappointed when I actually saw the book….
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