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Stash Report

It was slim pickins’ at the thrift store as far as fabric goes.  Again they had TONS of polyester and silky fabric but very little cotton.  I didn’t find any at the main thrift store I go to but I did get a bag of ribbons and Goodwill came through with two pieces of fabric.

I opened up the fabric….there were 3 1/2 yards in the large one…the smaller one- only two yards.  It was a great deal but I was slightly cheated.  Typically it’s $1 a yard and technically the $3 bundle was more than a $1 a yard  ( I am totally teasing…I don’t mind a bit)  Where can you spend $6.50 and get enough fabric to back a quilt!!!

About the bag of ribbons.  The bag was $1.50.  It was a gallon bag.  I was thrilled.

I’ve wanted ribbon to make a couple tag animals like the one below…. Continue reading

Book Review: Stitch & Sew

I told you earlier about my “fabric diet” and then now my continued commitment to it.  Well, I’m trying not to go crazy buying other things, but it’s hard.  It’s like a whole new world opened up for me.  Previously I would always buy fabric and the “other things” were too expensive.  Now I’m a bit more onto a “it’s okay to buy things”…if it’s going to help you use the things you already have.

Anyway…I bought this book….Stitch & Sew by Aneela Hoey.

I found the book at the same time I bought another book and ended up buying them both….a little much buying two books, I know, but I loved this one…at least I did by the little bit I saw.

I’m a sucker for embroidery.  I love it.  I wish I had more time for it.  The book is great with instructions on how to embroider if you haven’t before.

It also has the pattern for a little book that you can make that shows your practice stitches.

The book would be adorable.

There are instructions for stitches and instructions that show how to make the book.

The premise of the book is to show a project.  In this case a drawstring pouch.  Then several designs are show for stitching.  You can pick whatever one you want to make.

Here’s a little more of instructions for this bag….

and then a pattern for the stitching is shown like this.

Options for other drawstring bags are also shown.

Here are options for the “clutch”. Continue reading

Changing Plans

You might remember back a bit.  It was the middle of July and I was thrifting.  I found a bag of string blocks for $10 at the thrift store.  In the bag were these….

and this…

I was so excited…It was spider web blocks.

I already have a spider web quilt top together and I loved making it so I could easily make another….

Then I remembered the cover of Bonnie Hunter’s upcoming book…That quilt on the cover is spider web blocks.


YAHOO!!  I could start the quilt before the book is even out.  So…I started trimming the blocks and I pulled the papers off the back.

I counted them up and this is what I have…. Continue reading

String Challenge and More

So I did get a little time in the sewing room over the last week.

First I got my Daylilies quilt off the frame.

I know I had said that my plans were to put Baptist Fans on the quilt…I changed my mind and stippling happened intstead.  I had hoped to have the binding off and ready to show it off today but a cold put me on the sideline.

I did get the binding tacked down….

….I switched gears and finished the baby quilt.  See? Continue reading