Quilt Book Review: Moda All Stars All Time Favorites

I caved and bought another book…a quilt book.  It’s Moda All-Stars All-Time Favorites.  The quilts are made by several different designers and compiled by Lissa Alexander of Moda fame.

I have to admit I am a sucker for the books from Moda All-Stars.  When I see the name on the book I always know there are going to be some projects in the book that I will like.  I find myself scrolling through the pictures on Amazon and often ordering.

I used to feel really guilty for buying so many quilt books because honestly, I often don’t make a quilt from the book.  I finally got over that.  I read quilt books like books and magazines.  All of my other reading and listening comes from free online libraries so I easily justify quilt book purchases as my reading budget, not my quilting budget.

Regardless of how you want to spend your quilting or reading budget, this is a good book.

There are 14 projects included in the book.  All are either big lap or larger quilts.

Check out this one…isn’t it a ray of sunshine?  When I get books like this I study color placement and quilting patterns.  I do use orange very often in quilts and this reminds me that hey, orange is a good color too.

This one is soft and gentle.  I love that they pictured it with antiques.  I often think if I am putting quilts with antiques the quilts are supposed to be only reproductions fabric based.  Wrong.  This looks great.

Little things like this are beside the quilt patterns that are often what I get from quilt books.

Oh, what a cute log cabin blog with a tiny friendship star in the center.

I’m never a two-fabric kind of quilt girl but this one could have me rethinking that.

This is another, not my typical quilt.  The pieces are really big but wouldn’t if be great for a charity quilt?  Those big pieces would make the quilt come together quickly.

This one I thought I’d really love but then turned the page of the book only to realize that…

The plus signs were all big and weren’t all over.  I like the concept but I think I might modify the pattern if I ever made it.

Now this one really caught my eye.  I just love it!!  This would be a great quilt for a wedding present.  It would go together quickly and solid fabrics are always cheaper than printed.  Hmmm.  I just might have to make one.  Or I’d love it in red and white for Christmas.

This one is the perfect scrappy quilt.  I really like it.  It’s clean and crisp.

It seems there is always a quilt in a book that pushes me over the edge to buy the book.  For me, it was this one.  Betsy Chutchian designed it…she designs fabric for Moda and is a prolific reproduction fabric quilter.  Oh my.  Be still my heart.  Those tiny little star blocks are calling to me.  I love the printed background.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

I’m so in love with this quilt.  Oh my word, I wish I could sew up some of those UFOs of mine a little faster.  This quilt might be worth setting them aside long enough to make it.  Nope.  I’m going to at least get that Tribute to Judy quilt made first.  I’m already making small little stars.  I shouldn’t sign up for another tiny star block quilt just yet.

You might have noticed that I didn’t show you every quilt from the book.  There is a total of 14 quilts.  You can find the book HERE if you are interested in seeing the other quilts of purchasing the book.  I’m having lots of fun studying all the different designs.

Quilt Book Review: Scrappiness is Happiness

I’ve been a Lori Holt fan.  I love watching her floss tube videos and enjoy watching her tutorials on Youtube.  I have many of her books including her newest book Scrappiness is Happiness.

Lori has a Sew your Stash series on Youtube.  You can find her channel HERE.  She has shown many of these quilt blocks in the videos.  She doesn’t show the complete quilt but does show the blocks.  She doesn’t give you yardage for a whole quilt either.  So…if your budget is tight, you can likely make many of these quilts by simply watching the videos….and if you’re new to quilting, these videos would be a great guide to help you make successful blocks.

What a pretty cover…

Here is a listing of all of the quilts and things in the book.  Of course, her book has the great spiral binding that all of Lori’s books have.

The photography in the book is awesome.  Lori has such great things to put with her quilts for the cutest pictures.  I love paging through the book.

I love the saying too!!  That is frame-worthy.

This book is FULL of quilts.  There are 32 quilts in the book.  The is priced around $39 depending on where you get it from which is a little more than typical quilt books…but you’re getting a lot more in the book with 32 different quilts.

I thought I’d show you a few of the quilts…

The premise of the book is to use your scraps and that can easily happen with the quilts in the book.

One thing I liked is that the quilts aren’t all small.  Even the bee quilt that I showed you is 84 1/2″ x 84 1/2.

I loved this one and … …

Quilt Book Review: Playful Precut Quilts

I was scrolling Instagram a couple of weeks ago and the author of this book, Amanda Niederhauser had taken over All People Quilts’ Instagram account.  I followed her all weekend and saw that she had a book…and another one coming out.

Gee, the color of the book looked familiar.  I remember looking at it once but then didn’t buy it as nothing in the preview pictures caught my eye.  Well, the pictures the author was showing on Instagram sure caught my eye…so I ordered Playful Precut Quilts.

I have stated this before.  I believe that CT Publishing doesn’t do its best to showcase their quilt books.  In my personal opinion, they picked my least favorite quilts to show.  Here are their pictures…

I don’t mind the quilt above…and the quilt below is okay too.  This one actually allows you to pick four blocks from the quilt book and put them together to make this quilt.  That’s fun.

They also feature this… …

Quilt Book Review: Fresh Start Quilts

My quilt book came.  I’m so excited.  I just got Fresh Start Quilts by Mary and Connie of Country Threads fame.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting its arrival ever since Mary first published the video of the book.  You can see the video by pushing the play button.

The video is great.  I thought I would share some pictures of the quilts from the book.

There are 11 bed sized to lap-sized to wall-hanging quilts in the book plus 3 mini pillows.

I thought that was a pretty good bang for the buck.

Once I get a little caught up in the sewing room (as if that will happen) I’ve been tossing around the idea of actually making some quilts more as decoration for my house.  I’d love to have a couple of red quilts for Christmas.  The one below would be perfect for Christmas or Valentine’s.

This one is bed sized.  If you had a large-scale print fabric that you’ve been saving back but really love, this would be a great project for it.

This one is… …

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