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Quilt Book Review: Bowl Me Over

Martingale Publishing sent me THIRTEEN book to review.  I never have to review all of them…just the ones I like.  Here’s the first review I’m writing.

This isn’t really a quilt book but it’s crafty and fabric and really, really good so I’m leaving it in the Quilt Book Review section.  The book is Bowl Me Over and the author is Debbie Busby.

Martingale - Bowl Me Over (Print version + eBook bundle)
Since I’ve been cross stitching I’ve been wanting to do a little more decorating.  I’m not a decorator at all and I’m not a cleaner.  For some reason I always put decorating and cleaning in the same mode so I just haven’t decorated.

There have been so many things that have tempted me though.  Things like three tiered trays…big bread bowls, baskets.  All of those sort of things have really been on my want list lately.  Making some of the things in this book would be PERFECT for them.

Many of the projects use wool scraps but many don’t too.  All of these could be made as pincushions as well as cute decorative pieces.  Check some of them out….

Martingale - Bowl Me Over (Print version + eBook bundle)
I like these that are done of the black.

Martingale - Bowl Me Over (Print version + eBook bundle)…but I like these even more…. Continue reading

Quilt Book Review: Organic Free Motion Idea Book

C&T Publishing sent me an ebook to review.  Sometimes when books come I’m pretty content that they are ebooks.  Other times I really wish they were hard copies.  This one..I’m okay that it’s an ebook.  Free motion quilting books are pretty good as ebooks.  The author of the book is Amanda Murphy and I have to say, I think she did a pretty good job.

Here’s the description of the book:
Let Mother Nature inspire you! Best-selling author Amanda Murphy (Free-Motion Quilting Idea Book and Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book) shares the next book in her free-motion quilting series, packed with exciting new motifs. This handy guide provides over one hundred original ideas inspired by the elements—water, air, stones, fire, and more. Gain confidence in your free-motion work with step-by-step instructions and branch out in your creativity with myriad ideas organized by element and design type.”

So with that in mind, note that all of the motifs are inspired by nature…I love that.

So…I’ve had this complaint about C&T Publishing that they don’t provide good pictures that sell the book.  Seriously, I wish I could be in their book promotion department so I could show them what we the people who buy their books want to see.  SERIOUSLY.

On their website the promo photos they show are this…

and this…

Is any of that new or different than what you’ve seen?  Likely not.  It didn’t excite me…BUT, check this out… Continue reading

Quilt Book Review: Jelly Filled

C&T Publishing did it again.  They sent me ANOTHER great book.  This one is Jelly Filled by Vanessa Goertzen.

I’ve seen tons of quilt books designed around jelly rolls….this one is likely one of my favorites.

You can see from the title that the book encourages use of 2 1/2″ strips and she presents 18 quilts in the book.  In my opinion, that’s bang for your buck.  So many other books only feature only 11-12 quilts.

Of course they didn’t feature the quilts I liked best in the photos I was given for review purposes.  UGH.

I did like this one…. Sprinkles on Top.

I liked this one but you can’t see it when it’s folded.  UGH.

This one was Christmasy and not my favorite.

So…I broke with protocol and decided to take some bad pictures and show you the ones I liked.

This is simple but cute.  Perfect for a quick quilt.  See?? Continue reading

Book Review: Me & My 18″ Doll

Calling all Grandmas, Aunties, Moms and friends of little girls.  Oh my word.  You are going to LOVE this.  In know I do!!

C&T Publishing sent me a couple books for review.  After looking at the list, just by the title, I picked Me & My 18″ Doll by Erin Hentzel as the book I just HAD to review.  I was super impressed with the book.  It’s a book that every person want to buy if they sew and have a little one in their life that has an 18″ doll.

Did you read the cover?  20+ outfits, accessories and QUILTS for the girl in your life.  So the premise is that everything is done in doll size AND in girl size.  YAHOO!!  I love it.

So see the pretty quilt?  The pattern is available in girl size and a mini version for the doll.  How precious.  The clothes the gals are wearing in the photo…yep, girl sized and doll sized.

See the different sized quilts?…. Continue reading