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New Busy Bag

When we go to Hubby’s appointments I’ve been taking my bag….
I love my bag.  It’s the perfect size when we are staying overnight and I need the laptop with.  There’s room for magazines for the hotel room in the evening…room for stitching projects and my English paper piecing.

When we go to the actual appointments, the bag is a little too big…so, I decided to make myself a smaller busy bag that can go inside my big bag.  I’ll take that out and bring it with when we go to the actual appointment.

I thought about buying a pattern.  I thought about searching the internet to find a free pattern.  Then I thought WHY…you can sew Jo.  You can just work it out as you go…and that’s what I did.

I started with an orphan block left over from my Tulip Fields quilt.  I put a 1 1/2″ strip on each side.

Then I put 2 1/2″ strips on each side of that.
Then… Continue reading

Stash Report

I saw in my Facebook feed that one of the local thrift stores was having a bag sale.  Hmm.  I wiggled and worked and wiggled and worked some more to be able to justify a trip to town.  Wednesday as Hubby and I were traveling home from Lacrosse and coming into Decorah, I considerately said, “Hey Kramer…I know you’re tired and groggy from you surgery.  I know we were supposed to get groceries but how about I just pick them up on Saturday instead?”  Tricky of me right??  He agreed.

So Saturday I went to town.

YES.  There is a shopping cart under my pile of shirts.  It was a bag sale so it was $5 for 10 clothing pieces.

Can you believe I found 40 clothing items.  In my defense…One item was for layettes, 2 were shirts for Kramer, 2 shirts were for me and one for Carver.

When I got home…I started doing this…. Continue reading

Quilt Book Review: Moda Block Heads

Yahoo…another ebook from Martingale Publishing was in my inbox.  I love that kind of email.

There were three books in the email.  Last week I reviewed Vintage Legacies and this week, it’s Moda Block Heads.

Martingale - Moda Blockheads (Print version + eBook bundle)

I didn’t expect to like this book.  I’ve told you all before that I don’t get really excited about anything that resembles a Block of the Month…and admittedly, this did look a bit like a Block of the Month to me.

The premise of the book is that over a year or so designers got together on Wednesdays via their blogs and showed readers a new block to make.  It culminated with some wonderful finished quilts.  See? Continue reading

Quilt Finish: Baby Friedman’s Quilt

I’m so thrilled to have this one done!!  The baby has been contemplating an early arrival….well not the baby as much as Kalissa’s recent tests and ultrasounds.  A week ago at an ultrasound little Mr. Friedman was already an over 8 pound baby.  That was with a month to go.  A C-section before the due date has been mentioned…for now we wait.  We need to keep that baby incubating as long as we can.

In light of all of that, it’s good I have this finished!!

I took a lot of pictures and hope to do a little commentary on the process of my thinking while I made the quilt.

Check out the wonky log cabin blocks in two to the corners…I love how they look…. I did them like this with the hope that the neutral background would “turn the corner” with the letters.

With Carver’s baby quilt I bound in red…this time I decided to see if I could use one shirt and have enough for binding.  I easily did.

I went with a blue and I really like the look.  The red made it seem a little more “fenced in”.

There is a lot going on with this quilt.  It’s busy but I love it.  The blocks are actually sewn together in rows.  The blocks were 8″ wide but they could be any length.  They were then sewn into strips to come up with a 40″ row.

Then I put on a 2″ inner border.  The the outer border was again cut at 8″ wide.

I tried to add some cute details…see the little strips of scraps under the letters.  It would have been MUCH easier not to add that but I wanted to spice it up.

To make these quilts fun it’s important to “do the little details”.

Other things I did was make LOTS of stars.  I made the flying geese line up in a row. 
Here they are from another angle.
For the colors I stuck with primarily blue, reds, yellows and neutrals.  I like it MUCH better than when I mixed all of the colors in.

Everything is free form.  I don’t measure a thing.  I don’t plan much of it out.  I often find a piece of something in the scrap box and build on to it or I cut it up.  I try to change things up….some stars are all the same color, some are red, some have a background scrap for the center of the star.  Some are cut wonky after they are made.  Some are put on the diagonal…some not.

Here are more stars to check out. Continue reading