Quilt Book Review: Countdown to Christmas

Martingale sent me a LONG list of newly released books.  Along with that they send me a copy of the ebook.  Typically I read the titles and authors, open the books and make a quick decision on which I’ll review and which ones I’ll pass on.

When I saw the title Countdown to Christmas, I was planning on passing on that one just because of the title.  I’m not big into decorating and this sounded a little too much like decorating to me.  I thought I’d give it a chance though so I opened the ebook and WOW.  I was surprised.  I liked it.

The author is Susan Ache.  I don’t know that I’ve heard a lot about her…which means nothing as I spend very little time on the computer…well that’s not right either.  I spend plenty of time on the computer but I’m on the writing side of things not the reading side of things.

Anyway, back to the review.  Although the quilts are made with red and green fabric, by no means are all of the Christmasy.  Check this one out….
This isn’t Christmasy to me.

…and it’s scrappy so what’s not to love?

This next one is a snowball quilt….I love it too.  Scrappy and nice…not screaming CHRISTMAS as all.

This one has trees but there is something about it that doesn’t bother me screaming CHRISTMAS either….is it the light colors?  I don’t know.  I can see someone with a cabin loving to make this one.  Anyway..I like it.

I like this one too.

This one might be my favorite…but again, not very Christmasy.

There are some that do mix red and green…BUT, still not overly Christmasy.  I can see a change up of the green being blue and it looking patriotic.

I think this book would be awesome to play with.  The designs are great.

There are other quilts in the book…12 in all…only three of them are ones I would consider only for Christmas.  So all in all, a great book.

If you’d like to see more about the book, you can find it HERE on Amazon or HERE at Martingale.  Both of the places show pictures of all of the projects.  Have fun checking out the eye candy.  I sure did.

Quilt Book Review: Simple Friendships II

Martingale Publishing sent me a big bunch of ebooks to review.  I’ve been weeding my way through them…the ones I like, I’ve been writing review sand telling you about.  Some others that aren’t my favorite I’ve passed on.

Today’s book for review, I would NEVER pass on.  It’s awesome but how could it not be with Jo Morton and Kim Diehl as the authors.  The book is Simple Friendships II and it’s a dandy.

What the authors did is pick six classic quilt blocks and then each made a quilt using that block.

Here’s an example…Kim made this churn dash quilt.

…and the Jo made this one….

I’m dealing with my usual frustration with reviewing the book.  This is the picture of the quilt and the picture I have access too.  I love the quilt don’t you?

Well here is the quilt in a full view.  I had to take the picture from the ebook on my computer screen.  I know some people who would love this log cabin but might not once they see it isn’t symmetrical.

Conversely I know some of you might be MORE attracted to it if you saw the quilt wasn’t symmetrical.

Here’s Jo’s log cabin quilt….I loved this one in the full layout.

Another in a full layout I loved.  That fun border is pieced!!

The photography in the book is awesome.  The quilts are wonderful.  I only had problems with the photos I was given to use for the review.

Ah….finally a quilt with the full layout.  Oh my.  This one could get me liking applique…or at least being tempted to do it!

That black background has me in love.  Oh my.

I’ve long been a Kim Diehl fan and long been a Jo Morton fan.  What is not to love??  There are 14 quilts in the book.  The last two are compilation quilts using all of the blocks form the book.

I love the quilt and I very much enjoyed the little extra notes the authors wrote about the blocks and their quilts.  This is definitely a book you can enjoy for many reasons, the designs, the patterns, the photography and the words too.

If you’re interested in the book, the Amazon link is HERE and the Martingale link is HERE.

Stash Report

When I was through town I hit up the thrift store.  Lately that 15 minutes while I run through the store is the most time I do anything frivolous.  That’s all okay…I honestly am not complaining, I’m more saying that I was thankful for that simple 15 minutes.

I had Carver with me so it was only a quick stop.  We looked at toys and found him a John Deere tractor….50 cents, which was enough of a bribe for him to let me peacefully look at whatever I wanted.  I headed to the fabric of course.  Just because I haven’t had much sewing time, doesn’t mean I’m not dreaming about sewing time.

Two bags came home with me….One was $1.50- the other was $2.  I wasn’t sure about the $2 one until I flipped it over….

John Deere fabric.  Yep that one came home.

I opened it up to find this….
..and this.  Kelli has nieces and nephews that love John Deere so this might go to her.  There are two larger cuts that could make pillow cases so that might happen too.  We’ll see.  The $2 was a good deal.

The other bag was my favorite.  SCRAPS!!
I got them all sorted out into piles of how I would use them.  I have all the piles stacked up and ready to be put away…the batiks are fun.  I’m also excited about the grays.  I’m going to make that quilt in Bonnie Hunter’s String Frenzy book that calls for grays.  PERFECT!

I’m doing pretty good.  I’ve touched the sewing machine a few times.  I have learned it truly is like riding bike.  I’ll always remember how to sew just like I’ll always remember how to ride a bike.

Stash Report

I’m having the worst time…I keep stopping at the thrift store on my trips to taking Kramer to chemo and I keep seeing fabric.  It’s such a temptation for me to buy but right now.  I’m not sewing any so why am I buying fabric.  UGH.

I think it’s just a desire to feel normal….honestly, in the past I never passed up a fabric deal.

This day…I did restrain some.  There was more fabric I could have bought…but I didn’t.  So I’m calling this progress. I think I spent $12.50 for all of the fabric you see.

Non tagged pieces are 50 cents each.  The other was $2.  I keep looking for homespuns and ticking fabrics to finish some cross stitch pieces.  Most of these were 2 yards worth each.
I grabbed this but ended up a little disappointed.
I loved that it was dinosaurs and opened it up to find the blue was all flannel.  I don’t know why but I rarely sew flannel.  I think it’s because dog hair sticks to it….

That will go in the charity fabric box and will get sent out.

Here’s the next bag….
I picked this one as I liked the fabric on top.  It could work with my Civil War fabrics.

It had lots of 10″ squares in it.  I’ll put them in the charity fabric box too.
The next bag was $2.  I bought this one for Kayla.  Do you remember she is making a mosaic type quilt with pictorial fabrics.  
Ah…not as much pictorial fabric as I thought.  Bummer.  She can pick out what she wants next time she’s home and we’ll put the rest in the charity fabric box.

This one was a bigger bag..thus the $3 tag.
There was a lot in it.  
In there were these two pieces….both a yard each so the $3 was well worth it.
I ended up keeping the pile on the left…the pile on the right will go off to charity quilters.
I have such fun buying scrap bags of fabric.  SUCH fun….I always get my money’s worth and I alway end up with plenty to donate on too.  I call it a win-win.  A lady gets a cleaned out sewing room.  The thrift store gives out money from their proceeds from my purchases.  I get fabric and I get fabric into the hands of charity quilters and people in need get quilts.  So does that make it a win-win-win-win-win??  Maybe.