Ring Around the Rosies with Moda Bake Shop


It’s a Moda Bake Shop Day…Ya-hoo…I love having something new out.

It’s a simple design with a repeating block but boy I love this quilt!  I think it’s the fabric that makes it sing.  It’s Moda’s Rambling Rose by Sandy Gervais.

This quilt has a little story to it.  I saw this fabric when it first came out and really wanted to make something with it.  On a whim I drew out a design.  It was the quilt..only no borders.  We had planned to submit it to a magazine, but plans ended up changing…there’s a story to it all so bear with me.

Our daughter Kalissa works at a nursing home.  There was a resident at the facility that was a more difficult resident to care for.  Kalissa said to me one day that she thought the lady put her call light on just so someone would visit with her.  I said, maybe she is….why not make an effort to visit more with her.  Well Kalissa did and that was the start of a wonderful new relationship.  The lady had an entire photo album of quilts that she had made.  They were beautiful including whole cloth quilts that were entirely quilted by hand.  Kalissa has said – Mom you have to come visit her and you have to see the quilts.  We’ve had two quilts in magazines since the two have become friends.  Each time I give Kalissa a courtesy copy of the issue to the lady in the nursing home.  The next day Kalissa will come back to care for her and she’ll have picked out her favorite quilts and will discuss them with Kalissa…..

…one day the lady-with tears in her eyes- told Kalissa that she would just love to have a fresh tomato.  So Kalissa brought her tomatoes from my garden.  The latest thing Kalissa is doing is decorating her room for Christmas…she asked and Kalissa found a small tree at our thrift store to decorate with.

The two have a very close relationship now.  The lady has insisted that Kalissa write a “K” on calendar on all the days that Kalissa works.  The lady says those are her favorite days.  Even on her days off Kalissa often calls the nursing home and talks to her on the phone.  I would have never believed that the two could become so close…you might wonder how this story works in with the story of the quilt.

Well while their relationship was building, Kelli and I were working on this quilt.  Kelli cut it out.  I sewed the center…then I left it sit.  Something just seemed wrong with it.  I showed it to Kelli and we both agreed..it needed something.

About then Kalissa came home and was upset.  She finally got around to asking the lady at the nursing home what happened to her quilts…her family had sold them all.  Kalissa couldn’t figure out how the family wouldn’t have let her keep one…the family also sold her entire angel collection.  The lady lamented about it to Kalissa.  Although Kalissa doesn’t quilt, she knows how much work goes into making a quilt and she also knows what comfort a quilt can bring.  She thought the family had almost done a criminal act not to let her keep a few of her very favorite things….to be honest, I agree with Kalissa-it was a crime.

With that…I suddenly knew what to do with the quilt I was working on.  I would add borders and see if I could spruce it and give it to the lady at the nursing home where Kalissa works…and that’s what we are doing.


Adding the border made the quilt POP!  With the beautiful floral print in the outside border all of the fabric came together…add in some not too bad quilting on my part and now I love the quilt.  I love it even more as I know it’s going to bring a smile to the lady in the nursing home.

Kalissa has insisted that Kelli and I go meet this special lady at the nursing home.  We are hoping to make that happen this week and when we go, we’re bring her this quilt to keep.  The design isn’t fancy but the colors are so pretty.  I am hoping it brings a smile to her face!


I took all the left overs from this quilt and made this baby quilt.  If you missed it, you might want to check out this link for the free printable pattern.


When I was done, all the remaining scraps were used up!  These two quilts make a great pattern set….One big and one baby quilt all made with only two jelly rolls.

Moda Bake Shop Day: Step Up


Hooray!!  It’s a Moda Bake Shop day!!  It’s a giveaway day too!  Our friends at Fat Quarter Shop have a special prize for one of our readers.  Keep reading and I’ll tell you about the giveaway soon.  First off, here’s our quilt!


We are calling the quilt Step Up.  The design came to me when I was in the shower one day.  Amazingly, the shower has been where several quilt design ideas have come to me.  I wanted something simple and this was it.  All you do is sew two strips to a square…of course it’s not quite that easy…but close.   You can find the complete free pattern over at Moda Bake Shop.


The quilt ended up really big, 84″ x 100″.  Kelli and I just have trouble making anything small.  You can easily make yours smaller by taking off a row.

For the quilting motif I played and played around hoping to come up with some that looked like paw prints being the fabric line is “Here Boy”.

We used this fabric from the line for the backing….cute, right??

Our quilt will be donated to the Humane Society for their next fund raising event.  We hope it brings in some money to help some needy dogs.

I love when simple designs come together and look cute like this quilt.

Quilting Fabric at the Fat Quarter Shop

So are you wondering what the Fat Quarter Shop is going to give one of my lucky readers….How about jelly roll of your choice??  That sounds great to me!

If you want a chance to win, just leave a comment telling what organization or group you volunteer for.  We’ll pick a winner next week!

Today I am hooking up with Michelle’s Romantic Tangle,  Confessions of a Fabric AddictCrazy Mom Quilts, and Link a Finish Friday.

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