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Stash Report

Ila strikes again!!

For those of you who don’t know, Ila is a blog reader who is so sweet gifting me fabric often.  She sent me a box not too long ago filled with batiks and now she sent another.  I’m loving it!

These are all big chunks. It’s perfect.  I typically only buy 1/4 yard cuts or fat quarters as like scrappy quilts.  When it comes time to put together sashing or borders I need to visit the quilt shop.  There’s not much in my stash that works.

Neither of the fabrics below are batiks but they looks like it and would work great for a batik quilt. There’s this crazy casino fabric.  I don’t have a place of idea for this yet…something will come to me I think….any idea for any of you.  I’m not a casino girl myself.  We went once about 15 years ago and haven’t gone again. These are my favorite two fabrics of the bunch….
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Quilt Finish: My Birthday Quilt

Finally, finally, FINALLY….My birthday block quilt is finished.  I’m so  happy to be able to say that….

Kelli and I worked on it really hard last month with the hope to get it finished before Christmas but my mystery quilt got in the way.  I know I could have set that aside and did only the birthday quilt but I hate to miss the “mystery momentum”.  Once I get past two weeks from when the last clue goes out, I miss my momentum and then it turns into a UFO.  Goodness knows I have enough of them lying about that I don’t need another one.

If you missed my post last month about the setting for the blocks, this is what we did…

This is the top…or first side.


This is the back or the second side.


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Taming the Scraps

For me I’ve found one of the best ways to tame my scraps is to sort and cut a quilt out with them.

I’ve had several different ideas on storing fabric.  At one time I sorted out and kept every scrap of everything sorted by color only.  It didn’t matter the size whether it be a 3″ x 3″ scrap or a fat quarter or a strip that was 2 1/2″ wide.  I only sorted by color.  I hated that system.  I’ve gotten around to sorting some of those “by color” totes but most are still there.  I abandoned that idea of storage started a scrap users system instead.  I like it so much better.

Well I designed a quilt and decided to make it.  It’s a quilt that will be a scrap lovers dream.  It’s SUPER scrappy.  Well I needed black.  I pulled everything I could use out of the scrap user’s totes-Still needed more black.  I went to go into my yardage to cut more when I remembered I had this small tote of black.  YES!  This was the perfect opportunity to dig in and sort this.


There was all sorts of scrap in there.  It was sized from teeny tiny to 1/2 yard cuts.

The two sizes I needed are 1 1/2″ and 2 1/2″ so cutting and chopping to those sizes was my mission.


(no judgement on the open rotary cutter)  Just look at all the color and variety in those blacks.  This is going to be an amazing quilt.  MOST of these small scrappy pieces came from blog readers.  Some people don’t like dealing with leftover triangle pieces, half strip pieces and the junk that’s left over after making a quilt.  Me, I love that.  I had the best day ironing and working to make these scraps usable.

Knowing that these are going directly into a quilt keeps my motivation to work on these HIGH.  I so enjoy making quilts from these bits and pieces.  I feel like I am getting a quilt for free when I use these up.  I love little scrap bags that get sent my way especially when it comes time to make a quilt like this.

My stacks grew and grew.  I was in such a scrap-happy mood that I went and found some neutrals to cut up as my quilt needs neutrals too.  I have no idea if I have enough for the quilt yet.  It’s one of those quilts that I can’t really cut out ahead of time.  I can only cut strips.


So being you’ve been so good and stuck with me through the entire post, how about I give you a sneak peak at the blocks I’m making with the scraps…..What do you think? Continue reading

UFO Challenge

Considering I spent most of last week working on the mystery and then digging out of my sewing room, it’s amazing how much I got done of UFO Challenge quilt which is currently Scrap Crystals.

I got all of the “quarter” units sewn.  Yahoo!!


From there I started sewing them together.  I didn’t get very far.

I decided to stop and get another block completely sewn with the hope that I could pull out fabrics that I have and audition them for the sashing.  It’s always easiest to decide on sashing with some blocks to use for an idea of how it will look.

I’m loving the blocks so far…..what do you think? Continue reading