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Mystery and More


About the time the mystery started I ordered a String Frenzy book from Bonnie Hunter.  I bought it for Kelli to gift to her.  I already had mine. I was able to get her’s in the first wave.  With the purchase of the book came the Hunter’s Star quilt pattern.  Right then and there I had it in mind that as soon as I was done sewing a mystery clue each week I would work really hard and get as far as I could on the Hunter’s Star quilt too.

As the weeks went on and clues were released I started wondering if I could possibly get the Hunter’s Star quilt done before the mystery.  I had decided not last week at this time.  I was doing good on it but I anticipated the reveal to be shown on New Year’s day.

I anticipated it so much that in the middle of the night between New Year’s eve day and New Year’s day I woke up in the night to go to the bathroom and checked to see if the reveal was out.  It wasn’t.  There was the clue #7 instead.

That gave me a fire and push as I thought I might be able to get the quilt done being I had a whole sewing day ahead of me for New Year’s day.  So I tackled clue #7 first…then on to Hunter’s Star!

I finished it Thursday evening.  Mine is in a 6 x 6 setting.  The pattern was a
5 x 6 setting.

It isn’t ironed yet but it’s a top.  YAHOO!  I really like it.  It’s better up close and in better lighting.

The reveal came on Friday and I had to work and had company over the weekend so little sewing.  I managed to get this far…. Continue reading

Stash Report

Remember I told you I was on a fabric diet.  (read about it here if you missed it)  Well the premise of the “fabric diet” was to buy less fabric.  It’s been a huge success for me.  I don’t think I’ve bought any fabric from an actual quilt store in month…(I think about 10 months)  I’ve bought thrifted and auction fabric but none from a fabric store!

Well I caved.  But it’s not for me.

The fabric is all for projects I’ll be gifting.
The fuzzy yellow is a tag blankies for the new grand babies that we are expecting.

The printed fabric will all be pillow cases.  My friend Connie is the queen of pillowcase giving.  I have loved the pillowcases she gave me.  They always make me smile so when I saw these prints I just knew I needed to get the fabric.  Check it out close up…. Continue reading

Block of the Month Challenge

AH…I year has passed and here we are.  How did you do?  Where is your block of the month quilt?  Finished?  Back in the closet?

I frantically worked on mine last weekend.  I was so eager to get the two quilts finished!!  When I found out Kelli was coming and that we’d be able to sew, I got the quilts out.  She said she was going to work on her Scrap Vortex quilt.  I told her I was working on the BOM.

I was hoping I might be able to quilt her into helping.  I didn’t care if she sewed…I was hoping she might work along with me and keep me at the machine.  Thursday over naptime I cut out the border fabric.  Thursday night I sewed the brown borders on.  Friday the red borders went on with some help from Kelli.  She would measure and get a quilt ready for me sew then while I sewed that, she’d prep the other quilt and get it ready for me to sew.

Then it came to the triangle border.  I have all the triangles sewn and part of them sewn together.  I sewed more together while she pinned down what was done.

Then about 6pm, this happened….. Continue reading

UFO Decisions: The Red Spider Web

I’ve been going through my UFO cabinet.  One by one I am asking the hard questions.  Will I REALLY ever complete this?  Would it better if I let this go and give it to a charitable organization?  Today I am tackling my red Spider Web quilt.

This project came to me via the thrift store.  I was thrilled to get it.  The bag cost $10 and had these unfinished blocks…

and one finished blocks.  I was so excited as  there were a lot of finished ones.  I thought I had plenty…WRONG.  There weren’t nearly as many as I needed.

I didn’t think it was a big deal at all.  I’d grab some red fabric and make more blocks.  Well…that didn’t work as planned.  All the reds were wrong.

I blogged about it and readers were so encouraging and told me to cut more reds from the fabrics I had and to not worry about it.  Well, that’s not me.  The different colors or the reds would have very much bothered me.

Well fast forward to a couple weeks ago.  I was working on some organizing.  One of the things I was doing was sorting thrifted fabric.  In there was a red.  It seemed like it was the shade of red I needed.  I dug out the spiderweb quilt and happily it matched.  The problem, it was only a fat quarters worth of fabric.  I got out my template and started cutting.

This is what I discovered. Continue reading