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Quilt Book Review: Beyond the Battlefield

Back in January Mary from Country Threads announced that her and Connie had a new book coming out.  Well I was super excited.  SUPER EXCITED.   I love Mary and Connie as people and I love them as quilt designers too.  If I could pick my favorite designers, these two ladies would be there right at the top….Mary is my favorite blogger too.  Find her blog here.

Their quilt shop was hands down the very-very best quilt shop I’ve ever been to and I miss it now that they have closed.  Seriously…best shop ever.

So…You can imagine my joy when I learned that the ladies were joining efforts to put out a new quilt book!!  I was elated.

So was I disappointed when I actually saw the book….
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Stash Report

Kalissa and I were out one day.  It’s been kind of fun that she’s been on maternity leave.  We have so much more time together.  I’m getting spoiled.  I’m going to miss this once she’s back to work full time.

We, of course, hit up the thrift store.  See that HUGE comforter plastic bag.  It was filled with fabric all of $6.

I was sure I would donate a lot it to community quilters in my area but here were a few things I was interested.  Stay tuned and I’ll show you what….

These two pieces weren’t part of the $6 bag.  They were 50 cents each…3 yards in the bundle on the left and 5 yards on the one on the right.  GREAT deal.

I got a few other things….blank cards to write thank you notes.  As of the writing of this post, I am all caught up on my thank yous.  I’m out of blank card though.  I buy and use a lot of them.

The cookbook will go in the antique booth and the straw trivet will go to Kayla.  She started collecting them.

So now for that HUGE bag of fabric….These I am keeping to frame cross stitch pieces…

The yellow pieces are 3 yards worth.  The others are about 1/2 yard each.

I’ve started collecting for MacKinac Straits quilt by Bonnie Hunter.  I haven’t nailed down colors but these have potential.

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Stash Report

I continue to stop at the thrift store when I can….It’s my little dose of “something I can afford”.  I’ve talked to other thrifters and we all agree that there is something really wonderful about walking into a store and knowing that I can afford whatever I want in the entire store.  I don’t know if it’s a power trip or what.  It’s something I have thought several times in the past…silly, I know.

Here’s what I purchased….It came from several places over a few weeks of time.

The one way to the left is from one of my childcare moms.  She thrifts at the same store I do and found the fabric.  It is all sayings about cancer.

The neutral one below has the sizes listed on the tag and the stars was a yard’s worth.  These were $1 each.

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Stash Report

One of the days when Kramer was in the hospital in Lacrosse, I ended up having a doctor’s appointment in Onalaska which is a town that bumps up right up to Lacrosse.

I drove directly in front of Hobby Lobby.  Oh my.  How do I not stop?  At the time Kramer had improved and I needed out.  So to Hobby Lobby I went.

I’ve been trying not to by fabric for quilting and even though this is quilting fabric, I won’t be using if for quilting.

It’s homespuns and ticking fabrics.  I’m going to be using it to finish cross stitch pieces.  I’ve been on a cross stitch kick for a bit now.  The bug hit bad after Kramer’s cancer diagnosis.  I can cross stitch so much easier than sew with him sick.

Then I found a blog Priscillas and she’s been a great inspiration on finishing cross stitch projects.  I don’t have all the wall space in the world so cross stitching lots and lots doesn’t appeal to me.  She has some great ideas that don’t include wall space.  Here’s a link to her blog and here are a few photos I’m showing you so you can see how she used the homespun to complete the projects.

Aren’t they gorgeous??  I sure like them.

Well believe it or not, I got rid of all my homespuns and ticking fabrics.  I’ve NEVER before regretted getting rid of any fabric except this time.  UGH.    So I bought a 1/4 yard of all of this type of fabric they had.  I’ll have it on hand should I ever get a project all stitched and the courage to finish it.

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