It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day!!


If you are new to the blog, welcome.  We typically put up new blog post twice daily so there is always something new and fresh here.  We host lots of giveaways too.  Click HERE and see what’s new today…

I am so happy… I have a project on Moda Bake Shop today!  It’s this Jelly Roll Chair Cover.

If you’re new to my blog…welcome.  I’m glad you could come to Jo’s Country Junction.  I’d love to offer you some wonderful Rhubarb Dessert or  homemade Angel Food Cake and give you a quick tour….here’s my new baby chicks,  here’s the last project I finished, here’s what I’m currently working on, here’s photos from the last quilt shop I visited, here’s my latest Accuquilt Go! project,  and here’s the quilt I started for my daughter. It’s always busy here at Jo’s Country Junction.  I’m a farm wife and mother to five mostly grown up kids.  I work from home on my early learning printables website Making Learning Fun.  I garden and quilt every chance I get…and I love working with Moda.


I designed the Jelly Roll Chair Cover to protect our new chair from our beagle, Gracie’s hair and the kids’ mishaps.   It’s really fast to make.  I made it from start to finish in one day.  As much as love quilts, it’s nice to make a few totally practical projects too.

Everyone always asks how do you get Gracie to take such good pictures.  Honestly…I lay out and quilt and she comes.  Our daughter Kalissa and I decided that we would take a little video and show you how easy Gracie makes picture taking.

My biggest difficulty is getting the photo and lighting right so Gracie doesn’t look like she has green eyes.

Here’s some specifics about the chair cover.  The fabric line is Moda’s Civil War Reunion.  It uses a jelly roll plus a big of yardage.  All the machine quilting was done on my regular sewing machine so it’s a project everyone can finish easily.

Thanks for stopping by…Head on over to Moda Bake Shop and let me know what your think?  Is there a Moda fabric line that would look good on a chair in your family room?

It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day!!…a tiny giveaway too.


If you are new to the blog, welcome.  We typically put up new blog post twice daily so there is always something new and fresh here.  We host lots of giveaways too.  Click HERE and see what’s new today…

If you read the title of the post, then you know…It’s a Moda Bake Shop day!!  I have a project features over at Moda Bake Shop!

I finally get to show you what I was working on….previously I teased you with this little pile of fabric.


…and it turned into these cute little owl messenger bags!


If you want the pattern and all the information and pattern on how to make the larger two versions, head on over to Moda Bake Shop.  If you want the directions on how to make the small tiny bag, keep reading.   That tiny bag can also be a coin purse….just leave off the handle.  I used fabric from the line Just Wing It!  I picked the darker colors from the line but, it would look good in the light spring colored fabrics too.


I made mine using my Accuquilt Go!  Large Tumbler Die.  If you don’t have the die, you can cut a pattern that is tumbler shaped.  It would need to be 3.5″ at the top, 6.5″ at the bottom and 6.5″ tall. Gather your outer fabric and some batting scraps.  Cut two of each that are 7″ x 7″.  Layer a piece of  the fabric onto the batting and machine quilt.  I did a scalloped design to simulate feathers.  Then use your tumbler die and run it through your Go! cutter.  (or use your pattern and cut it out)  Cut two large tumblers of the lining fabric too.  You will end up with  this.


Layer a piece of lining and a piece of the quilted fabric right sides together.  Lay your ruler on top as shown.  Measure 4″ up from the bottom and mark as shown.


Stitch from the line around to the other line as shown using a 1/4″ seam allowance.  Clip the corners and clip on the line that your previous drew.


Turn it right sides out.  Press and set aside.


Take the other lining piece and the other quilted piece.  Lay them WRONG sides together.  Lay the ruler on them as shown, measuring 4″ and cut.  Discard the small piece.  Take a piece of fabric that is 2.5″ wide and bind the edge as you would a quilt.


Lay the smaller bound piece on top of the larger piece as shown.  Pin and stitch as shown.


Open the bottom.  Align the seam allowances as best you can and draw a line 1/2″ from the point.  Stitch on the line.  Do the same for the opposite side.  Trim and turn right side out.  Set aside.


Sew a piece of velcro into place as shown.


Now make the eyes and beak.  Follow the general directions on the tutorial over at Moda Bake Shop only using the smallest beak pattern and cut the eyes using the 1″ and the 1/2″ circles of the Rose of Sharon die. Attach them as shown.


If you just want a coin purse, you are finished.  If you want to make a little purse for a special little loved one in your life keep going….you need to make the handle.

To make the handle you will need two 21″ x 1.5″ pieces of fabric for the handle and on the same size of batting scraps.  Put the fabric pieces right sides together.  Lay on top of the batting.  Sew around the piece leaving a 2″ opening.  Clip the corners.


Turn right side out and press.

I used a lapel stick to glue the opening together.


Top stitch around the outside of the handle.  Put the handle on the back of the bag as shown.  Machine stitch in place.


After I stitched the handles in place, I had trouble with the end flipping up so I hand stitched them in place.


There you have it!  One little baby owl bag…

I have a bit of fabric left over from the project.  It’s enough to make a coin purse or two.  If you’d like to win it, leave a comment on my tutorial over at Moda Bake Shop.  I’ll pick a winner on Thursday.


P.S.  I’m trying to reach 250 facebook fans…I’m close with 232 (there’s a like button on the right).  Feel free to follow me and help me reach my goal…but you certainly don’t have to…maybe if I make it, I’d have to do another giveaway.

It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day


If you are new to the blog, welcome.  We typically put up new blog post twice daily so there is always something new and fresh here.  We host lots of giveaways too.  Click HERE and see what’s new today…

Today my latest quilt is featured on Moda Bake Shop…Chain of Faith.  You’re going to have to stop over and check it out.


Here are ten reasons why I like this quilt….

1.  The fabric line, Collections for a Cause Faith is amazing soft.  It feels like I’ve had the quilt and washed it 20 times….it’s amazingly soft and feels well loved.

2.  It’s red…my favorite color.


3.  It truly is an easy project…much easier than it looks.  If you need a graduation gift or a wedding gift, no fear, you can have a quilt easily made my then.

4.  There is VERY little left over fabric.  It’s my pet peeve when a pattern calls for two jelly rolls and I only used five strips of the second jelly roll.  What am I suppose to do with the leftovers?  This quilt uses almost two ENTIRE jelly rolls.  The only fabric that’s left over are solid pieces of the jelly roll and these few small squares.


5.  The quilt is the perfect size…86″ x 86″.

6.  If you are like me and have a couple jelly rolls sitting around in your stash…and the fabric line is no longer available you can easily purchase a matching solid fabric for the corner stones, border and binding….it’s a great pattern to help you use it up.  Then you’ll have room to purchase a new set of jelly rolls.

7.  It’s a pattern or design anyone could like.


8.  Did I tell how soft the fabric is…oh yah, I did.  BUT it’s worth repeating….The fabric is SO soft.

9.   I have the bestest neighbors that let me come over and invade their house to take pictures….her house if always clean…mine, not so much…her house makes the quilt look good.


10.  That quilt keeps this girl warm…seeing her all cuddle up, makes me feel like she’s wrapped in my love.


See…it’s the perfect quilt….
Now if you’re wondering about  my beagle Gracie and why she didn’t make the photo shoot….she was injured with a sore toe when the photos were taken.  Here’s the story on that.  She’s better now.  I was going to snap a photo of her with the quilt for this post but….she went on a little adventure in a mud puddle…and needed a bath.  I didn’t want her to get the quilt all wet….that seems it’s always some type of adventure with her.

Don’t forget to stop over at Moda Bake Shop…please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Hooting with the Stars at Moda Bake Shop


If you are new to the blog, welcome.  We typically put up new blog post twice daily so there is always something new and fresh here.  We host lots of giveaways too.  Click HERE and see what’s new today…

Hey all…
Remember the pile of It’s a Hoot Fabric scraps I was working on….Well it turned into a Moda Bake Shop feature!  Here it is….


To get a better look at it, head on over to Moda Bakeshop and please leave a comment to tell me what you think.

Here’s the quilt in an older Moda fabric line, Basket of Flowers….


Taking pictures of a quilt isn’t the easiest….We live in an old farm house.  The rooms of the house are small and now that it’s winter it’s hard to get a decent photo.  The second I lay a quilt out to take pictures, our dog Gracie is all over the quilt wanting to get her picture taken.  I am sure it has something to do with the treat that she gets once the photo shoot is over….  She tries hard but sometimes she looks crabby…and the green eye thing isn’t really attractive.


Sometimes she barks just as I snap the picture….


I was ready to give up trying to take a photo so I sent my daughter Kalissa over to the neighbors house to take photos.  They have a beautiful new house that is very spacious….here’s some of the photos she came home with….


It’s a super cute photo of the neighbor girl but you can’t see much of the quilt.  Then there’s this photo…


Yep…that’s my daughter fooling around instead of taking pictures.

So after about 50 photos, we finally came up with a couple keepers.  Here’s one with the Basket of Flowers fabric line….


to see the photos of the It’s a Hoot fabric line, you’ll have to go over to Moda Bake Shop.  The quilt was super quick.  Honestly you can get the top together in a day….it finishes at 48.5 inches square.  I’ve been playing with the scraps that are left over….I really like this fabric line.

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